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Quick question:

I don't intend on using that facebook thing (as if...), but here's what I don't get: if others use it and say, leave a comment in my lj, their facebook will say that they just left a comment in my lj, including a link to the entry, right? I haven't yet decided how I feel about that, but apart from that, their facebook/lj post won't have any connection to my own facebook, or am I wrong about that? As long as I don't choose to use that faecbook thing on my lj, there's no connection?

Otherwise, I'd have to delete my facebook account, and that would suck.
Spiegel Online, one of the online news sites that check several times a day, talked about Cult of Less today (http://cultofless.com/).

I didn't bother to read the website, just gave it a quick look, but I read the article. It's about a guy who sold almost all his possessions and lives mainly with his computer and a few sets of clothes to change. And I thought, while this is far from being new or worthy to become a "cult" (that's why I didn't read the website), that I could easily imagine doing that.

Except, I really can't.

I'm a collector. One of these days I will post a picture of my DVD collection and you'll understand what I mean. I collect selectively, but I collect. I like things to be complete. Just like I enjoy making lists about things that I need to do, or that are still missing in my collections, or things that I already have in my collection. I like the collecting because of its completeness, not necessarily because of the things I collect. I mean, intellectually I know that I can never in my whole life watch all the movies I own (again), but I am still unable/unwilling to sell any of them. There's just no need to sell any of them. Why sell this one, if you have way too many anyway? How to decide which ones to sell and which ones to keep?

I'm also a material girl. I own more than 80 shirts (that's button downs or blouses, whatever you call them in english, not t-shirts), and that was the last time I counted. There are probably more now. I have about 20 pairs of jeans. That I wear. Needless to say, I have more that I don't wear. I would totally own 300 pairs of shoes if I had way too much money and the space to store them.

I'm not completely unreasonable about collecting. I sell DVDs that I don't like (duh!), (except if they happen to star an actor that I really like and I know that I'll just end up buying the same bad movie again because of an urgent desire to watch that actor (yes, that has happened. I cannot be the only one)). I go through my closet
regularly, taking out things that I don't wear anymore, and - after letting them sit in a box for a year - give them to goodwill without even looking at them again. Reason tells me that this is what responsible people do. Reason also tells me that I do not need all these things. (but I like them, and nobody forces me not to have them. So there.)

And yet, when I said I could easily imagine selling off all my things, that's completely true. I mean, I could certainly never do it, but I can still imagine it. It's the lure of asceticism, of freeing one's self from worldly possession to find what really matters.

Example 1:
Two years ago, I went on a little road trip in the US. It was part of a two week horse-riding trail, so I had some horse riding stoff, clothes for two weeks, a maglite, an ipod and a diary. I arrived in US, picked up my rental car, started driving and realized: this, everything that was in my trunk right that moment, was everything I
owned on this whole continent. And not only that, it was everything I would need for the next two weeks (although, given my proclivity to travel with too much luggage, it would have lasted a lot longer). Plus, and that was the real beauty of it, I had no schedule, no place to be, no one to tell me where to drive or when to be somewhere for
the next week.

I completely loved it. I wanted to go on forever. I really did not want to start the horse-riding trail, because being at a certain place at a certain time for the pick-up, even though it was still a week away, felt way too constricting. (needless to say, I went on the trail, and it was completely awesome)

Example 2:
This summer's horseriding trail: we went through the mountains for a week and for two days at a time, we carried everything on our horses. Tents, kitchen stuff, sleeping bags, clothes... do you have any idea how absolutely fantastic it feels to be able to pack up all your belongings on your horse in the morning and just go where you want to
go? (or in our case, go where our guide took us, or we would have been forever lost in the french mountains)

So no, I couldn't sell all my belongings. But I do find the feeling of being able to pack up one's things in one suitcase, or preferably in an even smaller bag that fits on a horse, incredibly freeing.

And sometimes, standing in front of my 80 shirts in the morning, finding nothing to wear, I find that owning things actually drives me crazy.

(so next time I'm weird, blame it on my DVD collection)

(just a thought, for a boring Wednesday afternoon)
White Collar - Oh, the Love. the LOVE! casting spoiler for last night's episode )

White Collar is going to be THE new slash fandom. You should all watch it. It is entertaining, fast, pretty, funny and incredibly slashy without hitting you over the head with it (hello, NCIS:LA). Yes, I'm pretty sure the writers are aware of the double-entendre of many of the dialogues, but they write it (and the actor's play it), with enough humour that it just feels natural. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Matt Bomer is so pretty and flirty that he'd have chemistry with a bag of potatoes.

But let's focus on Peter's and Neals relationship and why it is so perfect.

1) Chemistry.
But I already mentioned that. Both are imminently likeable, and they genuinely seem to like each other. And while Peter is probably the type who likes a lot of people, Neal is exactly the kind of guy you'd expect him not to like. Neal, on the other hand, probably doesn't like all that many people, at least not truly. He just pretends to like a lot of people. It's part of his job. So for him to really, truly, like Peter, is something special.

2) More chemistry.
See, Peter is the good guy. And I mean good guy as in really a good guy. You'd trust him more than you'd trust Horatio's sunglasses. But you also know that he is willing to bend the rules if it serves a good cause. He's willing to bend the rules for Neal. But never without a good cause, and I mean a truly good cause. See, Don (you know, the Eppes brother nobody wants to talk about with me), bend the rules to serve HIS cause a lot. Hell, he broke the rules if it served a cause that he thought was good (save Meghan, for example).


I don't think he'd ever do that.

By all means, Peter should drive me insane, because I tend to prefer the morally ambigous not-quite-so-good-guys over the "by-the-book" straight agents. But actually, I absolutely love Peter. Because you believe him. He's not just playing by the rules, he actually IS like that.

Which, of course, will make it so much more fun to see him angst about breaking the rules eventually, and I think we'll get there. I mean, quotes like the one about the running above (in the spoilery part under the cut) already hint at Peter's moral dilemma. He's a good guy, but he's also Neal's friend. And one day, he'll have to make a decision. (can you smell the angst? Can you tell how I'm getting excited, angst-junkie that I am?)

So now that we've established that Peter is the good guy, I think weshould be clear that Neal is the bad guy. No, seriously. He's a criminal. He may not like guns, and he may not kill or hurt people on his scams, but he's still a criminal. And he's no Robin Hood either, he steals and cons people very much for his own profit. And he likes it. In fact, it's been made rather clear that he likes it so much that he will continue to do it, even after he has served his sentence. Yes, he is charming and sexy when he does it, but that doesn't mean he is not a criminal. (of course, there's no rule against liking criminals.)

Good guy/bad guy, of course, is always a slash favourite.

3) Playing house.
Considering that Neal is "only" a criminal who is supposed to help the FBI on cases, they hang out in each other's space a lot. Breakfast, date nights, dinner with the wife... Neal seems to feel right at home at Peter's house, and Peter's wife, Elle, loves him. Yes, there's tons of threesome fiction. Yes, it actually does work.

4) Power dynamics.
Neal is practically Peter's prisoner. No, really. He has a tracking anklet and everything. When Peter says "Jump", Neal will ask "how high" not only because he wants to, but because he has to. It's a slasher's dream come true. You won't have to create elaborate slave or prisoner's AUs anymore, because it's already right there.

Of course, that dynamic makes any relationship between the two automatically inappropriate. Even more so than a relationship with a CI like in last night's ep, because Neal, unlike a CI, does not have a choice. He is completely in Peter's power.

Of course, it doesn't really play that way, because Peter can be trusted, and because Peter trusts Neal (it stands to debate if Neal can be trusted, but that's a different subject). Peter gives Neal choices. He lets Neal decide how he wants to live his life, like when he would let him run with Kate. It was Neal he turned back. Peter is the good guy, and he doesn't abuse the power he has over Neal, but it's still there. And they play it so beautifully in the way they are with each other, never obvious, but in every small gesture. Like the way Neal follows (or should I say obeys?) when Peter calls. And the way Peter calls (or should I say orders?) Neal to follow. It's nothing obvious, but it's still there. I love it.

And I love even more that they are bound to reach their limit one day. That one day, Peter will be forced to abuse his power, be it for Neal's own good or for someone else's. The fact that this is completely against Peter's own moral rules, and that Neal trusts him to never abuse their relationship, will make it even better (angst-junkie, remember?). Oh, I'm so looking forward to that day.

5) Hotness.
Yes, they are both hot. If you don't think that Neal is hot, you are obviously deaf, blind and dead. If you don't think Peter is hot, you haven't seen him without his suit yet (neither have I. But I have thought about it.)

Hotness is always a good argument for slash.

So, two hot guys, practically living with each other, one good, one bad, with a very clear power-dynamic that makes every relationship between them automatically inappropriate, with more chemistry than all of Eureka's lab combined?

How pretty is that?

Trust me, this show is a slasher's dream come true, and in a few years, it'll be a slash classic. You should all watch it. Now.
So yesterday I made this really really long post about how I finished watching Numb3rs and how I miss all the characters. And then I wrote a little note to every character, saying goodbye. And then nobody said anything, which isn't really all that new when i'm talking about Numb3rs, but still, a girl has hope, especially when she makes one of the rare, long, fannish posts these days.

Until the lovely [livejournal.com profile] goodbyemyfancy commented and asked me what I'm going to watch next, and I went, wait a minute, I did say what I'm going to watch next, right there at the end of my long, fannish entry.

Turns up that instead of my letters to every character, the only thing it up was my note to Don. So either I screwed up somewhere along the way (this posting via email is a bit annoying), or lj resp. gmail have decided that the only thing that really matters is what I have to say to Don, and they cut the rest. Which may be true, but since I had already typed up the whole thing, I thought I'd post it anyway. So, here it is again, my feelings on the end of Numb3rs, including
letters/notes to all the characters:

Numb3rs: Finale and Goodbyes - Revisited )

That's it, no more Numb3rs for probably a few years.

In the meantime, because I couldn't imagine living completely without
the FBI right now, I've started rewatching season 1 of White Collar.


We interrupt your usual schedule for an important service announcement by the owner of this journal:

*please stand by for announcement*


OMG I forgot to include JUSTIFIED in the list of shows that I'm watching this season (the one I posted a few days ago, in case you missed it).

I am SO watching Justified, and so should you.

End of announcement

*please stand by for continuation of usual schedule*

*usual schedule continues*
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So Christian Kane is coming to London, and if you've never seen him perform live, you HAVE to go.


I, however, won't go.


Because he won't be there for a "onrmal" concert, but he'll play at a convention. And I don't do conventions.

Really, I have nothing against conventions, but it's just not my thing. Especially one that is called "Vampire's Ball", because that would just seem...silly to me. I don't see the point. (I don't intend to make fun of convention-goers, I just don't relate to that part of fandom at all.) (and this is with the exception of fan-conventions like Vividcon, where I would love to go one day.)

Anyway, if you like conventions, or if you think that Christian Kane is worth going to one, here's the info:

Me, I'm hoping he'll decide to give a "normal" concert in London as long as he's there, and if he does, I'll so go. [livejournal.com profile] ashism, can I count on you to come?
I have no illusions that I could ever manage to post more regularly, let alone daily. But since this posting via email thing seems to be working out alright, and since I even managed to answer a couple of comments via email, I thought I could at least give it a try.

Besides, I've missed you guys, and I seem to be in a more communicative mood these days.

Of course, being communicative doesn't mean that I have anything to communicate about. Nothing happened today. Except for things that I may or may not discuss in a flocked post one of these days, because they are super sekrit could reveal my true identity (yes, boring RealLife!Me, as opposed to Exciting!OnlineSuperHero!Me).
Also, they have to do with work, and I only talk about work in flocked posts.

So, since nothing happened, all I can tell you is that I plan to go see the new A-Team movie this weekend, and I'm rather ridiculously excited about it.

1) I LOVELOVELOVE the A-Team. For those of you who have missed that fact so far, there should be a tag called tv:a-team somewhere to your left. I'd link to it, but, well, still posting via email, so no fancy links. Last time I watched all five seasons (yes, I own all five seasons on DVD, and I've watched them more than once), which was sometime in the beginning of the year, I think, I almost watched them all over again when I was done. (but then I got distracted by other pretty things). My very first fanfic was A-Team (handwritten, when I was about 11, yes, I was a Mary Sue, no, it shall never see the light of day). I even roleplayed the A-Team when I was younger.

That's how much I love the A-team.

2) OMG Corvette C6 which is only like my favourite car EVER Yes, that totally deserved its own number. And please don't tell me that Face doesn't drive a C6 in the new movie, because that would mean that I cannot watch it.

(That also deserved its own number. And the caps-lock.)

I'm also ridiculously afraid that I'll be disappointed. No, I know I'll be disappointed. That's why my strategy is to think of the new movie not as a remake (nobody could remake the A-team), but as a homage. As such, it can either be a good homage or a bad homage, but I will not be tempted to compare it the original. (I hope. Oh, who am I kidding).

Well, if they keep the humour and the ridiculous stunts, and if they manage not to take themselves seriously, I think I'm going to enjoy it. And if they don't, well, at least there are pretty men? (although, I've never been a fan of Liam Neeson. But I did find him not unconvincing in the trailer. Hmm, we'll see. Same goes for Bradley

God, I'm so excited.

(and worried. Which I'm sure you couldn't tell at all from this post.)

Is is the weekend yet?
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( Aug. 17th, 2010 09:37 am)
And I don't mean you, inhabitants of my dearest flist, but the show, Friends. Well, I mean you too, flist, because I need your advice on the show, Friends.

The question is:

Should Oceana buy the complete seasons of Friends, also called "The Superbox" (or something equally silly)?

Possible pro and cons:

- Oceana is currently sitting on, huh, maybe 60 or so DVDs (movies and shows) that she hasn't watched yet. (but she will, one day. And she is a manic collector and has long given up pressuring herself into actually watching everything she owns)

- The box would be really cheap.
(about five Euro per season. Seriously, how can one say no to that?)

- Oceana has never watched Friends, as in, ever. She has maybe seen one ep, and it was something about a wedding dress?
(So she might not actually like it. Though, from what she heard, everyone likes Friends. Hmm. )

So, to buy, or not to buy?

Help, Obi-flist-kanobi?
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Since I'm bored yet again, I thought I'd give you a quick update about the shows I'm currently watching, or rather the shows I intend to watch. I'm talking about the ones that are currently airing, not the old ones I'm rewatching on DVD. (otherwise we'd still be here tomorrow).

From what I've read about the new shows coming up this fall, there is really just one show that I'm interested in: Hawaii Five-O (or is it O-Five? Who cares.) and I'm not really interested in that show either, but it starts Alex O'Loughlin, whom I loved in Moonlight, and I'm thinking there's a good chance that he'll end up getting wet and/or (half)naked a lot, which is certainly enough for me to give this show a chance. (and it if they keep their promise, it will be enough to keep me watching).

I'm shallow, what else is new.

As for the "old" shows, i.e. the shows that are coming back this fall or have started to come back already... okay, I don't think I've ever had a tv schedule that I was looking forward to so much as I have this season. Almost all shows I watch I absolutely, completely love. I don't think I could drop a single one of them. (and I really hope I won't have to).

Here's what I will be watching even if the world ends:

- Leverage
- Human Target
- White Collar
- Supernatural
- Bones
- Castle
- Eureka
- The Mentalist

Here's what I'm not watching anymore:
- Desperate Housewives
- Brothers & Sisters

And then there is NCIS: LA, about which I haven't made up my mind yet.

This one doesn't need an introduction, does it? I've loved this show from the very beginning, and I still love it. It may not be my current favourite from the ones mentioned above anymore, but my sense of loyalty towards it is so strong that I'd drop every other show if it meant that I'd get to keep NCIS. Lucky for me, nobody is asking me to do that.

There have been some questionable decisions on NCIS during the last two seasons, but overall, it's still one of the best shows I ever watched, and I trust the writers so much that I just know everything will turn out to be alright in the end, even if it doesn't look like it on the way.

I've also heard that they'll give us more character background next season, so who knows, maybe my muse will come alive again.

OMG the love! And the fun! And the threesome-ness! And Eliot! And Nate! And Nate/Eliot(which no one will write for me, grrr.)! And Parker! And everyone else!

There is nothing I don't love about Leverage. Nothing.

Human Target
I've squeeed about Human Target just a few days ago, so to make it short and for those who missed it: Human Target is my perfect show.

Perfect. No other word for it.

Someone took a look at all my deepest and darkest (well, not that dark. There could be more darkness this season) tv show desires and turned them into the perfect show, and cast Mark Valley as the lead.

I love that someone a lot.


White Collar
White Collar is love! Peter and Neal are the most entertaining and slashlable couple that tv has seen in a long time (and that's despite, or maybe because of Peter being married). Did I mention that I already bought season 1 on DVD? Yep, I didn't even wait for special offers, that's how much i'm dying to watch it again.

I've also read quite a lot of White Collar fanfic, well, a lot compared to the amount of fanfic I usually read these days. If you are looking for a threesome fandom, look no more, you have found it.

Me, I love the threesome. But I'd also really love a fic where Peter has to decide between his wife and Neal, or one where he betrays her with him and it blows up in face. So I like my characters angst, I'm sure you've noticed that before.

OMG The PRETTY! I'm dying for new eps. Dying! Of course I'm also slightly worried, seeing how the original arc ended after season 5. But as long as Jensen Ackles is as pretty as he is, I'll keep watching.

The Bones love started out with a small interest and got bigger with every season. It's so hard not to become attached to the characters. The cases are mostly boring, but the characters never let them get boring. I also liked what they did with Booth and Brennan, because it keeps the relationship interesting and the UST alive, even though, or maybe because, they've talked about it. Sort of.

Bones is my easy-going laid back show that I love to pieces, but that I will never angst about. I've missed it!

Well, Castle. I'll continue to watch Castle for now, because I like Nathan Fillion. But while I loved the "coming out" in Bones, I'm not sure I have the same feelings about Castle. I mean, the first two seasons were mainly me staring at the screen waiting for Castle and Beckett (who was on James Bond, btw. Did you know that?) to get closer to each other. What am I going to do now? Will it be as much fun to watch them trying NOT to get too close to each other? I sure hope so, because I really don't want to have to go without my weekly Nathan Fillion fix.

Still, this is a possible drop, depending on my real life schedule.

I know I don't talk about Eureka a lot, but I absolutely love the show. This, as with Bones, took a bit of time. I was quite ready to drop it from my schedule a couple of times, because I though I didn't care about it all that much, but then I kept watching anyway. I also bought the DVDs of the first two seasons (they were cheap, and helpfully recommended by amazon), and when I took the time to rewatch them before starting season 3 (it's hard to keep up with all the changes in the time line, so a rewatch is highly recommended), I realized just hom much I love it. I really don't think I want to go throughout a tv season without Sheriff Carter. I'm very glad that the show has been renewed, especially since it doesn't seem to have much of an active fan basis. Raise your hand if you watch and like Eureka, please!

(the new season already started out with tons of fun, action, and potential for heartbreak, drama and desaster. Complete win, if you ask me.)

The Mentalist
If The Mentalist was staring anyone else but Simon Baker, I would have dropped it long ago. I mean, it's not a bad show, it's actually quite well-made and pretty. But there's really only so many police procedural a girl can watch and like, and I think I've exceeded this limit a long time ago (I did follow CSI for nine whole seasons, after all, and it isn't like that was the only police procedural I watched/watch.)

But, The Mentalist stars Simon Baker. And I think I would watch almost anything that stars Simon Baker. It's a good thing that in addition to staring Simone Baker, The Mentalist is also one of the better police procedurals around, with lots of angst, plus Amanda Righetti (or something), who is really really really pretty. Yes, I totally have a crush on her.

Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters
I've dropped both of them last season, resp. the season before that. I've never been much of a fan of soap operas, and they are soap operas, in a (better) way. But I still read episode summaries for B&S, just to see how the Walkers are doing. And I'm kinda thinking that maybe I should watch DH again, because the spoilers for the this season sound like a lot of fun, and I always loved the unapologetic humor of the show. I doubt that my other shows will leave me enough time to actually do so, but who knows, maybe I'll catch up with what I missed one boring, long November weekend.

Again with the police procedurals. I would never have started watching the show if it wasn't called NCIS. I know, this shouldn't be a good reason, but I had to watch it! What if it had been as brilliant as NCIS?

As it happened, it wasn't brilliant. It was far from brilliant. It has a completely ridiculous premise (an undercover NCIS unit? Why, pray tell?), some lovely character ideas that are all turned into clichés (Mr. Almighty-Angst Callum should be just my type, for example, but I just cannot live with how exaggerated everything about him is.), tons of slash potential that would be fun to play with if it wasn't shoved down our throats (plus, even though Sam is probably my favourite character on the show (for lack of any real action from the pretty girl), I do have a conceptual problem with the sensitive and yet deadly thing he's got going. I like my men angst. I get scared when
they want to "talk" about things. He should take lessons from Don.) and Hetty. Whom I hate oh. so. much.

If Hetty had had her way, I would have dropped the show after three eps tops.

So, why am I still listing it?

Well, it's an NCIS spin-off. And I think it has potential, if they can get their characters to become more human and less funnily drawn comic book figures. And the torrent always appears at the same time as the NCIS torrent, so it's really easy to get (there's an important life lesson in that statement somewhere.) So I'll probably keep watching it.

Conclusion: TONS of REALLY great shows, some that are just plain fun, and some that will have a hard time getting me to follow them till the end. Overall, I'm really looking forward to the season premieres (OMG NEW HUMAN TARGET EPISODES SQUEEEEEE!!!!)
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( Aug. 13th, 2010 04:44 pm)
I'm bored, and nobody wants to talk about Don Eppes with me.


Since you have all forgotten about the pretty that is/was Numb3rs, I thought I'd mention Human Target. Human Target was, along with White Collar and Justified, one of the few new shows I've watched during the last years. I don't think I've ever mentioned Human Target on LJ, simply because when I discovered the show, I was so heads over heels in love with it that there was no time to post.

Human Target, for those of you who don't know it, stars Mark Valley (no, I didn't know him either, but he's pretty much exactly my type), who plays a former hit man who is now working for some organisation (I don't know the details, who cares?) as a "bodyguard", only instead of staying with his protectees forever, he draws out the bad guys and makes them disappear. This is usually done by lots of lead and testosterone filled action, car chases and spectacular stunts, including, for example, the blowing up of a train and other lovely things.

In short: it's a mix between James Bond and The Bodyguard.

Adding to this the fact that the lead character is exactly my type (yes, I know, I've just said that, but it's so true. Not that I have a type, except, if I had one, it'd be him.), all I can say is that the show seems to have been written for me. Someone obviously took a look at my secret tv-show wishlist and then wrote a show that
matches everything I ever wanted (and I didn't even know I wanted it until I saw it! Who knew?).

Remember Smith? That wonderful, shortlived show with Simon Baker which I loved so much that I kept talking about it years later?

Well, I still miss Smith, but now that I've discovered Human Target, I feel as if Hollywood has made up for the fail of cancelling Smith, at least to me. It's all I ever wanted, and more than I could have ever asked for.

You should watch it.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting here, waiting desperately for the DVDs to be released. I ordered them months ago (actually, it was amazon who suggested them to me. Imagine that, I wouldn't even have known about the show if amazon hadn't recommended it to me! These days, amazon seems to know me better than my flist), but apparently they will only be released in October.


(and as much as I love Human Target, I'm still bored. *is desperate*)
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( Aug. 13th, 2010 10:25 am)
Tonight's nightmare featured Numb3rs' Don Eppes, who was for some reason moving in with me, and in the process started to sell off all my private stuff (to give us a "fresh start" into our new life together"...)

Though my dream-self first thought I could handle that, once I saw people packing up my things, I started to panic. Problem was, those people were all over my appartment (which wasn't really my appartment, but some strange place we would be living in together. So really, what were my childhood memories doing in there anyway?), and they had brought bags, and I had to go through the bags and sort out the stuff that was mine, which was really difficult. Does this belong to me? Did I ever own something like that? We are talking toys, not stuff that I really own in my current appartment. Yes, I was moving into a strange place with Don Eppes and he was selling off my toys. Needless to say, we broke up before we had even moved in together.

This may sound funny, but I almost woke up in tears.

So, what has this dream taught me?

- I'm way too materialistic.
(Either that or my subconscious is trying to find ways to deal with the recent break with my parents (don't ask).)

- I have serious commitment issues (and so does Don)
(Yeah. What else is new.)

- I should probably cut back on my Numb3rs watching.
(But it is so pretty!)

Yes, that's right, I'm watching Numb3rs. I had season 2 and 3 on DVD on my shelf for way too long without watching them, so I decided to finally do watch them and then sell them on ebay. Instead I bought season 1, 4 and 5 as well, and I would probably buy season 6, but it hasn't been released yet.
(way too materalistic)

See, Numb3rs and I have a bit of a difficult relationship. I started watching either right at the beginning or somewhere in the middle of season 1, I think. I liked it. Then, during season 2, I was beginning to love it. And somewhere between season 2 and 3, mostly season 3, I think, I became completely obsessed with it. Or rather, with Don,
because Numb3rs, for me, has always been the Don Eppes show (we'll get to that later). I continued to love it through about the first half of season 4, then slowly became less interested, until I stopped watching regularly about half way into season 5. I have maybe seen one or two season 6 eps, but i'm not even sure about that.
(serious commitment issues)

And it wasn't just that I wasn't interested anymore. No, I was positively mad at the show. I was mad at Charlie, who became geekier with every ep, even his body language changed into that of an insecure, awkward person. Why did they have to play that cliche so hard, when they had a perfect balance throughout the first seasons? I was mad about the Charlie/Amita relationship, which was so PG-rated and boring that I expected there to be pink cg-hearts flowing around every time those two even kissed, and did I mention the boring?

But most of all I was furious about the development of Don. Don, Don, who went from workaholic to obsession within two seasons so believably, so inevitably. Who failed at relationships, personal and professional ones, again and again, and again. Who had more issues than Charlie had numbers in his head, who went from questionable to downright illegal decisions and who took me with him on his way down.

Don, who was hurting so beautifully throughout those early seasons.

I was, and still am, completely crazy about Don.
(yes, I have bad taste in men. I think we've established that over the years.)

And then, suddenly, they gave Don a real girlfriend. One he was willing to commit to. And as if that wasn't bad enough, it was his old girlfriend Robin, whom I never liked. Couldn't it have been Liz? I loved Liz! And as if the whole happy couple thing wasn't bad enough, they made Don religious. Don. My Don. My Don suddenly went religious. (I'm a radical atheist, in case you are wondering). (I think his hair also got longer, which is never a good thing)

I hated them for doing that to me. I hated them so much that not only did I have to stop watching, I almost forgot why I had liked that show in the first place. Hence the unwatched DVDs waiting on my shelf for two or three years.

Well, that was then. Now I've fallen right back into the Numb3rs love. I have been watching like a crazy person and am now almost at the end of season 4. And what's more, I kind of... enjoy the character development this time. Yes, I still find the Charlie/Amita thing incredibly boring. But I understand, even though I don't necessarily like, the development Don is going to make. It's consequent somehow that Don would get back together with Robin. I would have prefered Liz, but that relationship was doomed from the beginning, with the secrecy and the two of them working together. One of them would have had to leave the FBI in order to make it work, and I don't think either of them was ready for that (or will ever be ready). So, Robin, yes, it does make sense that Don would try to build his (only?) serious relationship on something that is already broken. And it also makes sense that he would find comfort in religion. That he would choose religion as a means to work out his issues. I mean, he's done the therapy thing (and omg it was painful to watch
sometimes, but in a really really good way), and really, can you see Don Eppes coming home from therapy one day thinking, hey, I think I've figured it out?

I can't. Religion somehow makes more sense to me. It's something he chose himself, not something someone else made him do, and that would make all the difference to someone like Don.

I'm not saying that this was the only way Don Eppes could have gone. but it was probably the sanest way. All other paths would have led to certain doom and heartbreak, and while I would have prefered that kind of ending, Don on his downward spiral, unable to stop until it was too late, that's not something that television is willing to give us (unless it's Supernatural, but an apocalypse sells better than the
mere crash of my favourite FBI agent). So yes, I can live with his development. I can understand it now. And, the fact alone that he had a character development is something that makes Numb3rs stand out from other tv shows.)
(but I still love season 2-3 Don best).

So, now that I've made my peace with this (and talked about it at length), I'm really really looking forward to watch the rest of the show. And I know for certain that I'm going to miss it once it's over. I'm going to miss Don (naturally), the Eppes house, Charlie (he may not be my type, but the show wouldn't work without him), Larry, Alan,
Amita (so pretty), David (okay, maybe not so much), Colby (oh Colby! Remember when he had this huge crush on Don, and then started sleeping with Charlie instead? Good times...), Edgerton and, well, everyone.

(but I have all the DVDs now, so I can watch it again ) *g*
(I should probably cut back on my Numb3rs watching)

(this post was made via email, that's why the formatting may be off and there is no pretty icon. Sorry for the inconvenience.)
(Edited to make it look prettier add a Don icon)
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( Aug. 5th, 2010 04:31 pm)
Is it possible to die of boredom?

Please discuss.

Yes. I am pretty close it right. I feel that any minute now my brain is going to stop working from acute understimulation. And if my brain stops working, I will very likely forget how to breathe. Or how to beat my heart (that's, uhm, not correct. I blame the dysfunctioning brain). And then I will die.

Any other opinions on that matter?
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( Jul. 12th, 2010 10:11 pm)
I've melted.

That's why I'm not here. Most of the time. Just thought I'd drop (sic) by for a second.

I'm not really typing this either, I'm just flowing over the keyboard, trying to put pressure on the keys, and, urgh, grrr, dammit, I think what once was my left foot got stuck under the oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-key and won't come ooooooooooooooooooooout again.

So, anyway, it's way too hot, and we haven't won the world championship, but we were still the best team (except for, grumble grumble, Spain). We, as in, all of us, especially me, pre-melting. They couldn't have done it without my smart comments in front of the tv. That's why they lost against Spain, because I couldn't watch the game.

*flows away*


P.S.:[livejournal.com profile] margueritem, once I'm back in solid form, I'll post the recipe for the pasta salad. I promise.
Lately, life has been...uhm, okay, let's not talk about that.

But it sure as hell would be a lot better if I could find a torrent for Justified 1x08, preferably tonight, so I can watch it tomorrow morning for breakfast.

Yes, I'm watching Justified. And so should you.

All of you. Because it's strangely likable, and Raylan Givens has quickly become one of my favorite characters in the shows I currently watch, despite the strange thing he does with his mouth all the time. Frankly, I can't even say why I like this show so much, but I do, I really really do. Ever since [livejournal.com profile] goodbyemyfancy mentioned Kentucky and a US Marshall in a cowboy hat, I was pretty much a goner.

I'm so predictable.

Other things I watched while life was, well, the way it was (and sadly still is), include:

- Californication Season 1 and 2 (OMG Fun! Who knew?)
- Sopranos (a bit overrated, me seems. And I miss the pretty people. I'm shallow that way, as you all know)
- Remington Steele (currently watching and the love is strong)
- a whole lot of movies that I will review another time
- my usual shows (NCIS, NCIS LA, Bones, Mentalist, Supernatural, Castle)

In short:

NCIS: I LOVE my show like crazy, and although I admit that they had a bit of a boring period in the middle of the season, they keep getting better in everything else. I loved last nights episode and I'm really really looking forward to the season finale.

NCIS LA: Please dear god let them fire Hetty for what happened? Please?
Also, this show is trying too hard. I'm not sure it'll see me next season. (then again, it probably will, because I really like the girl whose name I've forgotten)

Bones: Well, it's always fun, but I'm not very excited about it right now. I'd also like to shoot Hodgins, but I think they rest of fandom would kill me for that. Maybe he can get abducted together with Hetty for the rest of his life.

Mentalist: Simon Baker never gets boring. The cases, sadly, do. But only a little bit. And Simon Baker never gets boring. I think I mentioned that before.

Supernatural: I hate it. See, I start to watch an episode, and it's brilliant, totally, completely, heartbreakingly making-me-want-to-sell-my-soul-for-them brilliant. And then, after 10 minutes, it's over! Oh, sure, the clock says that it was 43 minutes long, but I know what ten minutes feel like, and these episodes just aren't long enough to be 43 minutes long. They need to be longer. And there need to be more of them. I'll even sell my soul for more. (but not before negotiating a good deal in exchange, so you internetdemons can go away again. Write me an email with your offers.)

Castle: It's sweet. I like sweet. Sometimes.

*checks time*
Oh please, let there be a torrent for Justified now.
For the German-speaking people on my flist, here's fan article
on Spiele Online
about an argument that got out of hand in the
German wikipedia version, that makes you (well me, anyway) want to
bang your head against a wall because it is all so very familiar. Oh,
the art of discussing on the internet. Everyone is ALWAYS right, and
if they are finally proven that they are not right, they still are
right, and also they are leaving!

"I'm out of here!"

*runs off and creates sockpuppett*

Hell, there's a wank going on in almost every youtube vid about
corvette acceleration (which, uhm, I was totally not looking for.
Really.), where random strangers throw expletives at each other
because they have different opinions on whether a corvette or a Ford
Mustang/Ferrari Maranello/Porsche
GT3/other-stupid-car-clearly-not-comparable-to-corvette is the better
sports car.

And of course the danger of getting involved in internet projects, be
it social projects like lj or informational projects like wikipedia.
Becoming enthusiastic about a project, building something, getting to
know people with the same goals and interests, maybe even becoming
real life friends with them. And then, other people come,
outsiders who don't have the same goals, who bring change where
you don't want change, and you slowly, but inevitably, become more and
more disappointed, and you fight and argue and discuss, and there's
yelling and wanking and well, your usual internet-discussing, and, as
the article says, at one point, you'll need to distance yourself, but
it'll leave you disappointed, disillusioned and bitter.

Hands up if anything like that has ever happened to you.

Cause I know it has happened to me. Not on a large scale, but on
smaller scales. Discussions I had to leave with a stale sense of "you
are all idiots and I'm right, but I just can't be bothered to find
arguments against the same dumb thing over and over again." I've seen
it happen to countless people. I'm sure there's a not one, but twenty
wanks going on right now, right this moment, that will end with a "I'm
leaving! You are all idiots anyway!", and that's just in fandom alone.

If there is one thing the internet taught me, it is that no matter how
right you are, you can never convince everyone that you are, and, oh,
also? You are never right.

I wonder, does this culture of "non-arguing", this habit of telling
people they are idiots rather than basing one's opinion on a real
argument, have to do with basic human nature? Do we do this because on
the internet, we can, because here we are protected by anonymity anda
are outside of the "normal" social boundaries? It has to be, or
otherwise we'd be behaving like maniacs in real life as well, wouldn't
we? And I don't know anyone (well, almost no one) who behaves like
people behave on the internet in real life.

Let me give you an example:

Imagine a scene, Monday morning, a fairly crowded subway. Someone
steps on someone else's foot by mistake.

This is how the scene would (normally) play out in real life:

"Excuse me, you are standing on my foot."
"Oh, I'm sorry."
*person moves foot away*
*maybe (if it isn't Monday), the two persons involved will even
exchange a knowing and suffering grin at the common experience of
being in a crowded subway*

This is how the scene would play out on the internet:

"Excuse me, you are standing on my foot."
"So? I can stand wherever I want, this is a free country!"
"Yes, but it's my foot."
"Says who?"
"Well, it is attached to my leg."
"Even if it were your foot, and I'm not saying that it is, I can still
stand on it. This is a free country."
"But you are hurting me by standing on my foot."
"Well, if you don't like it, you don't have to put your foot underneath mine."
"Well, excuse me, but this train is rather crowded, it's not like I
put my foot there on purpose."
"Nobody is forcing you to take this train at all, if it is too crowded
for you, take another train."
"Well, I can't, you are still standing on my foot."
"Where I can stand if I want to, because this is a free country."
"You said that before. But it is still my foot."
"It is still a free country."
"My foot."
"Free country."
"Did you just call me an idiot?"
"I'm calling the police."
"I'm leaving, you are all idiots, censorship, internet revolution!"
*storms off*
*foot is now free, but still hurts somehow*

I wonder if people's tendency to call each other idiots et al. on the
internet and to escalate each and every argument they can find, be it
about the future of mankind or the haircut of Harry Potter, is a
consequence of some deep human need for conflict and for hurting
others. Like in the Standford-Prison-Experiment, where some people
will show sadistic tendencies when they feel they are not being
watched, internet discussions draw people who like to yell at each
other - if they aren't watched.

I don't know what these people are like in real life, but I'm pretty
sure they are normal people like you and me. Who knows, maybe my
secretary spends her free time getting into fights with people on cat
forums? Maybe my boss does?

I'm not saying we should all hold hands and get along. And I'm not
saying that I don't like conflict. Oh, I'll argue anything, and there
are very few things I enjoy more than a good argument. But, that's the
thing, I enjoy a good argument. Not a ridiculous, repetitive
one, where I end up being called an idiot.

However, and I'm finally getting back to the article I linked to at
the beginning of this post, it's kind of reassuring to see that the
insanity we see in fannish "discussions" is the same all over the net.
And the article gives some really good examples of how things escalate
the way they do (just to give you an example: one of the women spend
two weeks researching a library to prove that the other guy is
wrong.). One woman who is some sort of famous wikipedia user
(seriously? famous wikipedia users? Is that like the wikipedia
equivalent to a BNF?) concludes that everyone is fighting for the
truth, but in the end, there is no truth.

Which is oh-so-very true.

As for the reasons behind the insanity?
If you ask me, it's basic human nature. The article doesn't say that,
but it's interesting to learn a bit about the persons involved in such
insane arguments and their motives/thoughts about being involved.

I leave you with a famous fannish quote:

"The truth is out there."

And out there.
And there.
And over there.
And look, there's more truth there, and it even comes in different colors!
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( Mar. 30th, 2010 11:32 pm)
I am still unable to commit to rewatching another tv show, and so I'm watching yet more movies. Here's what I've been watching in the last two weeks (one week of which I spent in a wonderful, spring-filled Paris. Oh Europe, I love you so.)

Four more unspeakable movie with Michael Dudikoff (Stranded, Cyberjack, Fugitive Mind, Bounty Hunters II) )

Taking Chance )

The Princess Bride )

Black Hawk Down )

Jarhead )

Tears of the Sun )

A Knight's Tale )

Young Guns )

Next up: The Hurt Locker, Fly Away Home, Dogma, Mystic River and Snow Cake.

(and there are more unopened and unwatched movies in my collection. Damn, when did I buy all of those?)

I've also been rereading a lot of Jack/Daniel fiction and am strongly leaning towards rewatching all of Stargate, but I don't think I'm quite ready yet. Sometime this year, though.
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( Mar. 19th, 2010 10:29 am)
I know, I said I was going to watch Riptide after I finished JAG, but
then I didn't. After ten seasons of JAG, I just couldn't seem to focus
on another show. So I decided to give some of the unwatched (and
sometimes unopened) movies on my shelves a try.

Here's what I've watched so far:

An Officer and a Gentlemen
It's Richard Gere, and he wears navy whites and he suffers a lot.
What's not to love?
Actually, I had seen this movie before, but it was just as good as I
remembered. Seriously, I like it. I just never got the love story
part, but that's because I'm a closet non-romantic.

Top Gun
Okay, of course I had seen Top Gun before. Everyone has seen Top Gun.
But, well, after ten seasons of JAG, I was in desperate need for more
testosterone-driven pilots, tomcats and carrier-landings. So, Top Gun
it was.

*pauses and tries to think of something good to say about the movie*

Well, I really enjoyed the scene where they are all playing volleyball
on the beach without their shirts on. I may have, uhm , paused and
repeated a coupld of times.

And the music is good.

Other than that, there are times when I think "hmm, Tom Cruise was
maybe a little cute back then", but then he stands up and is really
really small, and how come he ended up such a complete idiot anyway?
In my defense, I never was a Tom Cruise fan (that would have been my
friend who made me watch all these movies back in the 80s and early

There's also the sad truth that even though Top Gun is a full movie,
the flying scenes and the whole set-up seems amateurish compared to an
average episode of JAG, which makes me wonder how their budgets
compared. I think Top Gun had a real low budget, but was sponsored by
the DoD? Is that true? Wow, I bet they are kicking their asses right
now for having sponsored the crazy little guy who married Katie

A Few Good Men
(I'm beginning to sense a theme...)

This is supposed to be a real good movie, but it isn't. In fact, it
sucks, badly. Tom Cruise is the worst excuse for a lawyer I have ever
seen, and since I'm a lawyer myself, I think I have the authority to
say that. Demi Moore is... uhm, what exactly is she doing there?
There's also another guy, but we don't know what he's doing either.
Oh, right, he's there so Tom Cruise doesn't get to be alone with Demi
too much, and boy, am I ever glad about that.

The story isn't bad as such, but even Jack Nicholson couldn't convince
me as the badass Colonel. If he really were such a badass marine,
surely he wouldn't have let himself be tricked by the crazy little guy
who married Katie Holmes? And he wouldn't have, but that's what the
script asked him to do, and that's why he was so utterly unconvicing
when he did.

Also, as a lawyer, albeit not a trial lawyer, I can honestly say that
law doesn't work that way. It certainly doesn't involve blackbords
with ludicrous notes scribbled on them. I mean, blackbords are fine,
blackbords can be helpful. I have one in my office right here and I
use it for structure charts. But those notes were just a really sad
sign of an unsupervised art department. I hope the people resonsible
got fired.

Did I mention that Tom Cruise sucks as a lawyer?

The funny thing is that I remember watching the movie before and
liking it well enough. I also saw it on stage in London a while ago,
which wasn't too bad either.

*throws dvd to 'to sell' pile*

Now, I totally have an excuse for this one.

See, a while ago, I was watching Cobra, a short-lived, early-nineties
tv show staring Michael Dudikoff in a classic red ac cobra. It's a fun
show, cheesy, but not really bad.
So, as I said, I was watching Cobra, and completely innocently I
though "hey, I wonder what that Dudikoff-guy has been doing these last

So I checked the internet.

And found out that he has been in a lot of low-budget action movies.
Hey, I thought. I like action movies. And low budget doesn't mean they
have to be bad!
(you can tell that I was already excusing my actions back then. I
should have listened to the nagging voice in my head that told me that
there is really no excuse for owning movies that star Michael

So I happily went over to ebay and bought myself "Quicksand",
Dudikoff's latest movie. He plays a military psychologist, and, as you
might be able to deduce from the above, I have this thing for men in
uniform, so I felt like I had made a really good choice.


I have no words for how bad this movie is. Seriously, no words. I
watched the first twenty minutes going "Really? Someone wrote THAT
line?" and "Seriously? THAT's what they are doing?" THAT's your
setting??? Seriously?" and "...." and then I turned it off.

There are no words.

And the fact that everyone is constantly out of uniform, and not in
the fun, naked way, is really not the worst part about this movie.

Wikipedia helpfully provides that "Dudikoff hasn't made a film
appearance since that film" and that's probably for the better.
I do feel sorry for him, though. He seems like such a nice guy.

*throws dvd to 'to sell' pile, then thinks better of it and throws it away*

Next, I will watch "Taking Chance" with Kevin Bacon. Told you I have a
really weird collection of movies. One day I'll post a list so you can
all point and laugh. ;-)
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( Mar. 18th, 2010 10:23 am)
Past tense or present tense?


(No, seriously, I'm interested to hear what you prefer. It is for a
longer story (novel lenght,) with actual plot, that I'm totally not
writing because I don't have time for such things)

Also. is "tense" a really weird word or what?
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( Mar. 14th, 2010 08:04 pm)
I'm feeling a bit, well, like meme-ing.

Ten years ago... )


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