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Birthdate:Feb 26
Website:Oceana's Fannish Obsessions
I'm a fan and I'm a slasher.

This is really all you need to know about me and this journal, though I realize that you might be interested what I'm a fan of. Not that it matters that much.

Let's see: I'm mostly fannish about TV shows. My favourite show is Stargate, and yes, I like all seasons, don't even start. I'm hopelessly devoted to Jack/Daniel, just so you know. However, I usually let Cameron play as well, because he is so pretty when he begs... I also think that Richard Dean Anderson is very very sexy.

My second, big TV show love is NCIS. I love all the characters so very much that I shouldn't even have a favourite pairing, but I do, Gibbs/DiNozzo. Though to be honest, I'm convinced that they are all doing each other. Especially Abby. I have written a few NCIS fics, but if you are here waiting for more, don't hold your breath - my real life is keeping me rather busy at the moment. I'm not saying that I won't write more, I'm just not one of these very productive writers who spit out a new fic every week.

Other current favourites are: Supernatural (oh, the love! They break my heart again and again and it, Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Unit, Doctor Who and Bones.

Even more fannish loves include (in no special order): Highlander (I become slightly obsessive thinking about Methos/Kronos), Due South, Sentinel, Harry Potter, Firefly, Farscape, The West Wing, Sports Night, Jeremiah, Numb3rs, Veronica Mars, Charlie Jade... I could go on. I still miss Smith so much that it hurts. If you are a fan, come say hello.

I'm a big fan of 80s tv: Miami Vice, Simon&Simon, The A-Team, name it, I was probably in love with it 20 years ago and am still in love with it today. This would also explain why I have a thing for fast cars and men with guns. Not in real life, though. Except for the cars.

Sometimes I feel inspired and write episode reviews, which you can find here. I try to be organized, so if you are interested in the things I have written about the shows I love, the memories might be a good place to go.

Like everyone else these days I also have a recs journal,
[info]oceanas_recs, when real life allows it. Really. It's not dead.

Apropos real life: you might get the impression that I'm talkative and post a lot. That's true. Only since I have started "real" work, I don't have much time to be talkative anymore. I try, but if I don't answer your comment, please know that I have a 60h/week job which doesn't leave me as much time for lj as I'd like.

Fair warning: I'm a slasher. There will be lots of slashy thoughts in this LJ. I read het sometimes, and I'm pretty open-minded about everything else, except for 'cest. This is a 'cest-free journal. Live and let live, but please live that particular flavour of fannish life somewhere else.

If you don't like slash, this is not the place for you. Also, Jack loves Daniel. That is all.

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I friend and defriend people. It's a conspiracy.

I love mankind. It's people I can't stand.

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