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([personal profile] oceana Aug. 13th, 2010 04:44 pm)
I'm bored, and nobody wants to talk about Don Eppes with me.


Since you have all forgotten about the pretty that is/was Numb3rs, I thought I'd mention Human Target. Human Target was, along with White Collar and Justified, one of the few new shows I've watched during the last years. I don't think I've ever mentioned Human Target on LJ, simply because when I discovered the show, I was so heads over heels in love with it that there was no time to post.

Human Target, for those of you who don't know it, stars Mark Valley (no, I didn't know him either, but he's pretty much exactly my type), who plays a former hit man who is now working for some organisation (I don't know the details, who cares?) as a "bodyguard", only instead of staying with his protectees forever, he draws out the bad guys and makes them disappear. This is usually done by lots of lead and testosterone filled action, car chases and spectacular stunts, including, for example, the blowing up of a train and other lovely things.

In short: it's a mix between James Bond and The Bodyguard.

Adding to this the fact that the lead character is exactly my type (yes, I know, I've just said that, but it's so true. Not that I have a type, except, if I had one, it'd be him.), all I can say is that the show seems to have been written for me. Someone obviously took a look at my secret tv-show wishlist and then wrote a show that
matches everything I ever wanted (and I didn't even know I wanted it until I saw it! Who knew?).

Remember Smith? That wonderful, shortlived show with Simon Baker which I loved so much that I kept talking about it years later?

Well, I still miss Smith, but now that I've discovered Human Target, I feel as if Hollywood has made up for the fail of cancelling Smith, at least to me. It's all I ever wanted, and more than I could have ever asked for.

You should watch it.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting here, waiting desperately for the DVDs to be released. I ordered them months ago (actually, it was amazon who suggested them to me. Imagine that, I wouldn't even have known about the show if amazon hadn't recommended it to me! These days, amazon seems to know me better than my flist), but apparently they will only be released in October.


(and as much as I love Human Target, I'm still bored. *is desperate*)
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