Tonight's nightmare featured Numb3rs' Don Eppes, who was for some reason moving in with me, and in the process started to sell off all my private stuff (to give us a "fresh start" into our new life together"...)

Though my dream-self first thought I could handle that, once I saw people packing up my things, I started to panic. Problem was, those people were all over my appartment (which wasn't really my appartment, but some strange place we would be living in together. So really, what were my childhood memories doing in there anyway?), and they had brought bags, and I had to go through the bags and sort out the stuff that was mine, which was really difficult. Does this belong to me? Did I ever own something like that? We are talking toys, not stuff that I really own in my current appartment. Yes, I was moving into a strange place with Don Eppes and he was selling off my toys. Needless to say, we broke up before we had even moved in together.

This may sound funny, but I almost woke up in tears.

So, what has this dream taught me?

- I'm way too materialistic.
(Either that or my subconscious is trying to find ways to deal with the recent break with my parents (don't ask).)

- I have serious commitment issues (and so does Don)
(Yeah. What else is new.)

- I should probably cut back on my Numb3rs watching.
(But it is so pretty!)

Yes, that's right, I'm watching Numb3rs. I had season 2 and 3 on DVD on my shelf for way too long without watching them, so I decided to finally do watch them and then sell them on ebay. Instead I bought season 1, 4 and 5 as well, and I would probably buy season 6, but it hasn't been released yet.
(way too materalistic)

See, Numb3rs and I have a bit of a difficult relationship. I started watching either right at the beginning or somewhere in the middle of season 1, I think. I liked it. Then, during season 2, I was beginning to love it. And somewhere between season 2 and 3, mostly season 3, I think, I became completely obsessed with it. Or rather, with Don,
because Numb3rs, for me, has always been the Don Eppes show (we'll get to that later). I continued to love it through about the first half of season 4, then slowly became less interested, until I stopped watching regularly about half way into season 5. I have maybe seen one or two season 6 eps, but i'm not even sure about that.
(serious commitment issues)

And it wasn't just that I wasn't interested anymore. No, I was positively mad at the show. I was mad at Charlie, who became geekier with every ep, even his body language changed into that of an insecure, awkward person. Why did they have to play that cliche so hard, when they had a perfect balance throughout the first seasons? I was mad about the Charlie/Amita relationship, which was so PG-rated and boring that I expected there to be pink cg-hearts flowing around every time those two even kissed, and did I mention the boring?

But most of all I was furious about the development of Don. Don, Don, who went from workaholic to obsession within two seasons so believably, so inevitably. Who failed at relationships, personal and professional ones, again and again, and again. Who had more issues than Charlie had numbers in his head, who went from questionable to downright illegal decisions and who took me with him on his way down.

Don, who was hurting so beautifully throughout those early seasons.

I was, and still am, completely crazy about Don.
(yes, I have bad taste in men. I think we've established that over the years.)

And then, suddenly, they gave Don a real girlfriend. One he was willing to commit to. And as if that wasn't bad enough, it was his old girlfriend Robin, whom I never liked. Couldn't it have been Liz? I loved Liz! And as if the whole happy couple thing wasn't bad enough, they made Don religious. Don. My Don. My Don suddenly went religious. (I'm a radical atheist, in case you are wondering). (I think his hair also got longer, which is never a good thing)

I hated them for doing that to me. I hated them so much that not only did I have to stop watching, I almost forgot why I had liked that show in the first place. Hence the unwatched DVDs waiting on my shelf for two or three years.

Well, that was then. Now I've fallen right back into the Numb3rs love. I have been watching like a crazy person and am now almost at the end of season 4. And what's more, I kind of... enjoy the character development this time. Yes, I still find the Charlie/Amita thing incredibly boring. But I understand, even though I don't necessarily like, the development Don is going to make. It's consequent somehow that Don would get back together with Robin. I would have prefered Liz, but that relationship was doomed from the beginning, with the secrecy and the two of them working together. One of them would have had to leave the FBI in order to make it work, and I don't think either of them was ready for that (or will ever be ready). So, Robin, yes, it does make sense that Don would try to build his (only?) serious relationship on something that is already broken. And it also makes sense that he would find comfort in religion. That he would choose religion as a means to work out his issues. I mean, he's done the therapy thing (and omg it was painful to watch
sometimes, but in a really really good way), and really, can you see Don Eppes coming home from therapy one day thinking, hey, I think I've figured it out?

I can't. Religion somehow makes more sense to me. It's something he chose himself, not something someone else made him do, and that would make all the difference to someone like Don.

I'm not saying that this was the only way Don Eppes could have gone. but it was probably the sanest way. All other paths would have led to certain doom and heartbreak, and while I would have prefered that kind of ending, Don on his downward spiral, unable to stop until it was too late, that's not something that television is willing to give us (unless it's Supernatural, but an apocalypse sells better than the
mere crash of my favourite FBI agent). So yes, I can live with his development. I can understand it now. And, the fact alone that he had a character development is something that makes Numb3rs stand out from other tv shows.)
(but I still love season 2-3 Don best).

So, now that I've made my peace with this (and talked about it at length), I'm really really looking forward to watch the rest of the show. And I know for certain that I'm going to miss it once it's over. I'm going to miss Don (naturally), the Eppes house, Charlie (he may not be my type, but the show wouldn't work without him), Larry, Alan,
Amita (so pretty), David (okay, maybe not so much), Colby (oh Colby! Remember when he had this huge crush on Don, and then started sleeping with Charlie instead? Good times...), Edgerton and, well, everyone.

(but I have all the DVDs now, so I can watch it again ) *g*
(I should probably cut back on my Numb3rs watching)

(this post was made via email, that's why the formatting may be off and there is no pretty icon. Sorry for the inconvenience.)
(Edited to make it look prettier add a Don icon)
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