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([personal profile] oceana Aug. 17th, 2010 09:37 am)
And I don't mean you, inhabitants of my dearest flist, but the show, Friends. Well, I mean you too, flist, because I need your advice on the show, Friends.

The question is:

Should Oceana buy the complete seasons of Friends, also called "The Superbox" (or something equally silly)?

Possible pro and cons:

- Oceana is currently sitting on, huh, maybe 60 or so DVDs (movies and shows) that she hasn't watched yet. (but she will, one day. And she is a manic collector and has long given up pressuring herself into actually watching everything she owns)

- The box would be really cheap.
(about five Euro per season. Seriously, how can one say no to that?)

- Oceana has never watched Friends, as in, ever. She has maybe seen one ep, and it was something about a wedding dress?
(So she might not actually like it. Though, from what she heard, everyone likes Friends. Hmm. )

So, to buy, or not to buy?

Help, Obi-flist-kanobi?
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