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( Nov. 16th, 2006 01:33 pm)
Stolen from many people.

Sum up your former/current fandoms in a few sentences, as if they were human beings. Then let others guess "who" you're writing to.

1) You were my first relationship, well, the first "serious" one. In the beginning, I was only curious about you, but the more I found out, the deeper I fell in love. And what a love it was: I thought about you all day, talked about you, tried everything one could think of with you. I couldn't imagine ever loving anyone else. That was then, and times have changed. We don't see each other anymore, I can honestly say that I'm over you. But sometimes, out of the blue, I am reminded of you, and in these moments I can still feel traces of our love.
= Buffy, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] lunardreamed and [livejournal.com profile] webbgirl
Yes, I've only been in fandom five years (though I've been a fan longer), and it was Buffy who introduced me to fanfic, slash and fandom.

2) You were my shiny new love, you were MADE for me and I was crazy about you from the very first moment I laid eyes on you. Then they took you from me, sudden and much too soon. My wounds are fresh, and losing you still makes me cry.
= Smith, as guessed by [livejournal.com profile] ana_grrl.
I never knew it was possible to fall so hard so fast, and get your heart broken in almost the same moment.

3) I love you, I am in love with you. You have some strange ideas, and at the beginning, because of my past experiences, I didn't fully trust you. But even when you did things that I would have left anyone else for, you never disappointed me. Everything about you is perfect and I would marry you, if it wasn't for your friends, who are mostly lunatics.
= NCIS, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] webbgirl.
With Kate gone, Madam Director and the pornstache, you'd think I'd be far gone, but I've learned to trust the love so I stick around. I just wish the fanfic were better.

4) We had a long and rather intense affair, but there are only a few really memorable moments. Your charms are so obvious and yet there is so much more behind your pretty surface, so much that I cannot stop thinking about even now, after we have moved apart. I can't believe some of the things you made me do!We may have moved apart and don't see each other much anymore, but when we do, the love and passion between us is still as hot as it was before.
= Highlander, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] lunardreamed
The few memorable moments are the Methos episodes, almost the only ones I keep coming back to. And the things HL made me do? Well, I fell for a guy who's wearing shoulder thingies and red(!) pants and then lends them to his boyfriend. Among other unspeakable fashion sins. Oh, Duncan, I love you, and I'm still waiting for the night in Paris where you take me out for dinner and dancing. Sweet sweet dreams...

5) You are an affair that I'm almost a bit ashamed of. Or rather, I feel I should be, but I feel so much for you that I can't. We were always more about the sex than about every day life. I don't call you anymore, but when we meet each other on the street, I always feel like coming home.
=The Sentinel, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] webbgirl
I love it. I know it's not a good show, and I try not to mention that I've watched all its episodes more than once in certain company. But watching Jim and Blair play House never fails to make me happy.

6) You were my childhood friend, an innocent love long before I knew what relationships were all about. When we met years later, we tumbled into bed as if it were always meant to be. I still think you are wonderful and I love remembering you, but if we are honest with each other, we were never meant to last.
= Due South
When I watched Due South for the first time, I was young and innocent and had no slashy thoughts at all. Okay, I may have had some innocent dreams about a certain mountie, but really really innocent. Then, after I had discovered slash, it took a while until I thought, hey, there could be Due South slash. Let's check it out. RayV/Fraser never worked for me, too innocent my relationship with them. Ray K I got to know only then, and we got a long really well, but somehow we always lived in different worlds and I never really found my way into the fandom.

7) I'm a bit afraid of you. You are kinky and dark and so complex, I'm afraid I'll get lost in you, eaten up by the crazy people you hang out with, drawn into your world of twilight and mystery. But I cannot resist you completely, so I keep coming back for little or long tastes, that leave me feeling good and sated, and a little bit dirty and guilty.
= Harry Potter
I like my Harry Potter dark. I don't think there's any fandom where I've read more dark fics, end of the world, good against bad with the bad winning so often. Kink, too, but I read a lot of that in XF as well. I've seen a lot of crazy people in HP, seriously crazy, so I stayed in my not-so-little Harry/Snape corner, where I like to take long (so many HP epics!) holidays from time to time, until I get scared off by yet another WIP that isn't finished after four years.

8) You are it. The one and only. I never get tired of you, even though there are some sides that I chose to ignore and won't take a second look at. You are not even perfect, far from it, but if I had to decide, it'd be you, only you, for the rest of my life. Oh, who am I trying to kid, I am already married to you. I love you.
= Stargate, as guessed by [livejournal.com profile] ana_grrl.
Oh, come on, who else am I married to?

9) We started out as friends and we still haven't progressed far. We made out a couple of times, but we both know it wasn't perfect. We also know that the moment will come, if we just keep trying. Meanwhile, I'm falling for you more and more every time we meet.
= Numb3rs, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] webbgirl
The show keeps getting better and better, but I still haven't found much fanfic that interests me. We will keep trying, though. ;-)

10) You are the partner my parents never wanted me to have. You stand for everything I am against, and still I know that I cannot resist you. Why am I so easy when it comes to you? Why am I so forgiving? Because underneath your macho-tough guy attitude, you are smart and charming and very sexy. You are too occupied with yourself to sleep with me, but I don't mind. I just like watching you and being around you. And dreaming about having sex with you.
= The Unit, or The Bob! Show, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] webbgirl
I don't sleep with the Unit= I don't read fanfic (I don't think there is much fanfic for the Bob! show). I'm happy with just watching the show and making up my own little stories in my head.
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( Apr. 28th, 2006 11:23 am)
So, those The Sentinel DVD sets they have here in Canada, should I buy one?

I almost did two days ago, but then I thought I should compare prices first. They 39 Dollars at HMV, which seems quite good to me. Problem is, the ylook really thin and it says nothing about special features on the box. I don't want to buy them for just the DVDs, especially since i won't be able to watch them unless I get a new tv (region code stupidity). I couldn't find any information about region 2 DVDs beeing released, does anyone know if they plan to do that?
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( Sep. 20th, 2005 05:30 pm)
There's a Sentinel story set at the end of the show, when Blair has joined the academy.
All I remember is that he comes home and his hair is cut short, and I think Jim starts to notice his neck. I'm not sure if it is ER or First Time. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

(why yes, I have been watching "The Switchman", and they are so cute and touching! There is so much touching! Holding hands, right there in front of everyone else. What, are you saying that Jim was really just handing Blair the phone? )
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( Jul. 27th, 2005 02:13 pm)
One things that is guaranteed to make me cry?

Watching the last five minutes of "Sentinel, too, Part 1".

*wipes tears away*

I never realized how much I had missed Jim and Blair.
Jim: You? Involved in the sweet science? I have a hard time picturing that. I mean, the flowing silk robes and goofy shorts I can see, but I thought you were a lover, not a fighter.

Blair: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. It was fun for a little while though, you know. Although, the Maoris staged hand-to-hand fights to purify themselves for sexual encounters.
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( Jul. 19th, 2005 07:36 pm)
Rec me your favourite Sentinel fic. No wait, let's rephrase that:

Rec me any Sentinel fic you can think of right now. No need to provide links, i'll find them somehow (and I probably have most of them saved on my HD, but I won't to read them again and can't decide where to start.)

I'm thinking of

Grit Kitty - Another Mode of Belonging
Gillian M. - The Jamie Series

Okay, kid fic mode, I admit it. But I don't care what you rec me, kink, action, pwp, drama, whatever, as long as it is Jim/Blair slash.

Dear Anonymous Poster who commented in my post about the Nostalgia Wank a few days ago:
Since you are on my flist, and I guess by now you have stopped looking if I'd ever answer your comment, I'll answer it here: )

2) Quickly, before I'm going to get lynched by angry Sentinel and Star Trek fans: I just deleted a bunch of comments that were weeks old, because I didn't have time to answer them before, and now it seems kind of late to reopen some discussions.
If you really think that I owe you an answer somewhere, please let me know. I really didn't want to ignore anyone.
I also suspect that I deleted some comments by accident, and now I can't find them in my mailbox anymore, which just shows that I need my own secretary.
If you want to apply, commenting doesn't seem like the most successful way to get the job. *g*
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( Nov. 9th, 2004 01:37 pm)
I continue to go through my bookmarks, and we've reached the Sentinel folder.

You'd think that with such a popular show - at least in slash fandom - there'd be tons of TS sites out there. Truth is, I have yet to find a good, comprehensive TS site that isn't totally out of date. There are many J/B sites, but it's hard to find information just about the show.
Anyway, here are my

Sentinel Links )

BTW, these lists aren't meant to be complete. If you have a stunning Stargate or Sentinel site and weren't included, that could be because I have your site bookmarked in my author or in my fanart folders.
I have so many bookmarks, and it was time to clean them up a little, see what's out there, what has disappeared etc, and I thought, while i'm at it, I might as well share with you. Of course, if you know about any good sites that I havent mentioned, feel free to leave a comment, There is always a chance that I don't know them.
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( Oct. 25th, 2004 07:50 pm)
...was the subject of today's best spam. For a moment, I thought it was one of you guys sending me pics of naked Ben Browder.

Lately, I haven't felt very...very what? That's the problem really, I don't feel like anything. I don't want to go out, I don't want to talk to people, I don't feel like I have anything to post about. Then it occured to me that I didnt have any actualy work in the last days, so now I'm sitting here, trying to work on a file, and, surprise! I feel like procrastinating posting.

Not that I have anything to post about, since I haven't been doing much. Well, I went out a lot, but my private life is so boring that I'ms ure no one wants to hear about it.
So, why don't I give you an update on my current fannish obsessions, and what I'm doing with them?

A trip through the unhealthy amount of fandoms [livejournal.com profile] oceana_ is currently spending more or less time in:

Let's start with Stargate... )


CSI Miami )

Due South )

Harry Potter )

The Sentinel )

X-Files )

Buffy/Angel )

Hard Core Logo )

Andromeda )

Queer as Folk US )

I guess I'll have to continue this in part 2.
I just discovered that Kabel 1 is showing the Sentinel every day at 4.15 p.m. (yes, in the afternoon, we are a weird country).

So, today's episode was "Spare Parts", also known as "Naomi and the car thieves".
The episode takes place in season two, the boys have been living together for more than a year.
Jim: I mean, a couple of guys going around belching and throwing their underwear on the floor during foreplay ... I just don't feel like monitoring my behavior in my own home.
Denken Sie nicht dass sie in einem Hotel gluecklicher waere?

*throws huge dictionaries at the TV*

And since it amuses me muchly, here's the Stargate episode titles quiz: )
My modem died. Again. )
So, yes, that's it. No internet in the next weeks unless I am at University, where I am right now. And it is way too hot and too busy to go here every day.

The only good thing today was that I was really really frustrated, so I decided to watch a Sentinel episode, "Mirror Image".
And what do I see? Colin Cunningham as Dr. Burke!
I hadn't noticed that the first time! Maybe I am going to watch some more Sentinel episodes. Or that X-Files ep that he is in. Can't remember which one it is, but I think it was in Season 2. Help?
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( Jun. 28th, 2003 09:51 am)
1. What's your all-time OTP? (Slash or het, any fandom at all)

Jim/Blair. Sentinel is the only fandom where I have an OTP. All the others? Well, Jack/Daniel comes close, but then there is Paul, and really, with those eyes, you just have to let him play with the boys from time to time.
I wanted to say Fraser/Kowalski, but I have this things for Fraser/Smithbauer.
Angel/Spike was my first slash pairing, but it was never an OTP. There are just too many slashy men in Buffy and Angel to have an OTP. Same goes for Harry Potter.
But Jim and Blair? *sigh* Reading Jim/Blair just makes me happy. It's like comin home, no matter hwo long it's been since you read the last Sentinel story.

2. Which pairing do you just not understand?

Sentinel again. Anything with Simon. I like Simon, but he isn't very slashable. Though I think I could probably get Simon, too, if anyone wrote good stories about him. So far, I haven't seen any, though I have to admit that I didn't look very hard.

3. Which pairings were you initially against, but found yourself warming toward? (real and fake, any fandom)

Twincest. I was squicked when I first read about it, but it does have its appeals...


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