In case anyone's wondering what I'm doing in my long absence from lj:
I'm working.

60-70 hours a week.


However, I'm also being fannish:

I watched Simon&Simon Season 2: LOVE!

And then I watched Miami Vice Season 4 and am currently in the middle
of season 5.

Yes, I know. I said I wouldn't buy season 4 and 5. I said that nobody
needs to own, let alone WATCH, five seasons of Miami Vice.

I was wrong. Oh, how I was wrong.

Everyone needs to own and watch five seasons of Miami Vice. I
have no words for how much I love that show. I have no words for how
much I love Sonny Crockett. Yes, Miami Vice has flaws. Boy, does it
ever have flaws. But, and I say that after having watched a LOT of tv
shows in full, Miami Vice is probably the most groundbreaking,
innovative, inspiring show that ever was. It is art. It's twenty years
old, and many of the things that made it so special are long outdated
or have become standard, but when you watch it, you can still tell.
Not just sometimes, but regularly, there are scenes, arrangements,
compositions, that are pure and simply art. So incredibly beautiful.
And I have the feeling that the older this show gets, the more
important it becomes in terms of art. As if you need some distance to
fully grasp just how ingenious Miami Vice is.

And yes, tv can be art. If you doubt that, I wonder what you are doing
here at all.

Anyway, about seasons 4 and 5. I know that many say that those are the
weaker seasons, but I think they are wrong. They are just...different.
The pacing changed, the show got darker (even darker than before,
don't let all the white and pastell colors fool you). It may have lost
itself in the carefulness of its own arrangements sometimes, and there
are some episodes without Don Johnson, to which I can only say, WTF?
*g*. But overall, both seasons are still outstanding and in no way any
worse than the first three seasons.

I loved Sonny going dark. I would have loved to see it explored some
more, but that's not what Miami Vice does. It's all there, in my head,
though, and the show, unlike many modern shows who try to cater to the
fannish needs deliberately, but with often questionable results, Miami
Vice lets me have all that (huge white) space to explore the
characters in my head. I never thought I'd say that, but in its own
way, Miami Vice is minimialistic in its approach to character
development. "Minimialistic" as in stripped down to its/their most
fundamental features. And those features are drawn and developed
consequently and honestly. but no more than that. The rest is up to
you. I can lost myself in this show and its world like in no other,
precisely because there is so much space left open to explore.

As for the flaws? Well, for one thing, they apparently cut the budget
in season 5, and decided that the best way to save money would be not
to cut Don Johnson's hair anymore. Of course, they miscalculated,
because now they needed more hair products. I would have been very
happy with season 1 hair. Even season 4 hair was better than season 5
(still awfully pretty, though).

On the other hand, their method of saving dry-cleaning costs by
letting Sonny wear dark colors more often is much appreciated. Damn,
he looks good in black. Also in white. Also when he is shotting
people, which he does pretty much all the time. Also in his car, which
I had almost forgotten. I'm a 'vette girl myself, but damn, the
Testarossa is just one, maybe THE best designed car ever. It's bold
and beautiful, and I would maybe even prefer it against a stingray.
But only maybe.

So, there's love. LOVE LOVE LOVE. But I also acknowledge that
personally, I maybe liked season 1-3 a tiny little bit better. Which
is why I will watch them right after I finished season 5.
4,5,1,2,3...that's the way to love Miami Vice.


(I do have a sparkly Don Johnson icon, btw. All Don Johnson icons
should be sparkly. I am posting via email, though, so I'm stuck on my
email default icon. I will change that as soon as I come home, so
watch this space, for more Miami Vice love, this time with sparkles!)
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( Jul. 3rd, 2009 08:32 pm)
(or: another Friday evening in the life of Oceana)

Meeting, which was supposed to be over at 11a.m., is now over.

It is now 9 hours later than 11 a.m.

In other words, it is 8 p.m. on a Friday evening.

I'm now doing the rest of the work I was supposed to do today.

Nobody has shot me yet.

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( Jul. 3rd, 2009 02:55 pm)
I'm in a meeting that was supposed to have been over five(!) hours ago and it doesn't look like it's gonna end anytime soon.

Somebody please shoot me now.
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( Jun. 17th, 2009 05:53 pm)
I'm spending the night at the office (cause i've only been here for 11 hours today, so what's another 5 or 6?). Work's so crazy these days that I don't even know where to start. Even if I stay until midnight I'll only get half the things done that I need to get done.

So again, please entertain me?

I take every little bit of distraction from my misery. No fic, please, as it will distract me for too long, which means I'll never leave the office, but comments, questions, PICTURES OF HOT MEN (in comments) would make me very very happy.
Oceana is at work.

This is hour 15 of Oceana being at work today.

She's just sharing the pain (even if it's not the good kind of pain).

(which you can totally tell because she is referring to herself in
third person. Do you feel the pain?)

My Her apologies.
I went on a wild, online, SPN shhopping frenzy today, pre-ordered season 4 and bought all official companions, plus the tie-in novels. Which just shows what a bad fan I have been so far, because I didn't own any of the companions (except for John's journal and the demon book thingy). And I usually hate tie-in novels (fanfic tends to be so much better).

But that's what happens when they pay me all that money and give me no time to spend it all on pretty things.

Well, actually, they don't pay me all that much money, and I manage to spend it all quite well. Though much of it has to be spend for not so pretty things, like rent and the car and, well, I don't really know where it all goes. So, spending it on SPN is really a good thing.

The reason why I'm subjecting you all to these completely uninteresting mutterings about my money-spending habits is that I am still at the office and I am bored, which means that I am procrastinating, which means that I will stay longer at the office.
Dean in "It's a terrible life"? That's totally me. Only less hot male. But you better believe that it's my personal nightmare as well, only, I've gotten rather used to living in my nightmares, plus I have no exciting, heartbreaking and slightly lethal demon-hunting to go back to when I can't stand the office
anymore, so, office-job it is!

(frankly, I do prefer the office job to the demon-hunting, which may look cool on TV, but would be really annoying in real life. I mean, they practically live in a car! Where would I put all my shoes? And my DVD collection? The trunk's all filled with weapons, but even if it wasn't, I'd be hard-pressed to fit even the luggage for an extended weekend into a car that size. Demon-hunting the Winchester-way would
be filled with obstacles for me.)

So, yes, still at the office.
There really isn't anything more I can say. It's the office. It's
boring. Thus my posting. About being bored. At the office.
Ok, I shall get back to work now.
*is bored*
*goes back to boring work*

*hums more*

Working from 7:00 to 11:00 every night
It really makes life a drag
I don't think that's right.

*1: bonus points*2 if you know the song

*2: bonus points will be filed in a boring file in Oceana's boring office. They will not actually get you something, unless you can get someone in accounting to actually do some work and make your bonus points account for something.

*goes back to boring work*

I wonder if Sam will come if I call IT.

*is still not working*
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( Feb. 11th, 2009 04:30 am)
My yearly feedback talk wiht my boss is coming up in a week, and every time I try to prepare for it, this line from Led Zeppeling's "Nightflight" pops into my head, complete with melody and background music:

"Oh mama well I think it's time I'm leaving, nothing here to make me stay..."


Nuff said.
It's so nice to feel wanted - even if it is only by headhunters.

*glares at current employer*
(actually, I still quite like my job. Despite the whole
"restructuring" mess that they are being asses about.)
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( Dec. 21st, 2008 11:07 pm)
Having spent about 75 hours in the office this week (this can be easily done if you just don't go home during the night), I now have a sore throat.

I find this particularly unfair because the sore throat was cause by the air conditioning (and probably sleeping not at all or only three hours per night). I didn't get any fun out of my sore throat. Last time I had a sore throat like this I hang my head out of the sunroof of my boyfriends car, drunk and singing "California Dreamin". Ok, so I don't remember details, but I know it was fun (until the next morning.)

But, I'm thirty now, and I don't get to have fun anymore.

And my throat hurts. Really really hurts. I'm on my fourth ibuprofen today and it still hurts.

I've searched the internets for household remedies, but so far, I've only found an assortment of wet packs (you wouldn't believe what people apparently wrap around their necks!) or the suggestion to drink hot, sweet rum. The wet packs are out, I'm not removing my warm scarf for anything, especially not something wet. The rum sounds...tempting... but not only do I not own any rum, drinking it would also involve swallowing, and that's not gonna happen (never thought I'd say this....)


What should I do? My throat, it hurts!

Help me, Obi-wan-flist, you're my only hope!
My current project at work sucks. It's not really the project itself,
its the person I work with. What a B*!?*!!!!! First, she gives me a
format that sucks, but doesn't want to hear why I think it sucks, then
she complains about my work not being good, which, hey, is your fault,
because I used your stupid format, B*!?*!!!!, and btw, I TOLD YOU

I'm so glad when this is over. SO GLAD.

Please let it be over now?
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( Jun. 30th, 2008 05:34 pm)
1) I'm procrastinating. Thus, the subject. Pro - crastination. I'm all
for defering the tasks I'm asupposed to do right now.

During my procrastination I looked up, surprisingly, procrastination
on wikipedia and found a link to a, hm, let's carefully call it
"group" of people who will help you over your workaholism with prayer
and God! Isn't it great! I wonder if God would write my memo for me if
I asked, so I can keep doing other things.

Or, right, procrastination can be a symptom of workaholsim. Figures.
The way I see it, it's not a symptom, it's a cause. If I wouldn't
procrastinate so much, I wouldn't be in the office so long and I
wouldn't work so much.

Okay, most of the time I'm not procrastinating, I'm actually working.
Today is difficult though. I keep getting distracted by plans to
travel to South America (I'm thinking Chile and Argentinia, has anyone
ever been there?), plans to buy a horse, plans to stop buying more
books like before I've read all the unread ones at home (*fail*),
plans to write more GoodReads reviews (, because I'm
down from #1 Best Reviewer in Germany to #4 in just two weeks! and
plans to cook when I get home, but hopefully eat something before.

Yes, I think hunger is the real issue here. I am hungry, therefore I
can't concentrate, therefore I do other things. (like, did you know
how many pretty Risotto pics you can find via google?)

2) In fannish news:


Watched Doctor Who. Loved it, but have no words.

3) Watched more of The Unit Season 2. Bob! BOB! It's strange how a
show with so many sexy men who are all kinda my type (cause I have no
type, to make life more fun), do not inspire any slashy thoughts in
me. I don't know if that is due to the fact that they are all (most of
them anyway) married and that their wives play such a big role on the
show, or because I want them all for myself.

4) Am indulging in fannish daydreams when I don't procrastinate
online. No, they are not dirty, get those thoughts out of your head.
Well, most of them aren't.

5) I want to write Numb3rs fic. (this entry is so random. I'm sorry.
I'm going to add numbers, to give you the impression that I had
planned this through). Would anyone want to read Edgerton/Colby?
Because that's what I'm going to write if I do. I have the bunny all
worked out in my head. There'll be sex included. At least it's easy to
say that now, before the story has taken over, which always happens
when I try to write something.

Okay, enough with the procrastination for now. I shall try to find food.
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( May. 14th, 2008 10:25 pm)
It's 10.15 p.m. and I'm home! And I did not bring any work! (well, okay, I did bring work, but I don't really intend to do it, it's just in case I wake up at night and am really bored...)
Let's celebrate!


I think I shall have pasta and Bones. A girl's gotta eat and a girl's gotta spend time with happy-making tv shows, don't you agree?

Sekrit message to [ profile] margueritem: Strange bank guy hasn't contacted me yet. Here I am WHORING engaging myself out for business all night and he doesn't even invite me for lunch!
Men are evil!
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( Feb. 11th, 2008 07:27 pm)
Instead of doing the reasonable thing and giving up on a show of which the basic premise bores me to death (now, that would be an interesting case...), I continued to watch House over the weekend. I've been through 8 seasons of CSI (wait, is it really 8? Or are we already in season 9. It sure feels like 9 years). A bit of medspeak cannot discourage me. Neither can silly hospital rooms. Plus, I have this friend who is a doctor, and he's hot, so there.

I must admit that this worked amazingly well and I can now announce that I just bought House Season 1,2 and 3 on DVD. This is either a sign that I really like the show or that it has driven me insane. I'm not sure what the medical diagnosis would be, but when I hit "PLACE YOUR ORDER" on the amazon website, it felt like a really good idea. (It's also a good deal for 23 Euro per season including shipping. Not even ebay is that cheap.)

Now that I've committed to watching the show, tell me where the slash is. No, wait, tell me where the fic is. I don't really care if it's slash, I'll take everything with good characterisations and lots of House snarkiness. Though I prefer slash, since House and Wilson are clearly married and I don't know how they could avoid having sex, since I'm sure House would trip and fall onto Wilson eventually, and Wilson seems to have no free will when it comes to
people falling on him. Or for him. Or something.

Please don't tell me that this scenario is as popular as I'm suddenly and fearfully imagining it to be.

I will now finish this dreadful contract (*cries*), then go home and watch one or two more eps. If in between I could read a fic or two, I'd be very happy. I'm looking either for good quality recs sites or for fics that I can read and understand with my limited knowledge of the show (I've watched about 12 eps in the middle of season 3). Pimping fic, so to speak. If you could find me vids, that would make me happy, too.
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( Jan. 18th, 2008 01:15 am)
Came home from work 20 minutes ago (it's shortly after 1 a.m. over here, in case you were wondering), ate for the first time since lunch and the second time today (no, wait, technically lunch was yesterday): And the rest of the week wasn't much better. I'm tired (not enough not to turn on the computer first thing) and bored with work (I keep doing the same thing over and over again and it gets me nowhere but slowly drives me crazy.)

I've also lost my great "post every day, answer all comments" track record that I had going here since the beginning of the year. Grrr. Argh.

But, people on my flist have been mentioning Methos in passing, so not all is bad. Now I'll sleep, disappear for the weekend and start all over again on Monday.
Good night.
*dreams about the time Methos was an evil lawyer*
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( Dec. 8th, 2007 11:08 pm)
Not my day.

Oh, forget it. It's just really not my day.

After having climbed the lifesaving stairs to finally reach the safe harbour of my appartment, I decided to stay inside. For a short moment I thought about writing, because that worked rather well last time I felt as crappy as today, but there are already enough metaphors in this sentence, I didn't want to inflict any more on Colby or Ian.

So instead I got myself a huge portion of pasta and a glass of Bailey's, and now I'm watching the rest of season 1 Simon & Simon. I loved these guys when I was a kid, but trust me, loving them now, when you don't want them to be your brothers anymore, is a lot better.

Btw, are they having threesome sex with Janet when I'm not looking (and if they are, why aren't they showing it?). What's with all the kissing? And what was that scene at the end of Double Entry, when their client comes into the office to give them the check? Just how long was that kiss? And AJ was kissing her neck at the same time???

I love this show.

And as a bonus, staying inside kept me from killing innocent bystanders, so it's all good.
(and I have season 1 of Riptide unwatched on DVD, so tomorrow should be save for the world as well.)
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( Nov. 30th, 2007 05:03 pm)
I'm at work and so bored. It's not that I don't have work (I wish), I
just don't want to do it. I want the weekend to be here now.

Yes, the longer I procrastinate the longer I will have to stay today,
but I don't want to work!

On the other hand, boredom let to online shopping and online shopping
let to me finally buying a new ipod, now that the old one has died and
won't revive. I think. Well, if it does I'll have two, nothing wrong
with that.

Question: Can I use my ipod with two computers which do not hold the
same files? I always use the manual sync, but since the default is
automatic sync, I'm afraid that it'll sync itself once I connect it to
the second computer, which doesn't have my music files on it and
everything will be gone. I'm quite sure that this is a stupid
question, but I never tried before and it's Apple, so you never know.
I never trusted Apples inclination to decide everything for me .

And before you start, yes, I know there are other mp3 players, some
of them maybe better, for sure cheaper, but the ipod is pretty, and I
like pretty things. I think I shall call it Dean. Or MetalliPod. yep,
MetalliPod it is.

OH, look, applestore says they already sent it. Maybe it'll be here on Monday!
*is excited*

And another ten minutes over.
I will need to work now. Otherwise I won't even be able to pay for MetalliPod.
*is still bored*
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( Sep. 30th, 2007 12:40 am)
It's Saturday night, I'm at my parents' place, very much not going out. Instead I interneted all evening, reading lj, reading [ profile] astolat's fabulous "Old Country" (, a Supernatural/Harry Potter crossover, which you people totally failed to inform me about.
Okay, so I wasn't around.
And I don't usually do Wincest.
You are forgiven.

I saw "my" horse (love of my life) again today for the first time on what feels like forever, but was really only six week. It made me happy and sad, because I want him so much, but work just doesn't allow it. Maybe in a year or so. We'll see how things develop.

I read through some magazines and now have plans for room number three. I have moved into the apartment almost six months ago and I still have not finished any of the rooms of hung up any pictures. And here I'm wondering why I'm not in a relationship when I cannot even commit to a dinner table.
Unsurprisingly, my plans do not involve a dinner table, but they do include a desk, a guest bed and more bookshelves. For I have way too many books and dvds, so I need a new book shelf. Now I just need guests.

Wait, I have guests! Two more weeks and [ profile] margueritem will be there, squeeee!
I used to feel so at home here. And then I was without internet for a
few months and suddenly everything changed.

OK, I still feel "at home". I just don't feel as if I've completely
returned yet. My flist seems quiet, which could be because of fewer
posts, because fandoms have changed, because it's hiatus, or maybe
because people really don't post much anymore. I don't know. I know I
don't post as much as I used to, and certainly not as interesting as I
hopefully once was. By this I mean that I hardly post any meta
anymore, and this is, after all, supposed to be a fannish journal.
And as if that wasn't bad enough, I don't comment on other people's
meta anymore.

I know my personal reason for this is work: I work a minimum of 50
hours per week, often more, often the weekend as well. When I come
home, all I do is watch Tv and maybe read my flist, but more often
than not I don't have the energy to interact with people. Recent LJ
developments haven't made this any easier.

But I used to love comin home, reading and commenting, watching Tv and
then posting my thoughts and discuss them. So the lethargy needs
changing, which is why I resolve to:

- answer comments every day every second day
- post at least ten comments in reply to posts on my flist every day
- post something, fannish or not, every day

(with the exception of days where I work more than 14 hours, because
then I really am too tired.)

Maybe if I say it, it will become true. ;-)

*resolve face*

(I hope the thought of me being all fannish again doesn't scare you as
much as it does me... *g*)
I haven't come home before 10 p.m. once this week. No, wait, I haven't left the office before 10 p.m. once this week.
No wonder this journal is lacking any fannsih content recently, apart from the random OMG Jensen! Stop keeping me awake with your prettiness! entries!

So, here's your chance to get me back on the fannish track. If you want me to talk about fannish things, which, well, I refuse to believe that you are all here because of my really exciting real life...

Give me a prompt, a picture, ask me a question or tell me a story, or whatever else you think will inspire me, and I will do my best to post something fannish about it.

1,2,3 go!
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( Jun. 30th, 2007 02:54 pm)
...take places mainly at the office. Then it's home to the tv, bed, shower, office. Weekends since I moved were spent traveling (a lot), going home (I miss my horse and my dog SO much) or here, buying things for the appartment, and cleaning, shopping, ironing and all the other things I don't have time for during the week. I spent DAYS on the phone with the german t-kom because of my internet connection. Now they came and gave my DSL 2000 instead of 16000, because 16000 doesn't work. At least I'm online, though I really really want my 16000. 2000 is a joke. But, not complaining. And it only took three months!
*tired laugh*

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