So yesterday I made this really really long post about how I finished watching Numb3rs and how I miss all the characters. And then I wrote a little note to every character, saying goodbye. And then nobody said anything, which isn't really all that new when i'm talking about Numb3rs, but still, a girl has hope, especially when she makes one of the rare, long, fannish posts these days.

Until the lovely [ profile] goodbyemyfancy commented and asked me what I'm going to watch next, and I went, wait a minute, I did say what I'm going to watch next, right there at the end of my long, fannish entry.

Turns up that instead of my letters to every character, the only thing it up was my note to Don. So either I screwed up somewhere along the way (this posting via email is a bit annoying), or lj resp. gmail have decided that the only thing that really matters is what I have to say to Don, and they cut the rest. Which may be true, but since I had already typed up the whole thing, I thought I'd post it anyway. So, here it is again, my feelings on the end of Numb3rs, including
letters/notes to all the characters:


oh Don. You, I'm going to miss most. I was so madly in love with you for a while, and then, well, we had our problems. But over the last seasons, I discovered that the being in love, the part where I could not stop thinking about you for even a moment, turned into love. I still love you, now more than ever.

I wish you all the best for your future with Robin. I understand your desire to settle down, to have a family. To "play house". And Robin is the obvious choice for that. But we both know it's not going to work out that way, and I feel for you, because I know you want to want it. Maybe one day you'll learn that it's okay to want something else. I just hope it's, if not before the wedding, at least before you brought kids into the equation, because then things get messy, and, while I never saw eye to eye with Robin, I don't think she deserves to be hurt
that way. I also don't think you could stand hurting her that way, and that makes me worry about how you are going to deal with it. (and, ok, your kids would be so adorable, maybe you should get one or two before you mess up your life again).

Anyway, let's stay in touch. I miss you already.




What can I say? I'm going to miss you and your voice and your shoulders and that little smile you have after you make a joke so much. Maybe even a bit more than Don, because Don I can at least see in Alaska (albeit a very different, not quite as sex version of him). You? I really hope I can see you soon somewhere else, cause it'd be hard to justify rewatching the same show twice in a year just because
of you.

If it wasn't for Don, we'd have had a really nice affair. As it is, we didn't have an affair (but we flirted a lot, didn't we?). In fact, I noticed a profound lack of affairs in your life. I understand that it takes time to get over falling in love with an Eppes brother, let alone two, but you should really start dating again. Give me a call when you are ready, I'll introduce you to friend of mine, Mack Gerhard, and then we can find out just how many things the two of you have in common.




Considering that we didn't really get along in the beginning, I think we were doing really fine these last seasons, wouldn't you say? I mean, I probably wouldn't come over for a beer if it was just you, but I love your family and girlfriend (and your hot, older brother. Sorry).

I wish you all the best for your life with Amita and for your stay in Cambridge. Don't forget to travel and see Europe, and don't bury yourself in your work all the time. You are incredibly lucky to have found a girl like Amita, so pay attention to her.

All the best,



it's been fun. Yes, even the inevitable wise words that you had to say each ep in order to justify your existence on the show were fun, most of them. Sometimes they made me cringe in embarassment, but not as much as you sons were cringing.

Forgive me if I hook up wtih Don again. I swear, if he breaks up with Robin, and he will, it won't be my fault. I can't change the way he is, just love him for it.

Hope to see you soon,



you know I've always liked you, because I'm a sucker for pretty girls, and you are really really pretty. You also did quite well developing from an underused grad student to an independent professor who seems to be doing quite well managing the men in her life. Kudos for that.

As for you ending up with Charlie, well, it was kind of inevitable. And while I personally don't understand the attraction, I do understand being attracted to a man because of his brains. Oh boy, do I ever understand. I also know that it mostly doesn't work out in reality, but until then, enjoy the brain sex. It's likely all you are going to get. Oh, I hope you'll do better than that. You deserve it.

Let me know from time to time?




I thight you'd drive me insane when I first met you.

You do.

But I like it.




yes, ok, I've grown to like you over the course of the show, although I really don't know why. You are way too good as a character for me to like you. No shades of grey in David's world, no sir, and everything by the book, all the time. I should hate you for that.

But I wouldn't want to have lived without you. I don't think I could have. Someone had to be above all suspicions (and to rein in Don from time to time), and you did a good job. And you managed to do it despite Don's often dubious moral standards, despite having to live with your partner turning out to be a spy, and despite the rocky start you had on Don's team.

So don't worry, you'll do fine in Washington. In fact,they should give you your own show. I have some ideas. Not all of them involve you getting naked on a regular basis.

Love, sorta,



okay, to say that I'd miss you really would be lying. I'll miss you only in the sense that you managed to become a real part of the team (who'd have though it?), and I love the team, so, well, that does include you. And you found your sense of humour, so who knows, maybe one day we will become friends. Until then, be nice to Colby, or I'll kick your ass.




I know you haven't been part of the show for a long time, but I still miss you like crazy.




you were the biggest surprise to me. You were with Don, and I wasn't jealous! Well, maybe a little bit. Of him. I like you so much that I'd even share Don with you. No, he's fine with it, I already asked.

*imagines Don falling out of bed at some point in the evening while neither Oceana nor Liz notice*

Let's leave it at that.



last but not least. Okay, last and least. I never liked you, but you already know that. I won't apologize for not liking you either. It's not a jealousy thing, it's actually you. You are increidbly annoying, never relaxed, you never really smile. Yes, I know it's not actually your fault, it's the way you were brought up. Your mother taught you to never sit with your legs crossed, your father taught you to be
tough in a men's world.... no wonder you are such a humorless, unrelaxed person. But even if it's not your fault, doesn't mean I have to like you.

Still, I feel sorry for you. Like with everything in your life, you'll try real hard to make this thing with Don work. Like, say, get him to propose again if he doesn't do it right the first time (ok, even I could see that the first time sucked, but still, asking for more romance? Could you be more of a cliche?) And, like with everything in your life, you already know exactly what you want your married life to look like, including the SUV, white picket fence, labrador and the 2,5 kids. And you know, I kinda admire you for going through your life with such strong convictions about what is good and what is bad, and about what you want from life.

Only, with Don, it's bound to fail. Yes, he might think that he wants that, but we both know that it isn't true. And I just hope you realize that before you have the lab and the 2,5 kids, cause other wise your heart won't be the only one that is broken. In the end, however, I know that you'll get over it. Your father taught you to be tough, after all. You'll find someone new.

You know who'd be perfect for you, btw?


Of course, you know that your parents would never let you marry someone like David in their country club, and you've been making plans for the ceremony since you were little.

Oh Robin, to be so caught up by one's upbringing... you know, maybe I'm unfair. Maybe I should like you. And maybe you really don't have any idea what you want from life, and if you did, we might find that we get along fine.

Guess we'll never find out know.


That's it, no more Numb3rs for probably a few years.

In the meantime, because I couldn't imagine living completely without
the FBI right now, I've started rewatching season 1 of White Collar.



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