So yesterday I made this really really long post about how I finished watching Numb3rs and how I miss all the characters. And then I wrote a little note to every character, saying goodbye. And then nobody said anything, which isn't really all that new when i'm talking about Numb3rs, but still, a girl has hope, especially when she makes one of the rare, long, fannish posts these days.

Until the lovely [ profile] goodbyemyfancy commented and asked me what I'm going to watch next, and I went, wait a minute, I did say what I'm going to watch next, right there at the end of my long, fannish entry.

Turns up that instead of my letters to every character, the only thing it up was my note to Don. So either I screwed up somewhere along the way (this posting via email is a bit annoying), or lj resp. gmail have decided that the only thing that really matters is what I have to say to Don, and they cut the rest. Which may be true, but since I had already typed up the whole thing, I thought I'd post it anyway. So, here it is again, my feelings on the end of Numb3rs, including
letters/notes to all the characters:

Numb3rs: Finale and Goodbyes - Revisited )

That's it, no more Numb3rs for probably a few years.

In the meantime, because I couldn't imagine living completely without
the FBI right now, I've started rewatching season 1 of White Collar.



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