In order not to kill anyone today, I did not watch Riptide (though I'm sure that would have helped, too). I am, however, watching Veronica Mars season 1. I love this show. I remember I wasn't too convinced with the first episodes of season 1 when I first saw them, but knowing what I know now, I love it so much.

And Logan just breaks my heart. Yes, he is a spoiled little rich kid, at this point (episode 2) he really hasn't accomplished anything that would make anyone like him, but I know more, so I can love him, and I thoroughly enjoy it. The look he gets when he finds out that his girlfriend (Paris Hilton whatever her name is) is just pure hurt. I mean, even he must have known that she is a brainless, stupid bitch (sorry), but he is still so hurt.

*pets Logan*

Also, I don't think I ever found a guy who is supposed to be an attractive character as unattractive as Duncan. He just... turns me off with everything. It's not even anything in particular that he does, he is just really really not my type. I can't really explain it. Something about his way too smooth looks combined with the pale, almost shallow character. Of all the characters in the show, Duncan is the one we know least about, even though he is, through the first two seasons, one of the most important characters of all. Still, I have no idea how he works, how he reacts, what he thinks. Sometimes I think that what we see really is all there is behind him, and if it isn't, I never felt the need to find out more.
(but maybe watching more VM helps with that...)

So, with Logan and Veronica and Weevil to keep my homocidal tendencies in bay, the world's mostly save today. I may even dare to walk over to the candy christmas market stand. It's just on the other side of the street. What can happen?
*looks outside, sees thousands of people*

On the other hand, maybe not.
*sits back down in front of TV*
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( Jan. 5th, 2007 04:29 pm)
My Top Ten Shows of 2006

This was a hard decision, because I think that other seasons, particularly season 2 of NCIS was a lot better than the current season. But I still enjoy the hell of the show, and I love them for never neglecting the characters, always revealing something more, funny, absurd, personal,about them. And compared with The Unit, which made second place, I still love NCIS more. It's not a rational decision, it comes from the heart.

2. The Unit
I love this show so much. The shows keeps getting better and better, even though they continue to hint at things and then not tell us, which drives me insane. It helped, of course, that 2006 was even more The Bob! show than before, but even apart from that, I loved each and every episode. Well, except for the season 2 opener. I'm still not over the shock.

3. Stargate
Okay, so it's not the show we knew and loved all these years anymore. But it's still a good show, and there are still aliens and Stargates and spaceships, combined with action, humour and our favourite characters: Daniel, Sam, Teal'c and surprisingly also Vala and Cameron, who have really grown on me. Vala, because she is cute, Cameron, because of his huge crush on the whole team and the wa he worships them with practically everything he does. Of course, you gotta wonder if they ever taught him what it means to be in command, but I like it when he watches SG-1 play with alien toys, not even trying to be in charge. And let's not forget that there is still Jack to love, who is sitting in Washington pretending that being without Daniel doesn't break his heart every day. It's so dramatic.
*loves SG-1*

4. Numb3rs
Had I made this list after two episodes into the new season, Numb3rs would have made the first place. I still can't believe how good the two-part season opener was. I love this show very much and they did some really great things with some of my favourite characters this year, but it continues to lose points with its "One outstanding, one boring episode" policy. Just throw out the boring plots this year, please?

5. Smith
This was such a great show! It would have made #1, if it hadn't been cancelled so brutally after 3 episodes. What a great , great show. My heart's broken. BROKEN!

6. Veronica Mars
Judging purely from how much I'm looking forward to shows every week, Veronica Mars is at least #6. I wasn't happy with everything that happened this year, but it wasn't unhappiness from a TV POV, it was a personal unhappiness: some things I wasn't so interested in, some I found stupid. And that, given that the show is now set in college, is quite clever, really, because a college show could not be realistic if I were interested in everything that happened in it. I'm just too old for that. But overall, Veronica Mars continues to grow up with its characters, who are still some of the most human and real characters on TV. And the scene with Veronica and the phone in the cafeteria (I'm not going into details to avoid spoilers) is one of my favourite TV moments ever.

7. Doctor Who
I never expected to love the "new" Doctor so much, but I did. I loved the show, I loved the Doctor, I LOVED Rose, and then they made me cry, so now I don't think I'm ever going to love them again as much as I did this season, but I will also never forget how much I loved them.

8. Bones
Surprise! Yes, I enjoyed Bones quite a lot last year. It has gotten much better since the first season and all the characters are just..loveable. Even the Bones equivalent of Madame Director.

9. Eureka
Well, that was fun. ;-) No, really, this is the only thing I can say: fun. It's not a great, innovative show, but it is well-made fun with some nice ideas and sympathic characters. I can't remember one episode that disappointed me.

10. Torchwood
I already said once that I love Torchwood because it is clumsy, not despite of it. And yes, maybe I enjoyed parts of Torchwood more than Bones or Eureka, but parts of it were also horrible, that's what it is only #10. Bones and Eureka were more consistent, even though they didn't have the highlights Torchwood has. It's a close race. I think it was episode 11 of Torchwood that gave the decision. Still, love the show and its clumsiness.

Shows that almost made it into the Top Ten )

Other shows that I watched, that I didn't make it anywhere near the Top Ten )

Most Disappointing Shows of 2006 )

I think that's it. Quite a lot of shows, I know, but it's not like there was a new episode of each show every week, and besides, I was without work for half of the year. What's your excuse? ;-)
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( Oct. 15th, 2006 01:47 pm)
This week on (my) TV computer:
(posts containing actual spoilers for any eps of this season are under a cut, the rest is spoilerfree (or at least there are no more spoilers than you'd find in a general show description.)

For the moment, I'm watching Heroes. With Smith cancelled, Eureka on Hiatus and Friday Night Lights not working for me, my TV schedule leaves me enough room for Heroes. Problem is, I don't think it's good TV. I enjoy it (parts of) it, I like the cheerleader girl, the comic book hero and the reasonable brother (yes, the politician. I go for men with power and suits, this shouldn't be a surprise to those of you who follow this journal regularly). The show is well filmed, pretty pictures and great effects. Technically, there is nothing wrong with the show. The dialogues, well, it's called Heroes and the script seems to be a comic book, so complaining about the lack of good dialogue would be silly.

And yet, I cannot help but feel that this is all some cheap trick, the creation of a Hero for everyone, to capture us all. The geek who reads comics, the cheerleader who isn't like the others, the woman who can't handle her life, the black sheep in the family, and finally the scientist without superpowers, who will doubtlessly turn out to be a real life hero sooner or later. Probably later, as I see many many seasons of this coming on, seasons in which we will learn more about the lives of our beloved Heroes, without ever getting closer to The Big Secret.
The whole concept of the show reminds me of Lost, and I hate Lost. But it took the frantic viewing of most of the first season of Lost for me to find out that I hate it, so I'll probably need some more time with Heroes, too.

Actually, I take it back, that I said this isn't good TV. This is excellent TV, this is the optimum use of the medium TV as an episodic and returning movie, with ever knew cliffhangers, the stories of many characters that are slowly woven together, shots and cuts that would never be used on the big screen, one big mystery that keeps everyone glued to the screens, while it is at them same time so easy to understand that you can start watching the show at every moment without being lost, and finally, endless possibilities of marketing. This is the stuff that the dreams of the networks are made of, and as such, it is excellent TV.
But I really doubt the network bosses would watch it themselves.

Studio 60: The West Coast Delay )

Review with thinky thoughts and screencaps is here.

The Unit
Not so thinky thoughts are here.

Veronica Mars: My Big Fat Greek Rush Week
I like it. I really like this show. It's exactly the right mix between mystery, teenage drama, soap opera, crime and action that is necessary to make me a devoted fan. Okay, maybe not os devoted, since I am not really interested in fanfic or meta for Veronica Mars, but I'm a devoted viewer. Consequently, I have nothing intelligent to say about this ep except that I liked it.
I know you are all thrilled to know, that's why I'm telling you.

Haven't watched these two yet. I'm fighting with myself if I will even continue watching Supernatural. I still think it's a bad show, and I won't go near the slash fandom if you paid me a million euro. I've saved some gen fic to my HD, but I can't be bothered to read it. I really am not interested in the fandom at all, slash or no slash, and I don't like the show much, so why, why do i still watch it?
Because it's pretty. Because Jared and Jensen are very pretty and they drive a pretty car, and the lighting and make-up makes them even more pretty, plus, sometimes they are handcuffed and thrown on police cars (not often enough, though). See, I am trying to delete the first season from my HD, but then these images of Jensen and Jared delivering bad lines in dark rooms with weapons in their hands cross my mind, and I just cannot get myself to delete it. I'm ashamed of being so shallow.

CSI, however, which I had already decided not to watch this year, surprises me by being rather good, and I'm looking forward to this week's ep, which should be complete in ten minutes. Yay!

Men in Trees: The Caribou in the Room )

Numb3rs: The Mole )
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( Oct. 8th, 2006 12:47 pm)
14 news recs are up at [ profile] oceanas_recs, two vids, some Stargate and some SGA.

This week in TV
(all comments will contain spoilers)

Studio 60 )

Eureka )


Smith )

Veronica Mars )

Bones )

Supernatural )


Men in Trees )

Numb3rs )
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( Jun. 17th, 2006 12:00 pm)
Spoilers for Veronica Mars Season 3, please?
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( Aug. 25th, 2005 01:55 pm)
It's over.

*blows nose*
*wants more*

Logan icons?
Tell me where I can feed my obsession. And I still don't like that show.
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( Aug. 25th, 2005 01:12 pm)
I'm ten minutes into the last episode, and I'd just like to say:

NO. No no no no.

That's not fair, and I refuse to believe a single word.

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( Aug. 25th, 2005 09:59 am)
Usually, when I download shows (and I have to dowload everything, living in Germany, remember?), I burn the episodes to CD and keep them. This was necessary because I couldn't watch them on my old computer.

Now, with the new computer, I can watch them right away. That means I don't keep everything I watch, cause it's crazy, and I have about five hundred CDs full of TV in my room. Guess what I didn't keep?

That's right, Veronica Mars. Because I don't even like that show.

Guess I'll just have to download it again. Or look for DVDs.


(I just like saying it.)

(and I'd love a VM icon, but I am afraid of spoilers if I go looking for it.)
I have reached episode 1x15, I still don't like it but I can't stop watching. More on the not-liking part later, for now I'd just like to say:

This may qualify as a spoiler for Veronica Mars, but it really is pure speculation. )

No, please don't tell me if it's true or not, I want to find out for myself.

Why can't I stop watching? And what is this thing about Logan that I have developed? Please, someone make it stop? And I'm so not getting an icon. No, not me.
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( Aug. 16th, 2005 12:16 pm)
I am not downloading Veronica Mars, I am not downloading Veronica Mars, I am not downloading Veronica Mars.
*gives up*


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