Lately, life has been...uhm, okay, let's not talk about that.

But it sure as hell would be a lot better if I could find a torrent for Justified 1x08, preferably tonight, so I can watch it tomorrow morning for breakfast.

Yes, I'm watching Justified. And so should you.

All of you. Because it's strangely likable, and Raylan Givens has quickly become one of my favorite characters in the shows I currently watch, despite the strange thing he does with his mouth all the time. Frankly, I can't even say why I like this show so much, but I do, I really really do. Ever since [ profile] goodbyemyfancy mentioned Kentucky and a US Marshall in a cowboy hat, I was pretty much a goner.

I'm so predictable.

Other things I watched while life was, well, the way it was (and sadly still is), include:

- Californication Season 1 and 2 (OMG Fun! Who knew?)
- Sopranos (a bit overrated, me seems. And I miss the pretty people. I'm shallow that way, as you all know)
- Remington Steele (currently watching and the love is strong)
- a whole lot of movies that I will review another time
- my usual shows (NCIS, NCIS LA, Bones, Mentalist, Supernatural, Castle)

In short:

NCIS: I LOVE my show like crazy, and although I admit that they had a bit of a boring period in the middle of the season, they keep getting better in everything else. I loved last nights episode and I'm really really looking forward to the season finale.

NCIS LA: Please dear god let them fire Hetty for what happened? Please?
Also, this show is trying too hard. I'm not sure it'll see me next season. (then again, it probably will, because I really like the girl whose name I've forgotten)

Bones: Well, it's always fun, but I'm not very excited about it right now. I'd also like to shoot Hodgins, but I think they rest of fandom would kill me for that. Maybe he can get abducted together with Hetty for the rest of his life.

Mentalist: Simon Baker never gets boring. The cases, sadly, do. But only a little bit. And Simon Baker never gets boring. I think I mentioned that before.

Supernatural: I hate it. See, I start to watch an episode, and it's brilliant, totally, completely, heartbreakingly making-me-want-to-sell-my-soul-for-them brilliant. And then, after 10 minutes, it's over! Oh, sure, the clock says that it was 43 minutes long, but I know what ten minutes feel like, and these episodes just aren't long enough to be 43 minutes long. They need to be longer. And there need to be more of them. I'll even sell my soul for more. (but not before negotiating a good deal in exchange, so you internetdemons can go away again. Write me an email with your offers.)

Castle: It's sweet. I like sweet. Sometimes.

*checks time*
Oh please, let there be a torrent for Justified now.
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