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I am still unable to commit to rewatching another tv show, and so I'm watching yet more movies. Here's what I've been watching in the last two weeks (one week of which I spent in a wonderful, spring-filled Paris. Oh Europe, I love you so.)

Four more unspeakable movie with Michael Dudikoff (Stranded, Cyberjack, Fugitive Mind, Bounty Hunters II)

They came as a package. Really. I didn't mean to buy all of them.

Though I guess people selling off Dudikoff movies in bulks should have made me suspicious.
On the other hand, these people must have bought them somewhere?


I wonder if these are like the only ciopies of his movies in existance, and they make their way from one person to another who is stupid enough to give them a try.

I'm not easily embarassed (which is kind of a prrequisite of being able to be me), but I'm really deeply, deeply embarassed to own these movies. I'm going to sell them off as soon as I can. I know, I said I was going to throw them away, but now that I've figured out that they are the only copies, I'd feel bad about that. Also, I want others to be just embarassed as I am.

In my defense, I didn't watch all of them. I fastforwarded a lot. And then I turned them off. The only one I finished was Stranded, but that was only because I fell asleep and woke up in time for the end.

Note to self: do not ever watch a movie with Michael Dudikoff again.
That shouldn't need saying, but apparently it does.

Taking Chance
Taking Chance is a beautiful, quiet movie with Kevin Bacon, in which he plays a marine who has a deskjob. One day he volunteers to escort the body of a fallen PFC to his hometown. I liked that Bacon's cahracter has no emotional ties to the fallen marine, that he is "just doing his duty". It gave the movie the needed distance and added to its quiet, but intense presentation of the reactions of the people he encounters on his way. I was moved by the gestures and the idea behind this. I realize that it's hard for me to have a real opinion on this movie, because I'm not an American, and am in fact a citizen of a country that handles its military affairs very differently from the US. But from my POV, this is a wonderful, very moving movie. Kevin Bacon won a Golden Gloibe for his role, and very rightfully so, if you ask me.


If any of you have seen this movie, i'd be interested in hearing how you liked it.

The Princess Bride
Someone gave this to me after I mentioned that I get scared easily and can't stand violence in movies. Well, one thing is sure: The Princess Bride didn't scare me. Though I did think it was a bit cruel when he killed that giant rat in the woods.
I admit that I never heard of this movie before, and I think I could have lived happily without ever knowing of its existence. However, having had to watch it, I can say that I did enjoy it. I wouldn't watch it again, but it was fun.

Not necessarily recommended, but can be watched without doing you any harm.

Black Hawk Down
An excellent, shockingly so, movie about the Battle of Mogadishu. Way too violent for me, though. I had to close my eyes more than once, but I watched it to the end, and I didn't breathe once while I did. At least that's what it felt like.

Highly recommended.

This one came in a pack with Black Hawk Down and Tears of the Sun. It's Jake Gyllenhall pretending to be a marine sniper, than being sent to the Gulf War, where he is bored a lot.

As was I.

So not recommended.

Tears of the Sun
Bruce Willis as a special ops soldier who is sent into a civilian-war Nigeria to rescue an American doctor from a jungle hospital. When the doctor doesn't cooperate as planned, Willis has to decide between his duty and his conscience.
Uh oh.
Doesn't that sound like a shock full of clichés?

The doctor is a pretty, female doctor, of course. And Bruce Willis is all tortured and unsmiling and manly man. I could list more clichés, but we'd still be sitting here ten hours from now, which is how long the movie was. Or felt like.

sad, I was really looking forward to this one. I mean, cliché or not, pretty special ops soldiers rescueing lonely pretty female doctor from jungle? That's a cliché I can live with. Hell, that's a cliché I can work with. What I hadn't taken into account was how much Bruce Willis would suck in this role. I mean, he was sort of convincing as the tough guy in the Die Hard movies, but apparently the only directions for the portrayal of his character he was given was "do not smile, no matter what happens."

And so Bruce Willis tries desperately not to let any motion cross his face for two hours and in the process looks like someone who has a really bad tooth ache. The pretty young, female doctor acts her heart out to get him to do something, and thus seems slightly hysterical, but for the wrong reasons.

Every single one of the minor characters could have carried this movie better than the two main ones did.

Not recommended.

A Knight's Tale
I had seen this movie once before, but only a bad copy online. Now that I finally took the time to watch the DVD I acquired more than two years ago, it was exactly as much fun as I remembered, and more so, because it sure looked better on my big screen.


Young Guns
Another one of these DVDs that was on a bargain table somewhere asking to be bought. Western, I though. Horses. Men on horses.
I'm easy to convince when it comes to these things.

To cut a long story short: I didn't even finish it. I didn't like Estevez as the hyperactive, overwound Billy the Kid. Maybe there's some accuracy to his portrayal of the character, and he suddenly did a agood job of portraying it, but I just din't want to watch a whole movie about that guy. And what distubred me even more was the strange, strung-together quality the movie has. Nothing seems to be quite connected, as if the scenes were lacking some essential connection that I can't quite lay me finger upon.

Not recommended.

Next up: The Hurt Locker, Fly Away Home, Dogma, Mystic River and Snow Cake.

(and there are more unopened and unwatched movies in my collection. Damn, when did I buy all of those?)

I've also been rereading a lot of Jack/Daniel fiction and am strongly leaning towards rewatching all of Stargate, but I don't think I'm quite ready yet. Sometime this year, though.
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