So Apple has censored the German Bildzeitung's app which includes Bild's famous naked girl (Bild, for those of you who don't know, is a famous German tabloid, and apparently they always feature a "page-three girl" on page 1. If you have the app, you can shake your iphone and the girl undresses! (how exciting! *not*)
As this obviously involves naked breasts, Apple has decided that it is unsafe to have on an iphone, which is a clean and family-friendly toy. That was, as I understand it, after the banned the page-three girl from the normal Bild-app, which, I suppose, lets you read the paper on your iphone.

a link to the article in Spiegel-online
, german only, but I'm sure you'll find something if you google.

Now, I don't have an iphone nor have I ever read even a single page of a Bild-paper. But I call censorship when I see it, and this is censorhip, and it sucks. Sure, it's only the naked girl, but what if next time, Apple doesn't like something that Bild writes? Will they ban that as well? And what is it about the naked girl anyway? It
always shocks me how afraid US-americans are of breasts. So afraid that livejournal would likely delete this post if I were to use an icon showing a nipple with it. (since I am posting via email, I cannot even choose an icon, so no danger there). Are BREASTS really so scary that we have to value the protection of our kids not to be
exposed to OMG!BREASTS higher than freedom of speech?

I don't think so.

(and let's not get into the whole "why do your kids have an iphone unsupervised and why were they allowed to get that app?")

Personally, I'm hoping for a legal showdown. It's not completely unlikely that German courts could force Apple to accept Bild's app on the iPhone, and that seems to me the kind of sign that The World According to Apple desperately needs right now. I for one, am not going to buy an iPhone anytime soon, that much is sure.

On the other hand //beginning of sarcasm//, this kind of censorship could be a really good thing. I own a LG tv, for example. I never watch tv, because the programs over here are so bad. What if LG could ban the programs they don't like from my TV? Tell [insert network of your choice) to stop producing [insert really bad show of your
choice], or it will be forever banned from LG tvs! Other companies could have similar deals, so you could choose your program by buying the right tv! no more zapping, no more changing channels, buy the right TV and be sure never to have to endure anymore news about Twilight on your tv, ever again! Of course, if you wanted one TV for
the kids to watch Disney channel on and one where you can watch Queer as Folk, you'd probably have to buy two tvs, but whose counting? (also, I doubt there'd be any more Queer as Folk, so good riddance, one less show to steal your precious time).
And it would work the other way around as well: cancel the CEO's favourite show? On no, network, don't do it, or we will ban you from our hardware! Kill of the favourite character? I don't think so, you don't wanna get banned, network!

See what I mean? Censorship can be brilliant!

You could do the same thing with practically everything, like books, for example. Imagine if would ban all the really crappy books from their store - book-buying would be so easy! I mean, if all the bad books are banned, logically all that remains are good books!

Of course, amazon would never do that.

Or, wait, they already did!

The one thing I know for certain is, that if I were king of the world, the world would be a lot different, and it certainly wouldn't be the world according to Apple, or Google, or Microsoft (though I'm beginning to think that Microsoft is the least evil of potential world rules, and how did that happen?). So, let's not give Apple and Co. the chance to become king. Trust me, my world would be a lot more fun with
a lot less censorship.

In the meantime,Google is being invested by the European Commission due to possible infractions of anti-trust laws. According to Microsoft and Co., Google supposedly discriminates them in their search algorithm.

I'm amused.

One last random suggestion: If all this censorhip talk hurts your brain, why don't you send your toys on a trip to Prague, completely uncensored. Unless your toys are naked, of course.

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