Since I'm so rarely around to post anymore, I know you are all just dying to know what I am doing these days. Well, I work, I ride, I carry a lot of water (all the troughs are frozen because of the current weather conditions, so my evening work out is carrying water buckets for 8-12 horses), I watch TV, mostly DVDs (just finished Over There, now I'm starting JAG). And I watch my shows, though it seems as if every year there are fewer and fewer shows I watch.

Here are the shows I'm currently following:

NCIS (watch out for spoilers for recently aired episodes) )


Doctor Who (watch out for spoilers for recently aired episodes) )

Desperate Housewives (watch out for spoilers for recently aired episodes) )

Brothers & Sisters (watch out for spoilers for future episodes) )

Bones )

Castle )

The Mentalist )

Leverage (watch out for general spoilers for aired episodes) )


Last, but not least, Supernatural. Which, while maybe not getting better and better, as it has steadily done since the very first episode, has reached a level of brilliant that it now steadily keeps. I love it. I have many many things to say about it, but this post has already gotten a little out of hand, so I'll stop here.

Who knew I was watching so many shows? I though I was being reasonable this year. Hmm.

So, what have you guys been up to? :-)

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