Since I'm so rarely around to post anymore, I know you are all just dying to know what I am doing these days. Well, I work, I ride, I carry a lot of water (all the troughs are frozen because of the current weather conditions, so my evening work out is carrying water buckets for 8-12 horses), I watch TV, mostly DVDs (just finished Over There, now I'm starting JAG). And I watch my shows, though it seems as if every year there are fewer and fewer shows I watch.

Here are the shows I'm currently following:

NCIS (watch out for spoilers for recently aired episodes) )


Doctor Who (watch out for spoilers for recently aired episodes) )

Desperate Housewives (watch out for spoilers for recently aired episodes) )

Brothers & Sisters (watch out for spoilers for future episodes) )

Bones )

Castle )

The Mentalist )

Leverage (watch out for general spoilers for aired episodes) )


Last, but not least, Supernatural. Which, while maybe not getting better and better, as it has steadily done since the very first episode, has reached a level of brilliant that it now steadily keeps. I love it. I have many many things to say about it, but this post has already gotten a little out of hand, so I'll stop here.

Who knew I was watching so many shows? I though I was being reasonable this year. Hmm.

So, what have you guys been up to? :-)
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( Jun. 2nd, 2009 04:40 pm)
While we are on the subjct (as if we're ever not): if one were to buy
an issue of the Supernatural magazine, which one would be the

(not that this fangirl is buying anything SPN-related this month,
uhuh, this fangirl has a NO-SHOPPING policy this months, because she
spent more than twice her allowance last month. If she had an
allowance that is. Maybe she should get herself one.)

So, any recs for those SPn magazines? Are they worth their money at all?
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( May. 18th, 2009 12:30 am)
The Winchesters are making me cry again (spoilers for the finale, for "When the Levee breaks" and for "Sex and Violence") )

To sum it up: SPN is my happy place. Only, not so happy. The no-so-happy happy place. I have nothing but love for the show.
Spoilers under the cut )

I think that's it for now. If you need me, I'll be over here, rewatching the rest of season 4.
I've reached season 4 in my rewatching of Supernatural, which means
that the inevitable end is coming closer.
*clings to show*

I could, of course, watch it all over again. And I'm tempted, oh, I'm
so tempted! I feel as if I have a better understanding of the show and
the characters now, which would make watching it again really

ButI won't. First of all, I've tried watching an entire show two times
in a row before, and I always got...distracted after a while. The
rewatch urge isn't so urgent anymore, and well, you've seen it all not
only before, but just a moment ago. Rewatching twice in a row only
worked once, when I watched Magnificent Seven twice within (mostly)
two weekends, but then, that's a short show, and there are horses.
Also, I didn't really pay attention the first time, and then felt as
if I'd missed something, so I just had to watch it all again.

So I guess I'll have to face the bitter truth that there is a life
after Supernatural, and I'll have to decide what to do with that life.
In preparation, I have just bought season 4 and 5 of Miami Vice (I
already own season 1-3), and am now trying to keep myself from buying
season 2 of Simon&Simon. (though I really really want it. NO! Bad
Oceana! You spent too much money already this month!)

I'm thinking moving on to an 80s show might make dealing with the loss
a bit easier, because it's really no comparison, and yet it would have
elements of SPN that I will miss (brothers, cars, weapons.) I don't
know, but I will prepare myself.

Or I could watch all nine seasons of X-Files, plus the movies, the
second one is still unopened on my dvd shelf (just like the new James
Bond. Mm, maybe I should watch some movies instead).

Or I could watch Numb3rs, to see what it was that I liked about the
show in the beginning, and then decide if I should maybe sell my DVDs.

Or I could watch Supernatural again.

You may remember that a few weeks ago I had a personal crisis about having reverted to my teenage days because I bought a *sigh* Supernatural poster. (however, since it was very pretty, I got over this crisis quickly.)

I'm happy to be able to tell you that said poster has now arrived. (You may have heard my teenage-girly squee!) I immediately (well, a week later, cause I'm a busy business woman) went out to have it framed, and, what do you know, a pretty frame would have cost more than 100 Euro! In a rare fit of sanity I pretended to live on a
teenage-girl budget and bought a cheaper frame, which doesn't look that professional, but it's still nice.

Then I bought a hammer (just kidding. I own a hammer. I've even used it once or twice before) and went to the bedroom to hang up the pretty, newly framed teenage-girl Supernatural poster.

Which is when sanity, again!, struck: hanging a Supernatural poster in the bedroom???

Am I completely insane?

I'm never gonna get laid again!

I quickly left the bedroom, with the poster, and can report that said poster, cheap frame and all, is now hanging in my office (the home office, not the office-office. I like to keep my job).

I guess that means I'm never gonna get any work done again.
*looks at poster*
(and it's so worth it)
I've read some reviews stating that they hated the episode, in fact, going so far as to assume that all of fandom would hate this episode.

Well, here's me, I'm a fan, and I completely and utterly LOVED this episode,

And I'll tell you why (very spoilerishly) under the cut )

I apologize for this being all long and rambly, but I'm still picking up the pieces of my heart, and it's 4 a.m. and I really really need to sleep.
I went on a wild, online, SPN shhopping frenzy today, pre-ordered season 4 and bought all official companions, plus the tie-in novels. Which just shows what a bad fan I have been so far, because I didn't own any of the companions (except for John's journal and the demon book thingy). And I usually hate tie-in novels (fanfic tends to be so much better).

But that's what happens when they pay me all that money and give me no time to spend it all on pretty things.

Well, actually, they don't pay me all that much money, and I manage to spend it all quite well. Though much of it has to be spend for not so pretty things, like rent and the car and, well, I don't really know where it all goes. So, spending it on SPN is really a good thing.

The reason why I'm subjecting you all to these completely uninteresting mutterings about my money-spending habits is that I am still at the office and I am bored, which means that I am procrastinating, which means that I will stay longer at the office.
Dean in "It's a terrible life"? That's totally me. Only less hot male. But you better believe that it's my personal nightmare as well, only, I've gotten rather used to living in my nightmares, plus I have no exciting, heartbreaking and slightly lethal demon-hunting to go back to when I can't stand the office
anymore, so, office-job it is!

(frankly, I do prefer the office job to the demon-hunting, which may look cool on TV, but would be really annoying in real life. I mean, they practically live in a car! Where would I put all my shoes? And my DVD collection? The trunk's all filled with weapons, but even if it wasn't, I'd be hard-pressed to fit even the luggage for an extended weekend into a car that size. Demon-hunting the Winchester-way would
be filled with obstacles for me.)

So, yes, still at the office.
There really isn't anything more I can say. It's the office. It's
boring. Thus my posting. About being bored. At the office.
Ok, I shall get back to work now.
*is bored*
*goes back to boring work*

*hums more*

Working from 7:00 to 11:00 every night
It really makes life a drag
I don't think that's right.

*1: bonus points*2 if you know the song

*2: bonus points will be filed in a boring file in Oceana's boring office. They will not actually get you something, unless you can get someone in accounting to actually do some work and make your bonus points account for something.

*goes back to boring work*

I wonder if Sam will come if I call IT.

*is still not working*
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( Apr. 18th, 2009 01:31 pm)
I know I shouldn't, but I just cannot stop looking!

I've been reading SPN HET (Christo!) every free minute I had, and, I mean, there's some incredibly, fantastic, must-read SPN het (which I would have recced and feedbacked, if I hadn't gone off hunting for the next het fix like the fic junkie that I am - but I will rec it at some later point in time. Much later.), but then there's also an awful lot where Dean comes to yet another new school, and oh, surprise, falls for the quiet, shy girl, who's not hanging out with the cheerleaders and doesn't have any friends and, oh, I heard if you say Mary-Sue three times at midnight in front of your computer, you actually become one!

And yet, I cannot stop looking! OMG TRAINWRECK! But he's so sexy, and, well, those quiet, shy girls with no friends sure know how to write PORN, and I just cannot resist the power of Dean!Porn, and somebody help me, PLEASE!


Seriously, it's starting to be a problem. Not so much the Mary-Sues, just the het reading in general. Apparently I'm still not corrupted enough to read Sam/Dean (though, the twisted logic that inhabits my brain does have no problem with WRONG WRONG WRONG John/Dean). And now, instead of being a good little slasher and jumping head first into the J2 (which, believe me, I'm doing, just not exclusively), my brain makes me read HET!

All those years of being a 90% slashers, all those years of holding up the "I will go down with this ship"-flag against Jack/Sam in SG fandom, of refusing to get (too) tempted by Mulder/Scully, all those years where I said het, yes, it's nice, just not my cup of tea, you know, I only make exceptions if it's really really good, nothing against het, I'm just more into slash... all those years, and suddenly I'm reading FREAKING SPN MARY-SUE SLASH! HET! (ETA: I swore I wrote slash and only noticed when I had already posted this. I am so screwed.)

*hangs head in shame*
*possibly cries a little*

I'd ask for help, but I don't think I can be helped at this point. I just gotta get it out of my system. And, like I said, there's a lot of really good SPN het. It's just that I'm rather enjoying the Mary-Sues, and, OMG WHAT IF I'M POSSESSED BY SOME EVIL HET-MARY-SUE DEMON?

(now, if anyone wanted to try to help me, maybe they could rec me some John-het-fic. Preferably with someone they boys' age, because that would be (a little) wrong. Wait, has somebody written John/Dean/OFC? Come on, I've read Dean/Impala fic, don't tell me no one has written John/Dean/OFC?)

What is this show doing to me????
I just bought a Supernatural poster with the intention to frame it and
put it on my wall.

What am I, fourteen?

(but it's such a pretty show!)
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( Apr. 13th, 2009 01:11 am)
I'm very much torn between watching more Supernatural (OMG The Pretty! live! (sort of), and the heartbreak and the sexiness and The Pretty!) and reading more fic (OMG the hotness! and the heartbreak).

Watching seems more real, plus they are, you know, moving pictures of pretty things, and I like moving pictures of pretty things. Plus, I think I never really watched those middle of season 2 eps for a second time, and you wouldn't believe how much one misses the first time. Watching, however, makes me want to read about Sam and Dean having sex doing things* that I haven't seen yet,

because reading is so much more fun with all the unrealized possibilities coming to life, and OMG the hot NC-17 sex which so definitely isn't happening on screen, thank god, because then it would be censored away from our TVs (not that it could get any hotter if it tried), and then I read and it makes me want to watch the real thing,

and I go back to watching, and see more things that surely someone wrote about and that I desperately need to read about and....

*and trust me, at this point I really don't care much about who is doing what to whom, but if anyone would rec me some J2 they've recently liked, or maybe some Dean/Ellen (don't.even.ask.), I'd be very grateful.

You'll find me in front of the tv. Or the computer. Or the tv. Or the computer. Or...

*brain explodes*
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( Apr. 12th, 2009 02:55 pm)
You love 'em then you leave 'em
With your sold out reviews

No More, No More
No More, No More

So I've officially stopped watching Numb3rs. Somebody please inform me if this show ever goes back to the Don-suffers-and-hurts-and-shoots-people-and-generally-walks-a-small-small edge show, cause if it does, I'll be back. So long, I'll not longer waste my precious time with it. (though I admit that I'll miss Liz, because she is very very pretty).

I've also stopped watching Dollhouse. Dollhouse, to my surprise, is actually shaping up to become a really good show. And yet, it still makes me go "Why should I care?". I'm just not interested in it, and, since I have about an hour at home every day, I'd rather spent it watching reruns of Supernatural than watching a show which has a basic premise that I really don't care about. Good luck, Dollhouse, you deserve it.

(I'm also no longer watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles, because they are OVER, so not longer watching is really not my choice and it makes me cry and cry and cry. Still haven't seen the last ep yet. I'm afraid it's going to be too painful.)

This leaves me with these shows on my schedule for the coming seasons:

SUPERNATURAL (OMG there's NOTHING about that show that doesn't turn me on that I don't love)

NCIS (yep, still loving it. and I'm totally deaf to the criticism some people are voicing at the moment)

Bones (cause it makes my heart happy)

The Unit (in case you forgotten, here are some reasons why I love The Unit)

Brothers&Sisters (cause you can never have enough family drama)

Desperate Housewives (seriously, there's NEVER enough drama. Plus, since I'm not emotionally involved in either DH nor BS fandom, those shows don't pressure me as much as other shows sometimes do. In other words, my heart doesn't break when they screw up. (or when they DON't screw up. I'm looking at you, SPN, cause I know you are breaking my heart on purpose).

Doctor Who (though, like with every new season of Doctor Who, I'm not so sure if I'll continue watching it right this moment. I'll be sceptical for about three eps, then I'll go back be being helplessly in love. I hope).

Eureka (someone tell me it's going to be back, please? It's like a summer holiday show. It always seems to be sunny in Eureka. )

Leverage (what can I say, it's grown on me)

Torchwood (maybe. I was all over it in season 1, and then, sometime in season 2, I noticed that I actually cannot stand John Barrowman. I'm sure it'll pass, because I used to think he was made of awesome. I wonder how that happened.)

That may seem like a lot of shows, but it's actually fewer than I've watched in years. So, are there any good new shows I should be watching. Or good older ones that I'm missing (here's your chance to make up for the fact that none of you told me how absolutely terrifyingly perfect the Sarah Connor Chronicles are, which I had to find out all for myself after I read an article in Der Spiegel! Talk about embarrassing)

PIMP ME, please-.
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( Apr. 12th, 2009 02:26 am)
I've reached season 2 and, for those of you who have been living in a cave and haven't seen season 2 of Supernatural yet, I'm going to put this under a cut. )

I think I'm going to skip sleep for a while (it can't really be 2.30 a.m. yet?) and watch at least one other episode.
I've watched about two episodes of Smallville. It was very...bright.

I don't mean to offend any Smallville fans, but personally, I find
nothing about Smallville interesting, nothing about either of the male
characters attractive and all the shiny colors hurt my eyes. That's of
course just a question of personal taste (and I know my taste isn't
always good), so me not liking Smallville certainly says nothing about
the quality of the show. (I mean, I've watched all of The Sentinel, at
least twice, and that certainly said nothing about the quality of the

However, I am also deeply shallow, and therefore totally willing to
watch a tv show or movie I otherwise don't like much just because a
certain actor is in it. In this case, the certain actor is Jensen
Ackles, who is really very very pretty, and well, I can see that one
day I will be done rewatching Supernatural, and what will I do then?

I'm thinking Smallville might not be such a bad choice.

So, Smallville fans (if you are still willing to talk to me) and
Jensen Ackles fans (if you aren't too distracted by the idea of seeing
Jensen's lips even brighter and more colorful): should I watch the
Jensen Ackles episodes of Smallville or will they scar me for life?
And, if I do watch them: which ones are they? Does he have enough
screentime to actually by the DVDs?

Does anyone have screencaps, maybe?
...but, rewatching the Castiel episode, I feel the need to point out how immensely unattractive I find/found Anna.

Under the cut: Bitching about an angel and jealousy issues )
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( Mar. 29th, 2009 10:33 am)
I'm glad to be able to inform you that I spent the whole weekend watching Supernatural and reading Dean/Castiel slash. Now, the idea certainly was there in my mind from the first time Castiel appeared on the show, but for some reason I had failed to indulge in it before. Why am I always late to the party?

Here's some random comments on what I've read so far:

* OMG Wingfic! It should be so obvious, and yet I didn't realize that this would be wingfic! *bangs head against wall* I LOVE wingfic!

* OMG drama and angst and angels are scary and this is OH.SO.HOT.

* OMG he can fall! I really haven't thought this through at ALL. Good thing other people did. And wrote about it.

* What's with the lack of lube? I refuse to believe that angels have some ways to "magically lube themselves". And without the lube, even with an angel? Not so much fun. Seriously, fandom, haven't we been through the "there can never be enough lube" discussion many time before, mainly in Angel and Highlander fics?

* The idea of Dean being in love is very strange to me. Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic and I would love for him to be in love with Castiel, but it seems to be very hard to write him as in love with Castiel and still write him in character, because the Dean we've seen on the show, well, the Dean I see on the show, hasn't been in love. He loves, but he isn't in love. Then again, he loves his brother so much that he'd be willing to die for him, so I guess that kind of love makes up for not being in love. So I'm a bit torn between having a hard time about Dean acting like he is in love, and believing that not even Dean could have a casual relationship with an angel. The only solution to this dilemma is to read more fic, of course.

* OMG angel! I have no words for how much I enjoy Dean corrupting an angel! *is all filled with atheistic joy*

In other news, I referred to people as "humans" this weekend while speaking with someone from the London office. Yep, good one, Oceana. I bet nobody can tell that you spent way too much time in fandom. (at least I didn't call them "mortals", or "tauri".)
...if anyone could recommend some Dean/Castiel slash, I'd appreciate that, too.
I finished watching Sports Night, which I still desperately love. But I'm also mature enough to admit now that the second season was so much weaker than the first one. It has its moments, and it certainly has other qualities which I find important in a show and which may have been missing in season 1, but somehow it never felt "right". It's like they were suddenly trying to turn the 22 minutes comedy format into serious drama, and that didn't work. Actually, it was way more dramatic before they were trying. It got a lot better after Dana and Casey were finally through with the incredibly stupid dating plan, that I had forgotten all about. I wish it had stayed that way. And my love for Jeremy grew even more during season 2, which I truly didn't think possible seeing how much I loved him in season 1 already.

Anyway, now that I'm done watching Sports Night, I have finally, FINALLY started to watch Supernatural again. Oh, I'm so excited! My heart is alredy breaking just thinking about all the pretty boys in pain! (yes, I'm in it for the pain. And the prettiness. it's the prefect combination)

So, my history of watching SPN goes something like this:

- watched first episodes and thought they sucked

- watched more episodes and thought it got better

- suddenly found herself really liking the show but pretending that she was still not a "fan"

- kept on watching - watched first episodes again, but still wasn't too convinced, didn't rewatch season 2 because of sudden and incurable Magnificent Seven obsession (it happens)

- kept on watching (season 2)

- finally admitted to herself that she was hopelessly in love with the show and that she can very well be fan without having the urge to slash the pretty boys

- discovered J2

- kept on watching and loving in the comforting knowledge that she could watch, love AND get her slash-kick without having to compromise her oh-so-high-morals (sigh)

- has not yet had time to rewatch season 2 or 3! Tries to cure this intolerable situation for MONTHS, but gets distracted by Due South, NCIS, Dark Angel and Sports Night!

- NEEDS HELPS! (and possibly therapy, if only to stop her from talking about herself in the third person)

Well, I'm glad to say that I have now managed to start rewatching Supernatural without any outside help, and, even more glad, to announce that the first two episodes did NOT suck! And it only took four years of show to make me see them in a light that does not make them suck! Because now, it's all about them. Who cares that the girl in Wendigo is still the worst b-movie actress ever, it's all about Sam and Dean and OMG Jeffrey Dean Morgan whom I had a completely inappropriate and not-work-safe dream about last night, and I never dream about actors, and he hasn't even been IN the show yet. (not really), so what's up with that?

I still think that the pilot episode would have been better as a flashback later in the show, when we had gotten to know Sam and Dean, because once you know them, you cannot help but enjoy everything they do, if only because they look good while doing it. Without knowing them, the bad writing of the pilot was kind of hard to get through the first time.

Things I noticed while rewatching the Pilot and Wendigo:

- Sam and his girlfriend do not cuddle. I don't know what this says, but I noticed that they were lying with their backs to each other. I'm a manic cuddler, so I don't know if this is normal behaviour for normal people. Just noticing.

- When Dean says "I'm 26!" to Sam in the pilot, I got a sudden urge to slap on some more anti-age cream (Moisturize me! Moisturize me!). If Dean was 26 in the Pilot, that means I was 26 in the Pilot, because I'm thirty now (ok, 31, but only just), and the shows been on for four years. And when I was 26, I was YOUNG. I distinctly remember being YOUNG. I am not young anymore. I don't feel young anymore. However, I'm still watching SPN, and they are still young and pretty, so maybe I am too, or maybe not, and if I'm not, what did I do wrong that I'm not and they are?
Oh, right, I became a lawyer. You'd think that being a lawyer would be better for the teint than demon hunting, but apparently you'd be wrong.

- When the third guy is taken from the tent in Wendigo, I knew that the Wendigo would come and tear the tent. I knew. I still jumped about two feet in the air, screamed and almost got a heart attack. Then I fell asleep on the couch because I wasn't quite sure what was hiding outside the living room door. Remind me again why it was a good idea to rewatch Supernatural, alone, at night, in my lonely appartment?

(ETA: I apologize for the weird format of some of my last entries, including this one. I'm posting via email, and apparently that adds line breaks where there shouldn't be any. I'll try to fix this manually when I come home tonight)
ETA2: Fixed!
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( Oct. 25th, 2008 12:02 pm)
Supernatural is THE show I get excited about these days. I mean, I know it's a good show, but I never expect it to be THAT good. It completely blows me away every week.

While I watch, all these things run through my head that I want to talk about, that I want to point out to someone. And what comes out at the end?

Jensen Ackles - still the prettiest thing on earth. Well, on TV. Whatever. Pretty with a capital P. I am completely in love with him. And god knows I'm too old to have a crush on an actor (it's not a real crush, mind you, it's one of these phantasy crushes that are much better than real crushes anyway, and not the least bit less real). At least I'm having a crush on someone my own age, for once. Which, god, I only ever had crushes on people who were way too old for me.

So, this is it, right? This is the turning point? I've got a few years left with people my own age, and then it all goes backwards? Then I'll have to steal casual glances at young, pretty bodies in jeans from behind my framed and wrinkly eyes?

(I'm so scared. *is scared* *scratches arm*)



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