So I've been listening to some SGA podslash, not so much because I wanted to listen to SGA specifically, more because the otherwise completely wonderful Podfic archive only houses one (!) Jack/Daniel fic. Yes, it's by Komos, so I'm not complaining, but one Jack/Daniel fic? Is there no Jack/Daniel love out there any more?
*is sad*

I'd read one myself, but first, I don't have a recording device, and second, you wouldn't want to listen to podfic in my strange German accent. Though I figure it can't be worse than whatever (British? New Zealand?) accent pronounces "bed" as "beed", which confused the hell out of me.

Anyway. SGA.

Listening to SGA reminded me not only that John is very very gay, but also that I kind of love these characters. All of them, but most of all Rodney and John. So I though, even though I deliberately stopped watching at the beginning of season 4, I then got weak and watched it again, and then didn't, and then did again, and ended up somewhere around episode 4x12. Now, with my reawakened John and Rodney love, I though I'd catch up some more. I just finished watching 4x17.

The thing is, I cannot deny the John/Ronon love. I don't actually want to deny the John/Ronon love, because I always liked them together, but I don't know if I'm happy that it's so canon. He's like his dog! Following him around, having a bad temper and being told to obey, lying down on his back to get his belly rubbed... it's just... yes, I love John/Ronon, but I feel so bad for poor Rodney! And I really like Rodney! Also, I think he may be a little bit in love with Sheppard, so it's totally unfair that Sheppard has let Ronon attach himself to Sheppard's hip. On the other hand, I can understand John, because he is very very gay and Ronon is pretty, and since John is not actually sleeping with Rodney at the moment (what with Rodney having been otherwise engaged), and Ronon so very very willing... I mean, John is trying to tell him that it's not a good idea, and that really nothing can ever come out of this, but when Ronon kneels down and tells him to shut up and let him suck John's cock, what's John to do? You wouldn't argue with Ronon on a good day, and surely not when he is so determined to do something. So in the end, John lets Ronon suck him off in - what have to be - since none of them is willing to bring this thing into their quarters - random rooms around Atlantis and Ronon tells John to please fuck him in other random rooms around Atlantis, and John gets emotionally attached because that's what he does even though he really wants Rodney, and it's all just a matter of time until Rodney walks in on them and gets his heart broken.


I worry! I may lose sleep over this! I think I see a gray hair coming! Just, please tell me that there's a solution for this somewhere, in fic. I don't even ask you to record it as podfic for me, I'm totally willing to read. Please? How can I sleep when poor Rodney's heart is about to be broken any minute now? And how can I sleep when John is having hot, sweaty, manly sex with Ronon all over Atlantis and I can't watch/read about it?

If I ever go into therapy and tell my therapist why I'm so stressed, I'll say, no, it isn't the 78 page contract that I just got per email and that I will have to read any analize for the conference call that starts tomorrow morning, in, oh, nine hours or so, no, it's all these angsty gay couples on TV, angsty, the whole bunch of them! Some have disappeared (J/D), some don't even touch anymore (Gibbs/Tony) and the one who was always the easy - throw-them-into-a-room-together-and-wait-until-they-have-argued-themselves-into-having-sex-with-each-other, John and Rodney, has apparently decided to see other people!

Maybe I shouldn't go to therapy. Maybe I should watch more SGA. Maybe I should read that stupid contract.
*is stressed*
*watches more SGA*
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( Jan. 5th, 2008 12:41 pm)
With all my other shows on hiatus and Torchwood STILL not starting, I decided to give GA another try. Remember, I gave up on SGA four episodes into the current season, for lack of time and commitment, as well as structural problems with its... structure. But today I read Helen's incredible new story "17.5", was remined of how much I love John Sheppard and here I am, watching

SGA 4x05'Travelers' )

And one more cut to hide a spoilery question about season 4 casting that everyone probably knows about anyway )
Okay, it's official.

I'm not watching Stargate Atlantis anymore.

No spoilers, but opinions on the new season under the cut )

In Stargate, people were in danger and you could see it, because you were right there with them in the action. In SGA, you get the soundtrack instead, or on top of it, saying things like "you are in terrible danger, get out of there now, oh the danger is getting closer" . I mean, we all know nobody important is going to die anyway, so it's rather hard to make me believe that anyone is in danger, but with SGA? Sorry, it's just not working for me. At least in Stargate, you never knew for sure if someone wasn't going to get lost on a planet for a few months, or would, you know, die of radiation poisoning. Well, I guess you can't ever compete with a show that killed off one of its lead characters and then had him come back naked.

People say Rodney and John banter like Jack and Daniel, but they don't. Jack and Daniel would banter in their free time, in briefings, over breakfast, wherever. But not right before they were about to die, that's when they communicated without words. John and Rodney? Well, in the last ep, and I don't really think of this as a spoiler, so forgive me for mentioning it, in the last ep, Rodney - again - has to do something for which he has almost no time, and -again, it involves typing and "interfacing" or whatever, and that's when they banter. That's when John says something starting with "Rodney?" in that strange, reproachful questioning tome he often uses with him. And Rodney says something like "I know, I know, but blablabla" and STOPS TYPING.
Stops typing, thereby endangering and almost killing EVERYONE. (not that they show or SAY that, I don't think they even noticed). Okay, so it's not like I was convinced that they were in danger before, but really, this would not have happened under Jack's command.

But apart from all the structural things I dislike about SGA and apart from the very weak writing (and they knew better in the beginning, didn't they? Where has all the writing gone?), a large part of me deciding not to watch SGA anymore is that even after three years, I completely failed to fall in love with the characters. Hell, I've been watching "Brothers&Sisters" for a mere week and already I care more about every single character of that show that I ever did about an SGA character.

Yes, Ronon has a hot body, but I hot bodies are nothing without brains. (and I don't mean that he isn't smart, but if he is, he doesn't get to show it too often)
Teyla is wonderful and pretty, but way too... uncomplicated... for me to really care about her.
Rodney, well, I love Rodney because he is such an arrogant asshole, except that he is really not an arrogant asshole, but I've never loved him. Not even in fiction.

And John?

Well, I think there was a time when I cared about John. In the beginning, when he suddenly found himself facing a task that he wasn't REALLY ready for, wasn't really expecting to happen, because even though it is possible, who thinks that their CO will get killed on the very first day of the mission? I love John in fiction (if the fiction is good.) In fiction, he sometimes breaks my heart with this huge capacity for love that he keeps bottled up together with all his gayness. And with his stupid way of diving right into the action, not because it is the right thing to do, but because he simply loves action. I don't know who it was, but someone wrote that fic where Rodney reads John's personnel file, and someone had written about him that he likes danger or something similar, and then Rodney starts paying attention and gets himself convinced that John is going to get them all killed. THAT's a John I can believe in. I also had no trouble at all believing in Helen's John in the dom/sub universe (I'm so bad with story title and not online right now, it's something like "Take your clothes of as directed", I believe?), John, secretly looking for an authority figure, BECAUSE of his authority issues, works amazingly well for me.

What does not work very well for me is John being played by Joe Flannigan. Could he look more bored? Like, when he dropped to his knees in *does not go into details* a scene in the last ep? Is less enthusiasm even possible?

Yes, it's scifi, the science dialogues suck (often), but at least Carter managed to look thrilled that she got the chance to say her lines. John is just bored, and lately he has started to look as if he hates the world and everyone in it.
I think he needs a vacation, and since he is unlikely to take one, I'm going to take one from him.

Bye, SGA, it was nice. But nothing more than that. I'll keep reading people's reactions, so maybe I'll tune in from time to time if an episodes sounds good, but don't count on it. I ill keep reading fic, but that's only because all the cool kids seem to like you, and I like the cool kids' fiction.

Oh, Stargate, I miss you. I really really miss you.
I was going to be all grown up about your end, telling myself that we had ten good years, amazing years, that all good things have to come to an end sometimes. That maybe it was time to go. That it's just a stupid TV show and I would get over it.
But I'm lying.

I'm not over you. I'm not. I miss you like a piece of myself.

I miss you.
I'm back from the most fabulous vacation ever. I'd tell you all about it, but I'm too busy catching up on slash and vids. (also, I hear there are new ipods, and hey, mine seems to have breathed his last breath just yesterday, how's that for timing?). So here's the summary:


I LOVE France.

I love podslash.

I had dreams about a fic where Cameron is Daniel's something (I'm not sure what to call it, but I'm sure it involves a collar), and one night Daniel is somewhere (who cares about details?) where he runs into a not-so-happy-to-be-back-on-earth John Sheppard wearing eyeliner, and maybe glitter, and the he takes him home for Cameron. I'm currently looking for this fic all over, because I'm sure it must exist. DAniel. John. Cameron.
Come on.

I did not write any postcards, but fear not, for I will leave for Hungary on Tuesday. I hear they have postcards there, too. I wonder if I can get a new ipod in just two days.
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( Aug. 25th, 2007 12:42 pm)
Does anyone have "Liftime Piling Up" by The Talking Heads and could upload it, like, right now?

[ profile] cesperanza made the most excellent Rodney vid to the song and now it won't go out of my head. I honestly don't think I can go on that plane in two hours without that song on my ipod.
I even tried buying it online, but I couldn't set up an account, so no legal music for me. Maybe I'll buy it later?

Any help appreciated.

ETA: Okay, I'm going now, but it was wort a try.
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( Jan. 5th, 2007 04:29 pm)
My Top Ten Shows of 2006

This was a hard decision, because I think that other seasons, particularly season 2 of NCIS was a lot better than the current season. But I still enjoy the hell of the show, and I love them for never neglecting the characters, always revealing something more, funny, absurd, personal,about them. And compared with The Unit, which made second place, I still love NCIS more. It's not a rational decision, it comes from the heart.

2. The Unit
I love this show so much. The shows keeps getting better and better, even though they continue to hint at things and then not tell us, which drives me insane. It helped, of course, that 2006 was even more The Bob! show than before, but even apart from that, I loved each and every episode. Well, except for the season 2 opener. I'm still not over the shock.

3. Stargate
Okay, so it's not the show we knew and loved all these years anymore. But it's still a good show, and there are still aliens and Stargates and spaceships, combined with action, humour and our favourite characters: Daniel, Sam, Teal'c and surprisingly also Vala and Cameron, who have really grown on me. Vala, because she is cute, Cameron, because of his huge crush on the whole team and the wa he worships them with practically everything he does. Of course, you gotta wonder if they ever taught him what it means to be in command, but I like it when he watches SG-1 play with alien toys, not even trying to be in charge. And let's not forget that there is still Jack to love, who is sitting in Washington pretending that being without Daniel doesn't break his heart every day. It's so dramatic.
*loves SG-1*

4. Numb3rs
Had I made this list after two episodes into the new season, Numb3rs would have made the first place. I still can't believe how good the two-part season opener was. I love this show very much and they did some really great things with some of my favourite characters this year, but it continues to lose points with its "One outstanding, one boring episode" policy. Just throw out the boring plots this year, please?

5. Smith
This was such a great show! It would have made #1, if it hadn't been cancelled so brutally after 3 episodes. What a great , great show. My heart's broken. BROKEN!

6. Veronica Mars
Judging purely from how much I'm looking forward to shows every week, Veronica Mars is at least #6. I wasn't happy with everything that happened this year, but it wasn't unhappiness from a TV POV, it was a personal unhappiness: some things I wasn't so interested in, some I found stupid. And that, given that the show is now set in college, is quite clever, really, because a college show could not be realistic if I were interested in everything that happened in it. I'm just too old for that. But overall, Veronica Mars continues to grow up with its characters, who are still some of the most human and real characters on TV. And the scene with Veronica and the phone in the cafeteria (I'm not going into details to avoid spoilers) is one of my favourite TV moments ever.

7. Doctor Who
I never expected to love the "new" Doctor so much, but I did. I loved the show, I loved the Doctor, I LOVED Rose, and then they made me cry, so now I don't think I'm ever going to love them again as much as I did this season, but I will also never forget how much I loved them.

8. Bones
Surprise! Yes, I enjoyed Bones quite a lot last year. It has gotten much better since the first season and all the characters are just..loveable. Even the Bones equivalent of Madame Director.

9. Eureka
Well, that was fun. ;-) No, really, this is the only thing I can say: fun. It's not a great, innovative show, but it is well-made fun with some nice ideas and sympathic characters. I can't remember one episode that disappointed me.

10. Torchwood
I already said once that I love Torchwood because it is clumsy, not despite of it. And yes, maybe I enjoyed parts of Torchwood more than Bones or Eureka, but parts of it were also horrible, that's what it is only #10. Bones and Eureka were more consistent, even though they didn't have the highlights Torchwood has. It's a close race. I think it was episode 11 of Torchwood that gave the decision. Still, love the show and its clumsiness.

Shows that almost made it into the Top Ten )

Other shows that I watched, that I didn't make it anywhere near the Top Ten )

Most Disappointing Shows of 2006 )

I think that's it. Quite a lot of shows, I know, but it's not like there was a new episode of each show every week, and besides, I was without work for half of the year. What's your excuse? ;-)
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( Dec. 20th, 2006 02:02 pm)
Clearly, the writers of The John&Rodney Show are on crack. But it's the good crack, so I'm not complaining.

Btw, I'm in the mood for Military!Sheppard, any episode recommendations?
It seems that David Hewlett has been spotted somewhere closer to fandom than most actors. Apparently, people are looking for him on lj, too. You shall not have to look any longer, for of course, I am David Hewlett. I'm also a bit confused about me appearing in so many other places, so could someone please tell me where these rumours originated?

(also, does anyone really think that any actor, let alone someone as smart as David Hewlett, would hang out in fandom to read fanfic and watch vids? I know I wouldn't if I were him. Wait, I am him. So I don't. I also seem to have a serious case of split personality, but I'm not the only one in these here waters. And there is something wrong with my language today. I think I'll just go. Call Joe, see if he wants to hang out and watch some fanvids.)
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( Aug. 22nd, 2006 12:55 am)
SGA, the surviving show (Bitter? Who? Me?) is tearing each other apart over a flashfic challenge. I find this highly amusing, because the whole debate is essentially one we just had - plagiarism.

If you "remix" a story without giving the original author credit, it's plagiarism. And don't come with the all fanfic is plagiarism argument, because it's not, at least not in the real legal systems in this world. (and I'm not going to debate this, unless you pay me 600$/hour or have studied law in the same legal system that I did). When you give credit, it could be anything. Asking, which - believe it or not - can sometimes be required BY LAW - is common courtesy. But the throwing around of legal terms and definitions by what cannot possibly be all lawyers, is something I find highly annoying anyway, so let's stop it. It's not like we are going to sue each other over a remixed fanfic, so who cares if it's allowed or not.

What I do care about is courtesy. And since common courtesy is so rare these days, it is my personal opinion that it should have been made mandatory in a flashfic challenge in such a large fandom. Not doing so it just asking for the wank (which could have been the whole point, for all I know).

But not only out of common courtesy was the opt-out option clearly the wrong solution. The reactions to the people who complain about having to opt out, show, that opting out for many people is equal with not being a team player. If you are a good fan and want others to have fun, you don't opt out from the remix. At least that's how I understood most of what was being written in the (now closed) comments.

Clearly, these people would think differently if they weren't writing SGA fic, but, say, NCIS fic. Because just the thought of one of the crazy NCIS writers* laying their dirty little fingers on the precious few stories I wrote in that fandom and turning my Tony and Gibbs, that I carefully, and I hope with success, kept male and mostly sane, into the "MINE! MINE!" screaming, bondage wearing, crying, at-best androgyn idiots with cats that this fandom seems to be so find of, makes me want to scream.

Maybe remixes in SGA fandom are fun. In NCIS, they'd definitely end in tears. Though, at least we wouldn't wank before that, because we are a nice, wank-free, if totally insane, fandom.

*except exceptions, and you know who you are.

Disclaimer: I would be less bitchy if my favourite show hadn't been cancelled just a few minutes ago. Sue me.
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( Jul. 17th, 2006 02:36 pm)
As you all know, because I whined and complained about it often enough, I didn't have time to read much fanfic during the last year. If I did have time, I read mostly Stargate and NCIS (there was also a relapse into the Snape/Harry addiction, but let's not talk about this now). Fics in other fandoms I saved to my harddrive to read some other time.

Except for SGA. I have about a ton of SGA fic from the last year and before saved to my HD, but there was so much popping up on my flist, wither written or as recs, that I couldn't save it all. I barely saved 10% of the things that I thought I'd want to read. So now I'm on myway through these ten percent and am mostly disappointed. Especially the John/Rodney fics that I picked up somewhere along the way wereoften too shallow for my taste: some bitching by McKay, some showing off that John really is smart, standard "gay, not gay" issues, sex. Of course, there are some brilliant fics as well, but compared to Stargate, it's maybe 50% of what I have saved on my HD (compared to NCIS it's at least 800%, but that's another matter altogether.)

So I'm thinking, maybe I saved the wrong 10%. Maybe I missed 90% of the brilliant fics that were posted last year. Wouldn't that be a shame? Which is where you come in:

Rec me your favourite SGA fic(s) from last year, the ones I really have to read.

If the fic you want to rec has been mentioned before, please choose another, or you'll all end up reccing Retrogrades or MVP or some of the other things that even I couldn't miss. Or point me to your recs list or tags. I'm looking for all kinds of recs. I really don't care much about pairings or genre in SGA, so rec your happy little hearts out (and don't forget to feed my McShep and Sheppard/Ronon love). As always, I'm easy, you don't have to go though the trouble of finding the links (though I appreciate it), just title and author is fine. Yes girls, I can google. ;-)

But most of all: rec me Teyla fic. Het, slash, gen, I don't care, as long as it's good.

Come on, I know how much you all like to talk about SGA, it's despite my lack of involvement in the fandom what appears most on my flist, so here's your chance to reminisce in last year's SGA goodness and show how much love you really have for your fandom (=how much reading you did). And send your friends, too. ;-)

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: Feel free to rec great music vids and other stuff I might have missed too. I really feel as if I have been neglecting this fandom for way too long.
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( Apr. 23rd, 2006 06:10 pm)
My canon knowledge of SGA is embarassing, so could someone please tell me what we know about John's parents? I know I read quite a few fics where he doesn't get along with his father, but suddenly I don't remember if that has actually ever been said on the show, or if his parents are even alive.
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( Jan. 12th, 2006 05:32 pm)
SG-Boyfriend. They'll sure be busy with all of us fighting over them. )

No no, this is all wrong! I don't want Rodney! My ideal SG boyfriend is Jack, everyone knows that, the stupid quiz is lying! So what if I'm not the biggest Simpsons fan. Can I at least have Sheppard? No? Daniel?
Damn, should have emphasized the boyish good looks a bit more. And if I had chosen "I need my boyfriend to be very protective of me. " as the tie breaker, Ronon would have won. But no, I'm stuck with Rodney. We will drive each other insane in no time, but at least we both want John, so the sex will be fun.

But let me tell you one thing, dear Rodney. I am always right. Don't even try to argue.
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( Dec. 14th, 2005 11:30 am)
I know,you are all in love with McKay and Zelenka and John (I've seen an amazing amount of John love lately, be careful with that, you know how Rodney gets when he feels neglected). But bear with me for a moment, because I'm looking for a fic about another character, Colonel Sumner.

Any fic about him would make me happy at the moment, but I'd squee with delight if there was an AU where he didn't die and stayed as the ranking military officer in Atlantis instead, where he had lots of sex with John and Rodney and everyone else.

I'd ask on one of the SGA lists or communities, but I have shamelessly neglected SGA fandom and wouldn't know where to go, so if you know of any lists that could help me, could you ask for me? Or point me in the direction of the communities, so that I can ask myself? it'd be greatly appreciated.

Also, I'm sorry for forgetting all your birthdays and for not squeeing about the fics you produce or giving you hugs when you need them. At the moment, I have to concentrate on my studies, and I'll only be around from time to time. I still care, and I'm still interested in all of you, and I'm so looking forward to catching up with everything once the exams are behind me. If I survive them, that is. I'm still trying to decide if I should allow myself to have a nervous breakdown. *g*
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( Nov. 10th, 2005 12:24 pm)
SGA DVDs arrived!

I really can't wait to watch season 1 again. Funny, I don't think I was really fannish about SGA at first. It was just another good show. The main attraction was the tons of great fanfic being written about it. But I didn't watch the show with the same kind of love that I watch NCIS or SG, I didn't pay as much attention or thought about what was happening as much. Now I feel like I've missed something.

But this will change, for I have pretty, shiny (very), SGA DVDs right here in my hands, and I can watch all the episodes again and again. And the extras! There are extras!

*hugs new DVDs*

My precioussss... *g*
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( Nov. 3rd, 2005 07:03 pm)
I don't have much time to read fic lately, and there is no chance in hell that I could even skip through the tons of SGA fic being written out there to find what I'm looking for. So I am asking you, my trusty friends, to help me.

I'm looking for SGA fic that deal with "Don't Ask Don't Tell" or fics where not everyone is accepting that John and Rodney are gay or together. Anything that deals with the issue of being gay in a military environment would be great.

Fics don't have to be John/Rodney, any other pairing is fine too. And if you don't know any fic like that, just rec me the last good SGA fic you've read. Please?

Thank you.

*stares at SGA DVDs at amazon a bit longer*
I really shouldn't.

P.S.: And please feel free to rec your own stuff. I'd hate it if one of you had written a story like that and I missed it.


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