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( Jul. 17th, 2005 05:56 pm)
I was going to do the "Name five fictional characters you would have sex with" meme, but I can't. Unless you ask me to limit myself to one show. It would probably be easier to name the fictional characters I wouldn't have sex with. I mean, it's just sex, right? No commitment, no embarassing dinners with the family and morning waking up with dirty laundry all over the bathroom floor? If that's what we are talking about, I'd have sex with a rather large number of fictional characters, because most of them turn me on for one reason or another. If you'd ask me about fictional characters I could fall in love with however?

I'm not sure I could even come up with five.

But let's try: Five fictional characters I could fall in love with )

So, that only took hours.

Now, if you really want to know which fictional characters I'd have sex with and when or how, give me the name of a show and I'll tell you.
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( Jun. 13th, 2005 09:56 pm)
I finally watched the finale of Angel. And since I managed to stay competely unspoiled for it, I'm going to show the same courtesy to others and hide my short and not very profound reaction under this cut. )


Now, if someone could point me into the direction of some real meta about the finale, I'd be very grateful. I am so out of the Angel fandom that I don't even know where to look for meta anymore. Come to think of it, I wouldn't even know where to go for fic, besides Slashing the Angel. If that still exists.
Time sure flies by when you are watching too much TV.
Wesley! Gunn! Wesley/Gunn
Homoerotic buddy cop session!
Cordelia is a slasher!
You stopped the tiny man from singing!

So it can still be amusing after all. ;-)
Fair warning for the fans: I don't have many nice things to say about Angel at the moment.

Started watching season 4 now and I'll say something about the season opener soon, but first let me say a few things about season 3: )

But now, season 4. I am halfway through the first episode.
Wesley just breaks my heart. He is still in love with Angel, isn't he? Well, maybe not "in" love, but he loves Angel, so deeply that he'll never stop. NOt even now, when he wants to stop. And Angel, jerk that he is, doesn't get it. Focuses on Cordelia with bad hair. Smiles all the time. Doesn't see Wesley, not for what he is. Doesn't realize how deep Wesley's love goes. So Angel has a soul? Big deal, he is still uncapable of truly loving someone. He is so focused on himself, on his misery, his soul, his redemption, his oh so important role in the universe. He doesn't get how deeply the persons around him care about him. I don't think he ever truly loved Buffy either, he just thought he did, because being with Buffy? That was true torture for him. And no one is as good as torturing himself and wallowing in how unfair the universe is to him than Angel.

Actually, that's what always made him interesting to me, but then he started the whole smiling and being a Daddy tihng, and that was a bit too much.
Anyway, I am excited about season 4, because while I was a bit spoiled about season 3, which originally aired during a time when I was still interested in AtS fandom, I am completely unspoiled for season 4.

*sees head roll on table*
Oh yes, definitely looking forward to this.
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( May. 14th, 2005 10:13 am)
There's a slightly dirty Peter Pan riding in top of a bus as if he were flying.
And I think he is interested in 80s music.

When they said vampire show, I didn't know it was this scary.
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( Mar. 30th, 2005 10:46 pm)
Last week in fandom. Well, in my fandom.

Angel )

Numb3rs )


Your homework for today:
Write an essay with at least 500 words on the following subject:
Abby loves it when McGee gets rough in bed.
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( Feb. 21st, 2005 04:45 pm)
Not talking to anyone for almost 24 hours now definitely helped. I'm feeling a lot better.
Good enough to start catching up on my flist, where I have currently reached skip=240. I figure I only have to go to 800 or something like that to catch up with three days. *g*

So, what did I miss?

- Apparently Joss declared Angel/Spike canon. To which my only reaction was: "Huh? Weren't they always canon?"
Then Buffy fandom exploded, which wasn't new either.

- David Hewlett gave a radio interview in which he was very geeky. Or so I heard, since I couldn't find the interview anywhere. Is it available for download? Are there transcripts?

- Pegasus B has new, wonderful fics. I love Pegasus B.

- No one posted NCIS fic. Or if they did, they hid it from me. I'm hurt.

I think I'm ready to leave the house for a while, give my computer some time to cool off. More flist-reading when I come back.
I missed you guys.
Even though i', an anti-social bitch with no friends.
Buffy was my first online fandom. I used to know all the important URLs by heart, and there were many important ones.
Now I only have a few meagre bookmarks left from what once was my biggest fannish love.
It's a bit sad.

Buffy Links )

Jeremiah Links )

MacGyver Links )
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( Oct. 25th, 2004 07:50 pm)
...was the subject of today's best spam. For a moment, I thought it was one of you guys sending me pics of naked Ben Browder.

Lately, I haven't felt very...very what? That's the problem really, I don't feel like anything. I don't want to go out, I don't want to talk to people, I don't feel like I have anything to post about. Then it occured to me that I didnt have any actualy work in the last days, so now I'm sitting here, trying to work on a file, and, surprise! I feel like procrastinating posting.

Not that I have anything to post about, since I haven't been doing much. Well, I went out a lot, but my private life is so boring that I'ms ure no one wants to hear about it.
So, why don't I give you an update on my current fannish obsessions, and what I'm doing with them?

A trip through the unhealthy amount of fandoms [livejournal.com profile] oceana_ is currently spending more or less time in:

Let's start with Stargate... )


CSI Miami )

Due South )

Harry Potter )

The Sentinel )

X-Files )

Buffy/Angel )

Hard Core Logo )

Andromeda )

Queer as Folk US )

I guess I'll have to continue this in part 2.
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( Sep. 27th, 2004 11:32 pm)
I know there's been a lot of talk about warnings lately, but I've just been spoiled for the Angel finale, and I would have liked a warning. Okay, I may be the only person on earth who hasn't seen it yet, but I stayed wpoiler-free until now, and then WHAM! Spoiler, got you!
Thank god the spoiler wasn't very specific. Actually, it was so general that I can't even be angry, since everyone probably knew that. Except for me.

In other news, I played with my LJ layout a little bit, and now it looks, well, different is the right word. Not sure if I like it, but I needed a change. If someone could tell me how to put up a pic on top of the site, I'd be very grateful. All I can find is how to use a background pic, and I don't want a background pic.
Anyway, while i was changing my layout, I noticed that LJ now automatically saves the changes you make to the style as one of your styles. So if I want to go back to how it was before, don't have to change the colors all over again. Very nice.
And on my search for a HL mood theme I discovered that it is now a lot easier to set up mood themes, and that LJ let's you save several of your own. No I just need a HL one. Damn, there's not even a good screencap site. I guess I'll have to get those DVDs after all.

I also watched Farscape "Kansas", probably the funniest FS episode I've seen so far.
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( Feb. 17th, 2004 11:37 pm)
It isn't my favourite show, but I can imagine what the Angel fans feel like. And I just started watching it again. Grr.

So I thought I'd pass along this link, that I found on [livejournal.com profile] elke_tanzer's lj.
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( Feb. 9th, 2004 12:19 pm)
I want to read a Highlander /Angel crossover.
I want Angelus to capture an immortal during his time with the William, Darla and Drusilla. The everlasting snackbar, so to speak. And I want him to seduce this immortal, to make him dependent, his slave. At least he tries, but it won't be easy. And I want this immortal to be Duncan MacLeod. Methos would be too simple. He wouldn't let himself be caught, but Duncan? Oh, he hears that Angelus kills mortals, and he goes to investigate, and then: dungeons, chains, blood and crosses... See the attraction?
Vampires and immortals have a lot in common: both have this special connection to whatever god there is. Immortals can feel holy ground, vampires get burned by crosses. Can you even turn an immortal? I wouldn't think so, and I don't think Angelus would try. An immortal vampire would be a bit too dangerous for him, and after all Angelus is just a a little boy who plays with the power his demon has given him.
And imagine what would happen if they meet again when Angelus is already Angel, looking for forgiveness and mortality?
There is a plot in there somewhere.
So, is someone interested in writing this? Know someone who could be interested in writing this? Feel free to pass this idea along, but tell me where it went. Or tell that my ideas suck and to stop throwing random plot bunnies at the innocent world that is my friends list. (as if)

And again, I have no icon to go with this entry. I wonder what people do with 50 icons, because I always thought it would be too much for me. Even if I would post daily, I wouldn't need them all. But it looks as if ten just isn't enough. I guess I won't resist the temptation any longer when I renew my paid account the next time.
I remember why I love this show.
It is not only gay, but also kinky. What's not to love?
Though I still hate Fred. Die, Fred, die!
Now I want an "Still the Gayest"-icon, but I can't decide if I want it with an Angel or a Wesley pic. Hmm...
I couldn't resist the temptation any longer and downloaded the first episode of Angel Season 5
Cut for spoilers up to Angel 5.8 )
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( Aug. 22nd, 2003 12:08 pm)
[livejournal.com profile] kita0610 posted a link to Angel Season 5 Pics!


Just some quick thoughts:

Are there any of you who haven't slept with each other?
At least it explains the sudden increase in Spike/Xander shippers, fics and recs. I admit that it is a pairing that I've read, but never found particularly interesting. But if I ever find the time to read Buffy fiction again, I hope to find some good Spike/Xander set in Season7. Recs are appreciated.

Spike annoys me. That thing he was wearing? Nothing against tight, clinging shirts, but do the words "too small" ring a bell? I am not even bothering to comment on the whole Buffy/Spike thing. It doesn't make sense to me. My hope is that it isn't supposed to make sense, and that Spike is just going crazy, so he can be shipped of to Daddy and there will never be a word about Spike/Buffy again. Now, I am almost unspoiled for Season 7, but I am spoiled enough to know that these wishes will not be fulfilled. Well, I trust Joss to make something out of the current mess. At least the horrible hair of the last ep is gone.
Buffy needs to have an affair with Principal Wood.

Angel -Season 3 - That Vision Thing

Good ep for the beginning of the Season. I love love love Wesley. Even with the hair. Wesley, of course, loves Gunn.
Angel leaves me with very ambigous feelings. Soemtimes he walks around like a dog after a beating, the ever-suffering souled vamp. In these moments I want to take him and beat some sense into him. Lucky for me, there's Lilah, who brings him out of the tortured puppy mood. The last scene, where he threatened her? That's the Angel I like! And really, why would he want to stay at Cordelia's side rather than going out to help her? Don't answer that, I don not want to think about A/C other than in air conditioning.

It is a little confusing to watch Buffy Season 7 and Angel Season 3 on the same day, because the time lines are off. But that's German TV for you.


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