I have no illusions that I could ever manage to post more regularly, let alone daily. But since this posting via email thing seems to be working out alright, and since I even managed to answer a couple of comments via email, I thought I could at least give it a try.

Besides, I've missed you guys, and I seem to be in a more communicative mood these days.

Of course, being communicative doesn't mean that I have anything to communicate about. Nothing happened today. Except for things that I may or may not discuss in a flocked post one of these days, because they are super sekrit could reveal my true identity (yes, boring RealLife!Me, as opposed to Exciting!OnlineSuperHero!Me).
Also, they have to do with work, and I only talk about work in flocked posts.

So, since nothing happened, all I can tell you is that I plan to go see the new A-Team movie this weekend, and I'm rather ridiculously excited about it.

1) I LOVELOVELOVE the A-Team. For those of you who have missed that fact so far, there should be a tag called tv:a-team somewhere to your left. I'd link to it, but, well, still posting via email, so no fancy links. Last time I watched all five seasons (yes, I own all five seasons on DVD, and I've watched them more than once), which was sometime in the beginning of the year, I think, I almost watched them all over again when I was done. (but then I got distracted by other pretty things). My very first fanfic was A-Team (handwritten, when I was about 11, yes, I was a Mary Sue, no, it shall never see the light of day). I even roleplayed the A-Team when I was younger.

That's how much I love the A-team.

2) OMG Corvette C6 which is only like my favourite car EVER Yes, that totally deserved its own number. And please don't tell me that Face doesn't drive a C6 in the new movie, because that would mean that I cannot watch it.

(That also deserved its own number. And the caps-lock.)

I'm also ridiculously afraid that I'll be disappointed. No, I know I'll be disappointed. That's why my strategy is to think of the new movie not as a remake (nobody could remake the A-team), but as a homage. As such, it can either be a good homage or a bad homage, but I will not be tempted to compare it the original. (I hope. Oh, who am I kidding).

Well, if they keep the humour and the ridiculous stunts, and if they manage not to take themselves seriously, I think I'm going to enjoy it. And if they don't, well, at least there are pretty men? (although, I've never been a fan of Liam Neeson. But I did find him not unconvincing in the trailer. Hmm, we'll see. Same goes for Bradley

God, I'm so excited.

(and worried. Which I'm sure you couldn't tell at all from this post.)

Is is the weekend yet?
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( Jan. 9th, 2010 08:32 am)
Trailer of the movie, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mareen.

I'm getting terribly excited about this despite everything I said. I love the original real team so much that nothing can possibly replace them. I think Liam Neeson is the worst choice for Hannibal EVER. I think that no one could possibly replace Dirk Benedict, or Dwight Schultz, or Mr.T. Especially not Dirk Benedict. And Dwight Schultz. And Mr. T.

But, the thing is, I love the show so much, and when I watched all episodes this year (I've done this before), I was really really sad that there weren't MORE episodes. I just didn't want to let go of my team, and no repeated watching would help with this. So the movie? That's like, more A-Team. New A-Team. In other words, it's all I ever wanted when I finished watching the show. Just hearing the beginning of the trailer, the almost identical introduction makes me all giddy with squeee....

*bounces up and down in A-Team love*

And OMG is that the rear of a Geiger-tuned Corvette ZR1 that I see there?
No, I'm not sure, maybe not, but it could be. I can't stop the frame to get a better picture.
*is really really excited now*
Can someone find out what car Face drives in the new movie? Cause, if it is a ZR1, OMG I'd watch the movie just to get a cargasm. (so what, other people watch porn, I watch corvette vids on youtube. It's a hobby.)
I've been watching The A-Team for the past weeks, and now, or rather yesterday, I'm finished.

Five seasons of A-Team (watched 4 and 5 first, then finished with the first three), and all I want is more. I'll miss the guys so much!

There's really nothing about the A-Team I don't love: I love that it's completely unrealistic, I love that the episodes (almost) always have the same structure. I love the sexism and the cars and that nobody ever made smoking a cigar as sexy as Hannibal. I'm in love with Face's charm, Murdock's mind, Hannibal's eyes and B.A.'s , well, okay, so I'm not in love with B.A., but I still like the guy. van.

Fact is, I'm going to miss them like crazy.
I already do.

But, the A-Team is not a show you can just watch again. Too repetitive, too predictable. Yes, I've thought about watching season 4 again after I finished season 3, but one look at the episode descriptions on the DVD box and I could recall almost every scene. So, sorry, A-Team, but our ways will have to part here for at least two
years or so.
*cries a little*

To wean myself off The A-Team, I needed a rebound show.

And I found one.

Does anyone remember Cobra?

Cobra is a short-lived early nineties action show starring Michael Dudikoff in a classic, red AC Cobra.

Now, at this point, I'd like to take a moment to thank amazon.com for their ever helpful shopping suggestions, for they reminded me of Cobra, a show that I caught maybe three episodes of when it was running in Germany in 93 or 94, mostly because I thought the guy was cute (I was 15, a year earlier the man of my dreams had been someone whose name is an anagram of oral sex, so Dudikoff was definitely an improvement). Plus, I liked the car (not featured enough). Since I was already beginning not to watch TV anymore, I never watched more than a couple of episodes and quickly forgot about Cobra. Until amazon.com said "hey, we thought you'd like to buy this!" (how did they know? *g*), and I did, and now we are both happy. So, thank you amazon.com.

Anyway, Cobra is not in any way a remarkable show. The writing is weak, the dialogues are worse, the car is not featured enough. But the writing is certainly stronger than, say, the first episodes of Bones, and the dialogues are a lot better than the dialogues in the dreadful (but much-loved nonetheless) premiere of Supernatural. And we get to see the Cobra more often than Face's corvette, and even if it isn't as
pretty as the 'vette, that still makes me happy. Yes, there's an embarassment factor, but it's mostly due to Dudikoff's hair, and I've seen worse hair in the early nineties (boy, have I ever seen worse hair).

I also like that Dudikoff likes to color-match his shirts with his car (I color-match everything myself. Just not with the car, cause my car is an ugly rust-red) and that he gets hurt a lot (shot twice plus one serious leg injury, and that's just on the first two DVDs).

The show clearly was heading nowhere and it was bound to fail, but it was still a nice show. Easy to get into, easy to watch, easy to like the people... exactly what I needed to get over the pain of losing The A-Team.

Cobra, the perfect rebound show.

I'll let you know who I decide to start my next serious love affair with (The Unit is due for a full run), but for now, Cobra is perfect for me.
Thank you for the virtual snowflakes! :-)
*smiles happily from her sick bed*

In other news, I have now finished season 5 (of The A-Tea,), and it wasn't as bad as I remembered. Apart from the Frankie hate, I mean. I liked that they were dealing with the "crime" they supposedly commited (so what if they were wearing the wrong uniforms, they still looked good in it). I liked that Face got shot (Woobie!). I didn't like that Hannibal took orders from slimeball Stockwell, but then, I kinda liked not to like that. I'm twisted.

Anyway, I have now gone straight to season 1, skipping, of course, the Faceless pilot. I love season 1. I love the whole show. 2,5 seasons to go, yay!

And then? What am I gonna do then? Did I mention that I bought the first and only season 1 Cobra? Does anyone remember Cobra? This is going to be fun. :-)
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( Dec. 6th, 2009 09:13 pm)
I'm sick, and it's not just because I'm watching season 5 of (he
AiTeam. I have the flu. But that's not going to stop me from killing
that Frankie guy. I'm going to kill him. I'm going to smack that
stupid smile of his right back into his face. I'm going to make him
swallow that ";ohnny" that he just called Hannibal. Hannibal Smithh.
Colonel Hannibal Smith, being called "Johnny" by that little squirrel.


I'm not a violent person, so maybe it's the fever talking. But if i
were Frankie, I'd stay out of my way right now.

Other than that, i completely love my show. My very first fannish love
ever. And it's even better today. Also. When I'm done with season 5,
I'm going to watch seasons 1,2 and 3. That's the best thing about
starting to watch in the middle of the show: that way, it doesn't end
at the weakest spot.

Sorry for the spelling, but as I said, sick on the sofa, typing this
from my blackberry, and the writing somehow doesn't appear on the
screen. MaybeI should call Frankie to fix it.
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( Sep. 28th, 2006 12:17 pm)
I watched Vanished for breakfast (more about that later), then took the dog for a walk and tried to get some sort of order into my application stuff, to, that's right, start writing applications. Which I did.

This, of course, led to people calling me every five minutes ("Hey! I haven't talked to you in years! I thought I'd call you!" - "That's great. Did you have to choose the one day I actually get over myself and write an application???"), my printer printing smears until I cried and cursed at him, then leaning back to laugh at me (at least he's printing, now that he is sufficiently amused) and then, while I was on the phone, getting myself into a so-not-needed date for tonight over the barking of the dog, I was delivered a package (the reason the dog barked), and what do I find?

My A-Team Season 3 DVDs.
I'm really not meant to write this application, am I?

But I will be strong and resist the temptation of auto chases and gay men with machine guns. I will not watch a single episode until this application is finished. And the other one, too, the one that has to be there on...Saturday??? Uh oh.
*runs away*

Edited five hours later: Wrote and sent away one application. The other will have to wait until tomorrow, as it requires a handwritten CV, and I'm not even going to try at this time of the day. Watched the first ten minutes of The A-Team "3x01 Bullets and Bikinis", which were full of gay and Hannibal/Face love. Watched Bones.
Note to self: When will you ever learn not to watch Bones for lunch? And no, you can't watch CSI when you eat either.

Off to take the dog for another walk, and then it's the date! Yay! Which, you know, isn't a real date-y date, just me meeting a friend and helping her out with lots of stuff that I should really get paid for, but I guess that's what friends are for.
*looks at A-Team DVDs and imagines her evening with them*
I get it now! They are totally the A-Team of the Supernatural!

It's all there, the pretending to be someone else (without the cool costumes, of course), the fight for justice, uhm, against the 'bad things' I mean, the cheesy pick-up lines and the sparsely dressed blond women. The car. The fact that -while not real fugitives - they are from what I understood so far at least trying to avoid the cops. Dean is totally Face and Murdock's love child, Sam is more Hannibal/Amy/Teal'cBA.

And then: "Name three children that you even know"? I can feel the beginning of a wonderful affair with a bad tv show. But then, I have seen every single ep of The Sentinel, MacGyver and Highlander, so high-quality television is obviously not a priority for me. Not saying that those shows didn't have excellent episodes from time to time, especially Highlander. Sentinel? Not so much.
*loves Jim and Blair nonetheless*

But the A-Team! I LOVE The A-Team! You people should have told me that this is just another version of my favourite 80s TV show and I would never have said a bad thing about Supernatural.
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( Nov. 5th, 2005 11:58 pm)
I have now watched all of The A-Team Season 2. That means I have nothing left to download. Apart from the weekly shows, of course, DH, WW, CSI, CSI Miami, NCIS, VM and Numb3rs. But my emule will be out of work! That means I will have no excuse to have the computer running 24/7, and that means that I cannot check LJ/email/news every five minutes, so maybe I will finally have time to
read all the fic I have saved during the last weeks
update my recs page

Or I could watch A-Team season 1 again.
I still don't have an A-Team icon, so I have to abuse the wonderful handporn. I don't think MacGyver would approve. Well, he can punish me later....

A Short Lesson in Hannibal/Face Slash (dial-uppers beware, lots of pics) )

Now, who's going to write me a story about the time when Teal'c and BA became neighbours?
And now, the post you've all been waiting for: the answers to the A-Team Quiz!

We left our Heros In Africa... )

That's it for this week's A-Team quiz. I hope you had fun. Stick around for more Hannibal/Face love and shooting breads: all this and more, coming soon on [livejournal.com profile] oceana_.

P.S.: Does anyone know where I could find an A-Team icon?
Once upon a time, the A-Team went to Africa...

[Poll #591528]
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( May. 11th, 2005 09:00 pm)
NCIS "SWAK": 31 %

Move faster, dammit. I want that episode. Now!

Anyone who spoils me will immediately be unfriended, sent rotten tomatoes and be hexed with a curse that will never ever allow you to lj again.
But then, you'd never do that, would you? :-)

Anyway, while I'm waiting for the download, I'm watching A-Team again. And I was thinking:

We know that the A-Team has been sent to prison in 1972, escaped and has since then be chased by the military police.
We also know that at some time during his career, Gibbs was a military policeman.

Now, I assume that the A-Team was chased by Army policemen, if, keep in mind that I know almost nothing about the US military, all the different branches have their own police. But couldn't it still be possible that whatever Colonel was chasing them at the time, called in help from, let's say, Gibbs's unit? Imagine a young Gibbs, meeting Face? Or Hannibal? Maybe Hannibal met him somewhere and seduced him, and then Gibbs found out who Hannibal really was, and he could never quite forgive himself for that mistake (I have the feeling that Gibbs is not very forgiving when it comes to himself)

Gibbs is what, somewhere between 40 and 50? So he'd have been born between 1955 and 1965, though sorry Gibbs, I guess it's a lot closer to the first. Let's make him 48, which would make him 25 in 1982. That could have been about the age he was a military policemen. (and no, I don't wnat to know how old MArk Harmon is. Gibbs is not Mark Harmon. And I want to be able to lust over both of them in total denial of the fact atht they could be my father's age. Never have I been happier about having an old father, btw.)

Of course there's also that bit of information where he claims to have been a NCIS agent for 19 years, so he'd have to started at NCIS in 1985. Which leaves neither time for Desert Storm nor for anything else he is supposed to have been. Unless he was an NCIS agent, then went back to the Marines, was in Desert Storm and then went back to NCIS. He could have been a translator while has was at NCIS, right? Coincidentally, that would also give him the chance to meet a certain Colonel Jack O'Neill, not a Colonel back then. Sadly, Jack wa special ops, and as such probably in front of the frontlines, and not behind them, like Gibbs. But they could have met somewhere, right? I imagine Jack on a carrier, waiting for his secret orders to fly out and commence his special ops mission, not having to do much, and Gibbs, much lower in rank than Jack, running into each other on that carrier, a LOT.

Hm, hm. I wonder who else Gibbs could have met during his career...

And just because I can, here's a picture of young Mark Harmon. So we can imagine what he looked like with Hannibal. Or Face. Or Jack. )

The word jailbait comes to mind.

*looks at download again*
Good. Now let's see with whom Tony could have been at the Police Academy...
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( May. 5th, 2005 02:30 am)
Just watched the second episode of "The A-Team Season 1", which arrived today in all it's eighties beauty. (I wanted to start with the pilot, but it was the wrong Face)

Okay, before I say anything else, let me quickly ask this:

Were they always so gay? )

Sorry, I had started this entry a few hours ago and got interupted. Now my brain isn't capable of much more than "A-Team= fun, Face=pretty, write foursome now.

Hm hm. I think i'm going to buy those Miami Vice DVDs after all

Going to bed.
List five fictional people -- from television, movies, books, whatever -- that you had a crush on as a child (or early teens). Then
post this on your LiveJournal so other people can know what a dork you've always

1. Remington Steele
HUGE crush. I still think that he is terribly attractive.

2. Face
I was an A-Team kid. A-Team was my very first fandom, and yes, I wrote Mary-Sue fanfic for it. Fortunately, the internet wasn't around back then, and I really didn't try to share it with anyone anyway. BUt yes, Face, I worshipped him. And his car. I totally blame him for the car thing.

3. Howie
From The Fall Guy. Okay, there's really no excuse, I know.

4. Sonny Crocket
Miami Vice. He's the one I blame for the gun thing. I was really too young to watch Miami Vice, but my parents were very liberal, and yes, I did have nightmares sometimes. I was definitely not in my early teens when I watched it.
I can only explain this crush with my subconscious and at the time hopefully deeply buried wish to get him out these ridiculous suits.

5. Rick Simon
Simon& Simon. I usually fell for the blonde guys, and I found AJ incredibly cute, but my best friend had claimed him before I could, so I got left with Rick. Good for me!
If they ever released that show on DVD I'd buy it no matter what. Even if it was more expensive than Farscape. It's Simon & Simon, how could you NOT love them?

But my very very first fannish crush was Freeway from "Hart to hart". I was in kindergarden, and I wanted a dog just like that.

I was a fangirl my whole life and I never knew. Weird.
There were more, but the meme only asks for five. Anybody remember Jack Killian form Midnight Caller? Or Viper? *hides*

*hopes that there won't be a meme asking for crushes on musicians*
(They all had long hair when I was twelve, it wasn't my fault!)
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( Dec. 6th, 2004 12:18 pm)
More links, in many more fandoms. You all know by now that I'm a fandom trollop (*smiles at [livejournal.com profile] alyse*), so next I'm going to share some links in fandoms that I don't talk about very often, but love nonetheless.

We start with the A-Team:

Heh, I bet you didn't know that I'm an A-Team fan. No, I don't watch the show, but I used to. In fact, A-Team was my first fandom.
I was very much in love with Face, so much that I literally blushed everytime he smiled at the camera.
I wrote fanfic. Mary-Sueish fanfic. It was still better than many things at ff.net. Face was my uncle, Murdock was my brother. Me and my best friend were parentless and stole cars for a living until the A-Team found us. We were a lot cooler than Hanibal and a lot smarter than Col. Decker. But then, everyone was...
Did I mention that I was about 8 years old? *g*

Still, I totally blame my unhealthy interest in fast cars on my early A-Team addiction. One of these days I'm going to buy myself an A-team van and paint it black and red. People will laugh, but I will be my own personal hero behind the steering wheel.
And I refuse to believe that Dirk Benedict is 59. That is so not true. *denial*

But on to the links:

A-Team Links )

You can find my other link collections in the memories.


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