Randomly reading my flist (even I admit that I can never catch up with 2 months of missed posts), I stumbled upon a post titled "Sex scenes across fandoms" (via [livejournal.com profile] metafandom. It's not very metaish, basically she says that different fandoms seem to have different trends in sex scenes, and then people comment about what sex is "in" in their fandom.

My mind, of course, immediately went to Jack and Daniel, but trying to come up with a kind of sex that is particularly common in SG fandom, all I could think of were Jack and Daniel, lying in bed together, the sun warm on their bodies that have already cooled down after they made love. And then I was all filled up with warmth and happiness, because they love each other so much, and yes, maybe I am a bit crazy for achieving such happiness from thinking about the fictional love of two fictional characters, but right now, I couldn't care less, because I'm warm and happy and totally content in my J/D love.
*spreads warmth and happiness and J/D love*

Oh, I can't wait to come back for real.
*is full of glee in anticipation*
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( Dec. 12th, 2006 10:20 pm)
I feel like I should say something fannish, once in a while, since most of you are probably here for fannish things. Only, none of my shows aired last week (apart from Men in Trees and CSI, which I don't talk about, and BSG, which I don't talk about anymore.) So, uhm, fannishness. What can I say?

Spent yesterday reading about pretty boys having sex, often while drunk and coming from a bar. Have developed unexpected taste for blowjobs given while kneeling on said bar's bathroom floor. Not me personally, I just like it when Jensen is the one on the floor. You all know how much I love Jack and Daniel, or Duncan and Methos or many others, but you have to admit that neither of them lend themselves to bar-bathroom-blowjob-fics. Well, maybe Daniel, but he doesn't really spent much time in bars and if he does, these days he's more likely to be there with Cameron than with Jack. Not that Daniel/Cameron wouldn't be nice, too. And Cameron, he might just be crazy enough to go for it.
*mind wanders off*

Anyway, there wasn't much fannishness this week, but today there will be new NCIS and new The UNIT! Bob! To pass the time until then, I watched "For Love of the Game", one of my favourite baseball/wanna marry a superstar/tragic love movies ever. See how I'm almost not ashamed that I'm a Kevin Costner fan? Come on, who else could have played that role? Hmm?
No one, that's right. The world needs a Kevin Costner for movies like "For Love of the Game" or "Bodyguard" (*happy sigh*), or "Tin Cup", oh "Tin Cup"! Don Johnson and Kevin Costner in the same movie! How my fannish little heart leaps at the memory.

There, that was your fannish content for today. It's what happens when my shows aren't airing. But for the future, I promise not to talk about KC anymore, I can tell I'm alone in my fannishness.The guy doesn't even have a livejournal community dedicated to him. Other than[livejournal.com profile] die_costner_die, I mean. It's sad.
*goes off to watch Tin Cup. Or maybe Open Range. Or Bodyguard, one can always watch Bodyguard*
Colin Farrell is a hypocrite.

So kissing a man was horrible?
Aw, poor Colin. And poor women, because most of us kiss men quite regularly. We must be doing something wrong then.
Mr. Farrell says he has no doubts about his sexual preferences, which is nice, I suppose, and I even believe him.
But I don't believe it has anything to do with that kiss.

In my experience, there is not that much difference between kissing a man or kissing a woman. Men have stubble most of the time (I have very sensitive skin, I can feel one-hour-stubble). Women are a bit softer (in everything *g*), and they smell different. I'll leave it to you to judge which smell you prefer.
Otherwise, it's lips, tongue, spit, teeth klicking if you are bad at it. Hands that have to go somewhere. Hairs that seem determined to stick to your lip just then (I admit that this problem comes up more often with women).

I often read in slash fiction that men are more demanding and rougher, but i think that depends on the person, not on the sex.
Some people really don't know how to kiss, and yes, kissing them would qualify as horrible, so I'll assume that Mr. Farrell had a bad kisser as a film partner.
But he won't make me believe that the kiss was bad because he was kissing a man.

And the diplomatic thing, the responsible "hey. I'm a star and look how heterosexual I am" thing would have been the standard: It was different, and I prefer women.

Saying it was horrible has the potential not only to offend gay men (can't speak for them), but I think it is pretty offending to the majority of women who prefer kissing men.

At least it helped me to finally decide if I'm going to watch Alexander or not. I think I'll spent an evening at home with my QaF DVDs.
I haven't watched much Atlantis lately, and I haven't talked about it all. Why, I asked myself?
I like the show, I like the characters, I even stopped calling Rainbow Rainbow, well, most of the time anyway. Many wonderful writers write Atlantis slash. Most of them are on my friends list, so it's not as if I didn't know where to look for the fic.
I just haven't felt like reading it.
The problem is that I don't understand the characters.
John and Rodney have sex. Lots of it. That much is sure. But why?

When I watch Stargate, I see Jack and I know that he loves Daniel.

I see Daniel, and I know that he thinks that Jack is a pain in the ass whose idea of retiring and settling down with Daniel, complete with christmas tree and family dinners, is way too much commitment for Daniel. And that Daniel will keep coming back to Jack, no matter what, because the alternative is unthinkable, because it's always been about Jack, even when it wasn't.

I see Teal'c and I know that he thinks they are all terribly cute when they are young, and btw, did I mention he is having a midlife crisis where he wants to be the big Jaffa hero who has a groupie girl on every planet, because his wife's dead and his son's a grown-up, and his God has a snake in his head, so could he please have a life now, preferably one that involves group sex with the rest of his team on the weekends?

I see Sam and know that she should get over the whole girly marriage-children-cookie-baking thing and just accept that she is meant to have kinky leather sex in biker bars for the rest of her life, so that she can sit in the briefing room on Mondays, look at Jack and think: "I got laid, did you?", because it will sure make her happier than anything she does at the moment.

See, Stargate, no problem. I know the characters, and I love them.
(though I am aware that my version of the characters may be a bit different from yours.)

Atlantis is a lot more difficult. )

See what I mean? There is no love. The one certainty in (Stargate) life is that Jack loves Daniel. I haven't found the Atlantis equivalent of that love yet. And it's driving me crazy, cause here they are, having more sex than you can shake a stick at, and I just can't figure it out. What if tomorrow Ford falls in love with Rodney? Or Weir starts an affair with Beckett? It could happen. There is no rule that says "Jack shall love Daniel and no one else, for the rest of his life, even when he is making out with Jonas in the Pel'tac."

I think I need to watch more Atlantis, maybe i'll figure it out then.

Meanwhile: who wrote that Atlantis fic from Rodney's POV, where he thinks of John as a sex god? I'd like to read it again, see if it clears thing up a little bit.
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( Sep. 5th, 2004 08:33 am)
It just occured to me that I never read a slash story where one of the characters doesn't like the taste of semen.
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( Aug. 9th, 2004 11:07 am)
The moment we've all been waiting for has finally come:

The Winners of the Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards 2004 have been announced!


Okay, first: congratulations to all the winners! If I like your writing or not, it is an achievement to have influenced fandom enough to win in fandom awards. Especially in these awards, where the fan get to chose the nominations and the winners, which should be obvious, but believe me, there are many fandoms where they have "committees" for chosing winners.
So, congrats!

And now, on to the slash category: Let's see what crack fandom has been smoking this year... *g* Long, long review of the SG Award winners, in which I shamelessly praise some of my favourite authors and offer some gentle (and some not so gentle) criticism )

Last, but not least, I'd like to say Thank You to the writers. To all the writers, even then ones I don't like. Yes, even to the beagle fic author. Fandom wouldn't exist without fanfiction, and ever fic, no matter how bad, has a place in someone's heart. If you make just one fan happy with your story, you have done something special. You make people happy, and you create new worlds for us fan, everyday. Thank you for taking the time and effort to write. Thank you for publishing your fic, for throwing them out to the wolves, who, like me, take them, devour them, spit them out and then dare to make fun of what's left.
I wouldn't want to live without you.

Now you can bitch at me all you like.
A year ago, on February 6th 2003, I read my first Stargate SG-1 slash story.

I started reading Stargate because I had noticed Stargate recs on some of my favourite recs sites, and Stargate stories by some of my favourite authors, so I decided to give it a try, even though I have never been a scifi fan. I read the first stories when I hadn't even seen the show, and I had to look at pictures to even imagine the characters. Fortunately, Stargate was being shown in German TV at the time, and so I started watching. The first episode I saw was "Foothold", and it was a little confusing with everyone looking like everyone else, but Daniel and Jack were pretty together in the sun.
Next step was ebay, where I bought videos, and that was it: instant addiction. It got worse when I got my LJ, and met all these other wonderful Stargate addicts (yes, I'm looking at you).
And after a year, the love is still going strong. Sometimes I spend a day without anything Stargate related, but it doesn't happen often. I moved on from the first months, where it was all Stargate and nothing else, and went back to some of my "older" fandoms, and I also managed to get some new ones (as if I need more), but I can't seem to get enough of Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'C, so I always come back to them.

That first Stargate story I read a year ago was "Meetings" by [livejournal.com profile] eliade.
And to celebrate this event, I decided to list some of my favourite Stargate stories.
This list isn' a list of recs, and it is far from being exclusive or complete. Lots of wonderful stories won't be mentioned. To give you an impression of the amount of Stargate fic I read during the last year, let me tell you that I save every "good" story that I read, not just the excellent ones, but also the ones that were "alright", just solid fiction. I even save stories that I don't agree with, because sometimes there is a moment that won't leave me alone, or a scene that I liked and that I might want to read again. Today, I have 439 stories saved on my computer. Considering that I also watched every single Stargate episode and most of them twice in the last year, I wonder how I even managed to graduate from University, let alone get the good grade I got. Hm.
Anyway, the stories I will list aren't meant to be the "best" though most of them belong in that category.
They are a list of stories that left an impression on me, be it because of their setting, or because of a certain moment. Things I think about when I think about Jack and Daniel. Moments that haunt me (in a good way).
I will tell you why those stories left an impression, or which scene is one that I can't stop thinking about. And because this will inevitably involve spoilers, I'll give you a list of links first, and then the explanation.
So I suggest that you read the stories first (in case you don't know them already), unless you want to get spoiled. And that could also include spoilers for the end. Consider yourselves warned.

Here's the list: )

And here are the attempts to explain why these stories left such an impression on me. If I need to warn you about the NC-17 content of these, then what are you doing here?

Explanations )

So, this is it.
My journey in the world of Stargate slash. And apparently het, however that happened. I have read many more wonderful stories this year (remember, 439!), but these are the ones that I'll celebrate my
first year anniversary of reading Stargate slash with. And I thought I'd share my joy with you!
I hope you enjoyed this little experiment.
I'm in a bad mood.

One of my favourite communities is [livejournal.com profile] stargate_icons.
I can't make icons, so I rely on other people, and some very pretty icons are posted there. I'm very very grateful to all the people who takes the time to make icons and share them with people like me.

But why, I ask myself, do slashers have to post warnings about slashy icons, and shippers don't have to do the same? It's not a community rule, at least I don't think so, but slashers seem to do it out of courtesy for the shippers and others who don't want to be reminded of the pure, sweet love between Jack and Daniel. (I'm allowed to write silly things like that, I'm in bad mood.) Shippers don't do us the same favour.

And really, I hate nothing more than to open an icon post and run right into Jack and Sam sucking face, with hearts and flowers on top. Moving, cause they really want to torture me.
I like Sam, really, but I don't need to be reminded of these things. It's okay to find shippy pics when I read LJ or forums, because I'm the last person to tell anyone which ship they should prefer, or that they are not allowed to show it.

What I hate is that slashers apparently see the need to give warnings about slash, whereas no one (and that often goes for fiction as well) seems to find it necessary to give the same warnings about het.
And Jack/Sam exists onscreen to the same amount as Jack/Daniel. Which is not at all. The interest they have shown in each other is canon, but their "relationship" is not.
So shipping Jack/Sam isn't all that different from shipping Jack/Daniel, or Jack/Teal'c or whoever you want to put together. And if people expect slash warnings, I think I have the right to get het warnings. Especially in icons.

And on days where I am in a bad mood, these things piss me off so much that I rant about them here, usually I'm more forgiving and tolerant. But not today. Bad mood day. So I need to let off some steam.
Which I did, so I think I'll go watch "Beast of Burden" now.
Maybe that will make me feel a bit better.

I'll post my thoughts about Death Knell some time this week, when I'm in a better mood. Because I like this show, I really do, so it might not be a good idea to write an episode review in my current mood.
[livejournal.com profile] slippery_fish linked to this site, and I decided to give you all a good laugh and quote some of it here:

Slash - Another big offender. Slash fiction written about characters who are in their original creation heterosexual, no matter how prosaic it is or how good the actual mechanics of the story are, can never be good writing in terms of fan fiction. It simply doesn't work, because it violates the fundamental tenets of the character so completely. It's a hallmark of bad writing. The same applies for homosexual characters being depicted as heterosexual. It's simply a fact that sexual orientation is one of the most important and defining aspects of anyone's personality, and changing it for a story indicates a fundamental misunderstanding of the character in question and thus a marked inability to adequately portray said character. In other words, it automatically makes you a bad writer.

Thank you for these wise words.
The girls has made it her "holy, heaven-ordained quest " to write reviews of badfiction, because "it was fun to see teenage girls freak out about someone telling them for the first time that they weren't special." and "to educate the stupid, the overweening, and the hopelessly terrible to the realities of their writing."

It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it. In other words: get a life!

But there is more! She has obviously thought this through!
Although I don't particularly enjoy reading about graphic homosexual love scenes, I don't have a problem with stories written about romances between characters who happen to be gay. I don't want to read them, but I don't have a problem with them existing. It's when known heterosexuals are paired up in gay relationships of any sort that I have an objection. I am not against gay people. I'm against idiots trying to portray characters as their sexual inverses. I feel the same way when gay characters are made heterosexual.

Thank god that Jack O'Neill is not only a slut, but also a slut who doesn't make differences between genders. And Jim and Blair are so very gay. And you can't tell me that those weird wand-swinging people in robes aren't gay. Only the other kind of slash, the one that uses heterosexuals is wrong. *g*

Now, if someone could please make me a "Birthright icon with "Some people are afraid of slash." - "Why, because we have penises?". That would make me very happy. And I seem to need one a lot these days.
*shakes head at other people's stupidity*
*stops head shaking because it makes her dizzy*

I'm going back to bed.
So here I am, innocently checking out Area52 for the xth time today, knowing that they can't possibly have updated again because it was updated 4 days ago, only to find that there are new stories. Which always gets me a little excited, even if I should know better by now.
Now, I can't read every story that gets published on Area 52. Not only do I not have that kind of time, but I would also like my tender brain to stay intact a little longer.
So I have this strange system about the stories that I read:

There are authors I never read because I deeply hate what they do to the characters, and I get very angry when I stumble across one of their stories.

There are authors that I read when I'm very desperate, and then only for the smut. (I wasn't that desperate today)

There are authors that I have never read and will probably never read, because they have already published a number of stories, but no one ever recced them to me, and their names are boring, and I just can't be bothered. (Sometimes, when I'm starving for SG-1 fic, I look up these authors and read their stories. They often end up under category 1 or 2)

There are, of course, authors that I worship and whose shopping lists would give me greater pleasure than most fics these days, but I usually read their fics on the mailing list, so I already know them when they are up on Area52.

And then there are the new authors: Authors who have published only one or two stories at Area52. I give them a chance, every time. I made some nice discoveries that way (like The Grrrl), and they gave me some good laughs, and they made me bang my head against the wall and cry.

This time there were only three stories by "new" authors.
One is harmless (to put it nicely), one is deeply disturbing and makes me want to scream "Pro Censorship!No more badfic on public slash archives!" and one was... I don't know, I guess boring is the best word. The fic wasn't bad itself, the writing was okay (at least what I noticed, but I didn't read it till the end), I counted only two "Dannys" (though those two were Dannys of the worst kind). But the whole fic was kind of pointless. No one needs another of these fics. It's the kind of fic that exists in every fandom, and that everyone has read a thousand times, and it isn't even a good example of that kind of fic. It felt like a fic that was written without love, for the fic or for the characters, written just to write something. Mass production, and it shows in lovely details like
I sit down beside him and he jumps up like a zat gun just shot him in the ass.
Excuse me, but being zatted usually isn't known to make people jump.

This is, at least for me, the difference between porn and slash: one is about two men having sex, the other is about two characters that you know and love having sex.

I always feel bad ranting about fic, because I have the highest respect for everyone who goes out there and publishes something and takes the risk to have it taken apart. But I feel cheated by stories like that. I don't want people who don't really care about them touching "my" characters.

Good news is that ELG has published "Into the labyrinth" on Area52. The story is quite old, and was published as gen, but now I have hope for a slash sequel.
I can't categorize ELG as an author. I'm inclined to say that I would happily read her shopping list, but I'm afraid that a 500kb+ shopping list will fail to hold my interest, no matter how well written it is.
I am terribly terribly bored. Browsed through friends page and found that [livejournal.com profile] _bettina_ did something I had planned to do for a while (but I always forgot do to it, since I forget my own head if nobody reminds me).

Here is the (not so short) history of me and my fandoms )
I know that many of you aren't Harry Potter fans, but [livejournal.com profile] somniesperus asks for hot fics here, and you can all go there and anonymously throw in some random Stargate fics. Spread the love.
And you might want to check out other people's favourites, even if they are Harry Potter. People rec some damn hot stories over there.
Of course, anybody who knows me and my fandoms just a bit will immediately know what I wrote, so I guess I am outing myself by sending you over there.
*blushes a little*
Have fun!


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