I just started rewatching stargate season 9 and have now reached the end of Origins.

Cut, under which I'm going to quote a dialogue from that ep, that has little to do with the plot, but if you are spoilerphobic, don't look )

I think I'm going to spend the rest of the night reading Jack/Daniel slash.
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( Mar. 18th, 2007 08:22 am)
I'm back for the weekend to celebrate my four years of lj anniversary and the last episode of Stargate ever. (actually, I was invited to a party, but who cares.) I can't talk much right now, I don't have the time or the words. I may have cried a little, but not much, that will come later when I've seen it again.

For now, I have just one thing to say about the last episode (spoilers) )
'The Torment of Tantalus'

One of the more famous season 1 episode, on which quite a number of good fics are based. It starts with a great Jack/Daniel tradition: Jack is trying to get Daniel, who is obssessed with work, away from his desk. Only this time it's not really Daniel's desk, but the briefing room. No, I have no idea why he watches the video of Ernest traveling through the gate 50 years ago in the briefing room and not in his office, but I assume it is because a) they hadn't built an office for him yet, and b) there was no VCR in the non-existing office.

Anyway, Jack is clearly worried. "How many hours of this stuff have you looked at?" And then he gives him a very small, short punch on the shoulder, but first he punches the chair, as if he is trying to hold back and then reconsiders because clearly touchingDaniel's shoulder would not mean anything to anyone except to Jack himself, and not touching him would look as if he was trying not to touch him, and that would be suspicious.
Me, I think that Jack coplicated things too much for himself there. Good thing he becomes more comfortable with touching Daniel later. A LOT more comfortable.;-)

When Daniel sees that they managed to turn on the gate back then, he is completely baffled: "WHY? Why would they stop their research if they had actually managed to turn it on?"
He just doesn't understand how they could not have want to know more, not have wanted to find out everything they could about the gate and where it leads. It's a very nice opening for the episode.

More... )

The rest is history: they survive, Daniel is a bit heartbroken because he can't go back and Jack and Daniel stand way way too close when they watch Catherine and Ernest hug in the end.

Last but not least: have some Torment of Tantalus fic:
Destina's wonderful "A Heart For Every Fate"
Graculus AU "Journey's End", in which Jack and Daniel go through the gate in the fourties, and not Ernest.
(I could have sworn I read more Torment of Tantalus fic than that, but these are the only two that I remember right now.)
Oh, it's been way too long since I last watched this episode. I think this is one of the few eps I only watched once (okay, maybe twice) and there is so much I forgot. For example, I completely forgot that they meet a Unas in the labyrinth. Completely forgot. How does one forget important things like that?

Anyway, about the ep:

First, let me point out that in the beginning, when Hammond gives Daniel the box they will later hand over to the Cimmerians, Daniel walks up the ramp to where the Malp is standing and puts the box somewhere on the Malp. The Stargate is already dialing. Now, what is the Malp doing on top of the ramp? And what is Daniel doing up there when the gate is dialing? We know the event horizon's "kawoosh" destroys everything in front of it, so bye bye,Daniel and Malp. (is there a technical term for "kawoosh"?). Obviously, both survived (did you know they only have one MALP, and it was really really expensive? I think it was said in an episode commentary once).

The box, btw, shows four humans, two adults and two kids. And the woman has very noticeable breasts and wears no clothes. I'm just pointing this out because american tv is usually so prudish that you don't ever see a naked breast, so I was surprised to notice that they would design the box like this, when it wasn't necessary.

The scene when they arrive on the planet is completely ridiculous. Vikings shouting "Thor! Thor!"? No wonder the actors laughed so much.

Teal'c and Jack are fabulous in this episode. I admit that I almost didn't watch "Thor's Hammer" today, because I remembered it to be rather boring. And the whole labyrinth thing is rather boring really, it's not like they were ever in real danger. But Teal'c and Jack make it worth watching. They are clearly already very close, but they are also still strangers, because there is so much they don't know about each other and there respective worlds.

Teal'c, in the labyrinth when Jack tells him to try to fire his staff weapon, makes a comment about how Jack's machine gun still functions because this race "may have considered projectile weapons too primitive to be concerned about". I'm just pointing this out because it becomes important later in the whole replicator arc. That's continuity. ;-)

Sam is a bit, well, I don't want to say annoying, so I'm just going to call her pale. It's not her fault, they must have intended for her to be the voice of reason and that can easily turn into someone who takes the fun out of everything. And she is right, of course, when she tries to stop Daniel from following Kendra any further, but it's the way she delivers it that makes me angry at her. Can't she see that this is Daniel's only hope? That he NEEDS to know?
On the other hand, I understand her. She just lost her commanding officer and earth's most important intelligence source re: Goa'uld, so all she wants is to go back, get reenforcements and try to save, well, Jack and Teal'c, but also her career. At least that's what I couldn't help thinking.

Daniel is heartbreaking and wonderful the whole episode. The hope in his eyes when he hears that he might be able to save Sha're. He keeps asking questions, as if he is already imagining bringing Sha're to the planet. And when he tells Kendra that he still dreams of Sha're, imaging that there is some sort of connection... *cries*

And then Jack is the one to destroy this hope, and that makes me cry even more (not literally, of course, the episode isn't that good. It's just a very real ache in my heart.) The look in Daniel's eyes when he says "Do you know what this means" to Jack? Then Jack, so sure: "It's the only way out of here." and "Teal'c is here now." And he hands Daniel the staff weapon and makes him destroy the hammer himself! It's maybe the only thing to do, because it is a decision that Daniel, if he can'T make it himself, at least has to carry himself. He, too, has to take responsibility for destroying the hammer and saving Teal'c, has to accept it as the right thing, and having him destroy it is the only way to accomplish this. But it seems so cruel at that moment. And yet, what I think is not "Poor Daniel", though I think that too, no, mostly I think "Poor Jack, for having to crush Daniel's only hope." Because even back then it clearly breaks his heart a little.

*thinks about tragic Jack/Daniel love for a bit longer*

Right, let's move on. The scene where they destroy the hammer is also showing a very clear chain of command. Jack decides that the hammer will be destroyed and so it will be. There is no question that what Jack says will be done. Yes, Daniel protests (a little, because he knows he has to do it), yes, Teal'c says he wants to stay. But ultimately, no one questions that it is Jack's decision. I noticed this because command structure is something that is completely missing from the current SG-1. Imagine the scene with Mitchell and Vala:

Cameron:"So I guess we will have to destroy this thing."
Daniel:"But! *long explanation of many things that completely distracts Cameron because of the way Daniel keeps wetting his lips with his tongue when he talks*
Sam: *didn't listen to Cameron or Daniel but is already taking apart the wall to figure out how to turn the hammer off*
Vala: *bouncing* "Can I? Can I? I never get to shoot things!" *pouts*
Teal'c: *raises eyebrow*

I mean, I really love Cameron and Vala, but they are so not SG-1. SG-1 is those people standing in the labyrinth in Thor's hammer, a very young SG-1 that still has so much to go through, so much to learn and to become a team, but with all the parts that we will later see and love about them already showing. And I love them so much, even now, after almost ten years.
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( Jan. 18th, 2007 11:08 pm)
Since it is a bit windy over here, I decided not to leave the house and watched some Stargate season 1 instead. The season 1 box set was the first thing I bought in 2007, and what a wise decision that was. Of course, I had already seen all the eps (in fact, I own them on VHS, so if anyone wants the tapes, please holler).

Season 1 is pure nostalgia, so let me remind you of some of the wonderful moments:

Stargate SG-1 Season 1 'Children of the Gods' - 'Brief Candle' )

Also, a meme:
The 'Tell Me What to Create' AnonyMeme!

The rules are simple. You comment with your username, and people can tell you what they want to see you write. Or draw, or vid, or icon, whatever. Despite the name, they don't have to do it anonymously, though of course they certainly can. You then go through the comments and if you see that person who you've always wanted to write a Green Arrow AU set in the Terror, where Ollie is a Scarlet Pimpernel-esque figure, smuggling people out of Paris, then you tell them that they should write it.

Artists/writers/vidders are under no obligation to actually create these things, of course. But those memes are always fun when they go 'round and, well, I don't know about you, but I have no shame left and am fully willing to call a spade a spade: TELL ME WHAT TO WRITE, PLEASE!

You can tell me what to write (inlcuding episode reviews and meta) here: Linky link.
This made me so happy I almost cried. Okay, not really, but still, happiness. Otherwise, I got nothing to say that hasn't been said by one of you.
Revelling in the possession of Stargate Season 8 DVDs, I rewatched "Threads" yesterday. It was only the second time I watched this episode, and I appreciated it much more this time around.

Because if you are me, "Threads" makes Jack/Daniel canon. Actually, it makes it more canon than it was before, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

This entry obviously contains spoilers for the episode 'Threads' )
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( Jan. 21st, 2006 08:00 pm)
Hmm. Squee? )

Btw: exams from hell are over. I'm free!!! But mostly I'm exhausted and empty, and I don't know what to talk about. I still have comments to answer from last week's SG, intersting comments that I want to asnwer, but I type up answers and then I delete everything, because it doesn't feel important anymore. Gimme a few more days to sleep, eat and watch Highlander episodes and I'll be as good as I new, I promise.
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( May. 22nd, 2005 12:20 pm)
Hello and welcome to your friendly Sunday morning Stargate Episode Review!

Today, we will talk about Need. )

Recommended "Need" Reading:
Otter - Sine Cura
Halrloprillalar - The Aftereffects of Sustained Sarcophagus Usage

(None of them really go with what I said about Need, but they are good, and since there seems to be a surprising lack of good Need fiction, you should read them.)

That's it. All you ever wanted to know about Need. Have a nice Sunday and feel free to tell my what you think!


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