Rewatching season 1 has me high on Stargate love. I didn't know it was possible to still love them all so much after all this time, but it is. And since fandom is all about sharing the love, I thought I'd do some sharing of my own and rec you one of my favourite Daniel Jackson videos:

Let it be me by Carol S.

This vid is about Daniel fighting the good and the right, and yes, I know you all hate Saint Daniel, but you can't deny that he was always willing to give his life for his belief in the good, to save others, to save earth. And this Daniel, the one who believes in something worth fighting for and often that something is not fighting at all, that's the Daniel you'll see in this vid. I can't even describe what watching this Daniel does to me, all I can say is that I love him very very much.

Technically, I'd have to say that this is a gen vid, but if I can't help loving this Daniel like a mad loving person, then how can Jack not love this Daniel? Yes, the happy slasher in me sees Jack/Daniel love in the pure existence of Daniel, because there is no not loving Daniel. Just ask Jack.

Oh, I love them so much!
*goes off to watch more Stargate vids*
Oh, it's been way too long since I last watched this episode. I think this is one of the few eps I only watched once (okay, maybe twice) and there is so much I forgot. For example, I completely forgot that they meet a Unas in the labyrinth. Completely forgot. How does one forget important things like that?

Anyway, about the ep:

First, let me point out that in the beginning, when Hammond gives Daniel the box they will later hand over to the Cimmerians, Daniel walks up the ramp to where the Malp is standing and puts the box somewhere on the Malp. The Stargate is already dialing. Now, what is the Malp doing on top of the ramp? And what is Daniel doing up there when the gate is dialing? We know the event horizon's "kawoosh" destroys everything in front of it, so bye bye,Daniel and Malp. (is there a technical term for "kawoosh"?). Obviously, both survived (did you know they only have one MALP, and it was really really expensive? I think it was said in an episode commentary once).

The box, btw, shows four humans, two adults and two kids. And the woman has very noticeable breasts and wears no clothes. I'm just pointing this out because american tv is usually so prudish that you don't ever see a naked breast, so I was surprised to notice that they would design the box like this, when it wasn't necessary.

The scene when they arrive on the planet is completely ridiculous. Vikings shouting "Thor! Thor!"? No wonder the actors laughed so much.

Teal'c and Jack are fabulous in this episode. I admit that I almost didn't watch "Thor's Hammer" today, because I remembered it to be rather boring. And the whole labyrinth thing is rather boring really, it's not like they were ever in real danger. But Teal'c and Jack make it worth watching. They are clearly already very close, but they are also still strangers, because there is so much they don't know about each other and there respective worlds.

Teal'c, in the labyrinth when Jack tells him to try to fire his staff weapon, makes a comment about how Jack's machine gun still functions because this race "may have considered projectile weapons too primitive to be concerned about". I'm just pointing this out because it becomes important later in the whole replicator arc. That's continuity. ;-)

Sam is a bit, well, I don't want to say annoying, so I'm just going to call her pale. It's not her fault, they must have intended for her to be the voice of reason and that can easily turn into someone who takes the fun out of everything. And she is right, of course, when she tries to stop Daniel from following Kendra any further, but it's the way she delivers it that makes me angry at her. Can't she see that this is Daniel's only hope? That he NEEDS to know?
On the other hand, I understand her. She just lost her commanding officer and earth's most important intelligence source re: Goa'uld, so all she wants is to go back, get reenforcements and try to save, well, Jack and Teal'c, but also her career. At least that's what I couldn't help thinking.

Daniel is heartbreaking and wonderful the whole episode. The hope in his eyes when he hears that he might be able to save Sha're. He keeps asking questions, as if he is already imagining bringing Sha're to the planet. And when he tells Kendra that he still dreams of Sha're, imaging that there is some sort of connection... *cries*

And then Jack is the one to destroy this hope, and that makes me cry even more (not literally, of course, the episode isn't that good. It's just a very real ache in my heart.) The look in Daniel's eyes when he says "Do you know what this means" to Jack? Then Jack, so sure: "It's the only way out of here." and "Teal'c is here now." And he hands Daniel the staff weapon and makes him destroy the hammer himself! It's maybe the only thing to do, because it is a decision that Daniel, if he can'T make it himself, at least has to carry himself. He, too, has to take responsibility for destroying the hammer and saving Teal'c, has to accept it as the right thing, and having him destroy it is the only way to accomplish this. But it seems so cruel at that moment. And yet, what I think is not "Poor Daniel", though I think that too, no, mostly I think "Poor Jack, for having to crush Daniel's only hope." Because even back then it clearly breaks his heart a little.

*thinks about tragic Jack/Daniel love for a bit longer*

Right, let's move on. The scene where they destroy the hammer is also showing a very clear chain of command. Jack decides that the hammer will be destroyed and so it will be. There is no question that what Jack says will be done. Yes, Daniel protests (a little, because he knows he has to do it), yes, Teal'c says he wants to stay. But ultimately, no one questions that it is Jack's decision. I noticed this because command structure is something that is completely missing from the current SG-1. Imagine the scene with Mitchell and Vala:

Cameron:"So I guess we will have to destroy this thing."
Daniel:"But! *long explanation of many things that completely distracts Cameron because of the way Daniel keeps wetting his lips with his tongue when he talks*
Sam: *didn't listen to Cameron or Daniel but is already taking apart the wall to figure out how to turn the hammer off*
Vala: *bouncing* "Can I? Can I? I never get to shoot things!" *pouts*
Teal'c: *raises eyebrow*

I mean, I really love Cameron and Vala, but they are so not SG-1. SG-1 is those people standing in the labyrinth in Thor's hammer, a very young SG-1 that still has so much to go through, so much to learn and to become a team, but with all the parts that we will later see and love about them already showing. And I love them so much, even now, after almost ten years.
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( Jul. 13th, 2006 09:10 pm)
I'm almost through my second viewing of Stargate Season 9, and I must admit that I find it a lot more entertaining on the second run. I still think that the threepart season opener could have been told in one, maybe 1,45 episodes, and that there is no excuse for making us watch all this without at least giving us some naked Vala or Cameron, but the rest of the episodes were quite enjoyable.

I couldn't remember having watched "Off The Grid" (the leather porn one) and "The Scrouge" (the one that isn't called Prodigy despite the similarities) before, which shows that I'm a bad fan and haven't paid enough attention to my show. Obviously I have watched them before, but I must have been doing other things while I watched them. I swear that this will not happen again.

Anyway, there is an actual reason for this post. It's a scene from "Arthur's Mantle" with what has got to be the cutest Daniel face in the whole season, if not more. It's the look he gives General Landry when Sam points out that it was Daniel who figured out the device. Trust me, saying cute and Daniel in one sentence doesn't come easy to me, since I don't usually call grown up men with muscles and weapons "cute". But there is no other word for this: )

Look at him! Isn't he just...cute? Don't you want to hug him and pet him and then hand him over to Jack for some more hugging and petting and licking?

I know I want to. And I know I'm so looking forward to season 10. Season 10! Why isn't it Friday already?

ETA: Okay, I lied, he may be even cuter when he checks out Cameron' ass in "Crusade", but then, that's not really him, so it doesn't count.
Random season 9 Daniel/Cameron gayness. )

Poor Jack, if he only knew. The worst thing is that it is all his fault: if Daniel hadn't fallen in love with Jack all those years ago, he wouldn't have that thing about military men with guns now. And if Jack wasn't so incredibly in love with Daniel, Daniel would never have discovered his alpha-male side the way he did. So how can he resist when Cameron insists that he needs some extra training with the P-90 and then stands so close to Daniel on the shooting range, so close that he can feel the heat from his body, Cam's breath like a gentle touch on his neck?

How can he stop himself from being turned on when they walk up the range together, shooting in synchronicity? And instead of asking him if he is okay afterwards, making him think and feel, like Jack would di it, Cameron just looks at him later, in the locker room, looks at him as if he can't believe that he really is the lucky guy who gets to shoot people with Dr. Daniel Jackson, gets to share the locker room with him. Looks at him as if he would drop down to his knees right then and there if Daniel asked him to, the risk of bing discovered just making him want it more.

For a moment, Daniel is tempted to ask, but he can't do that to Jack, who always resisted the temptation and insanity of doing it in the locker room, no matter how much they both wanted it. But can you blame Daniel for taking Cameron home after that, watching him wander around his house, looking at the pictures of SG-1, the original, the only SG-1, unable to believe that he gets to be part of that now.

Sometimes, Washington is far far away. And after days like this, maybe it is too far away.

Poor Jack. My heart breaks with yours.
So, I just read Anna S.'s "The Other Half" again, because it's one my favourite stories in any fandom, and I get withdrawal symptoms if I don't read it from time to time.
Does anyone know when it was written?
Because there is that one passage that describes Absolute Power Daniel so perfectly, but I am not sure if it wasn't written before AP aired for the first time:

"You'll treat me as a friend for as long as you wear that," he said. "No more."
Voice even, gaze steady as a soldier's.
He could assume command, I realized then. And I felt like I was looking at someone else for a moment, at a man who could order a surgical air strike without flinching, kill a city without mourning. He'd talk about their ethos after they were gone, study their dead languages and burial stones, and nothing would touch him.

Which got me thinking: are there any indications that Daniel is able to act like AbsolutePower!Daniel in the episodes before?
I never thought that AbsolutePower!Daniel was out of character, no, it was frighening how easy I could believe in that version of him. So there must be something that gave me the impression Daniel could act that way, be that person.
I feel like there is something, but I can't think of it now. I really wish I had brought my Stargate DVDs, all of them, and not just the two I have here. Surely someone has theorized about this before?
Any essays or links I should know about?
Can anyone remind me of scenes that indicate Daniel could act that way?

The only thing I can think of right now is the scene in Bloodlines where he shoots the tank with the symbiotes, but there are so many explanations for that act that it doesn't really count.
Hm. Ideas?
I'm so sick of people who are still complaining about how terribly underused Daniel Jackson was in everything but season 1-3. I love Stargate fandom, I have found a very nice little corner, here on LJ, but on the lists? There is the St. Daniel fraction on the one side, and on the other hand the people that will mock you for even suggesting that you like Daniel.

So, here is my confession:
I am a Stargate fan.
I love the show, with all its flaws and quirks. Some episodes are better than others, so what?
I love the characters. Okay, so maybe I don't like where they are going with Sam at the moment, but I still like Sam. I accept that she is having a midlife crisis, I don't hate her for it.
I think the show is getting better in many ways each season, but my favourite seasons are season 4 and 5. Because they are the loaded with action, tragedy and love.

There's a reason for this little rant, of course. See, today I was reading the Gateway digest. I'm on the list purely for the fic, I never get involved in discussion. I won't now. But today. I was bored, and I skipped through the other messages, where I found this:

Daniel was an equal member of the team in the first three seasons. The focus was clearly not on him in season 4 and 5.

Okay, let's ignore for the moment the hidden suggestion that in a show called Stargate SG-1, the focus should be on only one character.

Let's take a look at the reality, instead: )

I know, you could always count differently. But however you count, you can't deny that there are TEN episodes in seasons 4, 5 and 7 that are strongly focused on Daniel, and only 6 in the first two seasons.


Preaching to the choir, I know.

But I do feel a bit better now.
And I didn't even tell you how the J/D love grows in these seasons. That's stuff for another post, enough ranting for today.
Lots of things happened in my RL, which I may or may not talk about later.

For now I just want to read a story about the Season 7 ep Evolution, so there are spoilers in my request. )
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( Feb. 16th, 2004 12:35 am)
Clearly, me and my well-balanced brain have too much time on our hands.

SlaveDaniel anyone?
Since [ profile] prillalar said that we can post the drabbles wherever we want, I'm posting them here.

Here's the Daniel/Methos crossover with the moose )

and here's the Angel/Duncan one I was talking about... )

I admit that that one is a bit surreal, but there are some excellent lines, like I wish my Duncan MacLeod would bite me, in his own slutty way..."

And I did a third one (yes, all my secret x-over wishes are fulfilled *g*), which is absolutely brilliant:
The cake looked hopeful, so he ate it.

Roughly Tripping: Daniel/Bill Weasley(het!!! - you'll see) )
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( Dec. 14th, 2003 12:59 am)
I can live with the new Stargate Spoilers. (scroll down a bit for the pics)
Incest girl, that's me.

(God! That man is so beautiful! How can he be so beautiful?)
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( Nov. 7th, 2003 09:31 pm)
I wanted to buy the "Official Stargate Calendar 2004". Spend some money on my favourite TV series, get nice pics in return, have fun all year long. And then I found out that they forgot to put Daniel on the pics. Instead there is Jonas. Not that I have anything against Jonas, but - you know - he has left the team recently. When a certain Dr. Daniel Jackson returned. Remember?
Oh, wait! they put a season 1 team pic with Daniel in it! That's gonna make me buy it. Not.
Someone should tell these people a bit about promotion and merchandise. I think I'm going to take a closer look at that CSI calendar. Look! Warrick and Nick! Together! Four weeks slashy thoughts for free!
I downloaded the ridiculous amount of 324 MB of Stargate music vids today.
Did I mention that my internet connection works???

Anyway, one of the vids I watched made me think about Jack and Daniel, and why, no matter how cute CC can be, it is and will be my OTP in this fandom.
First of all, nothing against other ships. I am all for Paul/Daniel, Jack/Harry, Harry/Teal'C, Jonas/Jack, whatever. They are all good for fun and distraction, and if you are a real Teal'C/Makepeace shipper... whatever floats your boat, I don't
Here's the but.
For me, Jack/Daniel is the only slash pairing that has a real background in the show.
The reason for that is not the amount of slashy scenes, or the indecent touching of private body parts. If you ever watched Sentinel, you know that the touching in Stargate is innocent enough to be shown in a catholic kindergarden in the middle if (insert country/city of your choice).
I think the reason lies in their characters, in their personality, in who and what they are.
Think about what these two men have done:
Daniel has found out the "truth" about the history of earth against all odds, against the professional opinions of the whole world. He has defended this opinion at the cost of his career and his professional credibility. And this is not just some funny anecdote to look back and tell your kids about.
Seeing his fancy apartement and all the books and stuff in his office, it is easy to forget what it meant to him: when we first get to know Daniel in the movie, he virtually owns only what he can carry. He has lost his apartement, his job, and on top of this, any chance to get another job.
Of course, at this point it would have been a bigger risk NOT to accept Catherine's offer, but the real risk is what he takes afterwards.
He goes through an active Stargate, one of the first humans to do so in a few thousand years. Without knowing if it will work.
Without knowing if he will ever return. Sure, he said he could make it work again. But the Daniel we know would probably have said that just to satisfy his curiosity. He is brilliant, and the chance that he could make the gate work again were high, but he must have known that there was a risk of not returning and of having to stay there.
Okay, he made it work, but then he did exactly that: he stayed on another planet.
He. Stayed. On. Another. Planet.
Most of the people I know are afraid of going to another countr all by themselves.
But Daniel stayed on another planet, knowing that he would never return. At the time of the movie, he didn't know that there were more gates. To his knowledge, he would be on Abydos for the rest of his life.
And, contrary to popular opinion, I don't hink he did this because of his overwhelming love for Sha're, or because he had no friends left on earth, or because he couldn't be on the same planet with Jack without being with him...)don't comment on the last one)
No. He did this, because he is such an incredibly brave person, because it was his one chance at doing something no one esle had done before, and he took it even tough he knew he could never go back.
I sometimes have to go back home in the morning after walking the fifty meteres to my car, because I already regret the choice of shoes I decided to wear, so you can see how I admire someone who is capable of making such a decision.
I could go on and tell you all the other things that make Daniel so special, so extraordinary, things he died for (repeatedly). But you've seen the eps.
Fact is, he is a hero in every sense of the word.
Which is why he has to be with Jack.
Jack, who was also part of this first group of men who took the risk to travel through the Stargate.
We all know it was a suicide mission for him, yada yada. So maybe for Jack going through the Stargate wasn't the big risk, but going back to earth was.
Because he decided he would give his life another try, he wanted to work things out. And I admire him for that.
I admire him even more for not giving up after realizing that Sarah had already left him.
And then for coming back from retirement (though I am not too sure how much of a choice this is for a retire military officer), for going back to the program and for, well, for being him. I admit that I admire Jack just for being him. Because I can't begin to understand how it must be to lose your child, and to lose your wife and to start it all over again at his age. Which makes him sound terribly old (or me terribly young), but what I mean is that he did all that at a time where the majority of people has already settled.
Jack has made decisions that he regrets. And he knows that he will have to make decisions like that again. And he will make them, because when he does, they will be the right ones.
Like the time in "Scorched Earth", where he fires the bomb evne though to his knowledge it will kill Daniel. It WAS the right decision. You can't seriously expect him to kill hundreds of people only to save one life. The life of someone who endangered himself.
So I know t was the right decision, but I don't know if I could have made it if I had been in his place. And if I could live with that decision.
Jack could do it, and he does live with it.
I think this is enough of shameless Jack and Daniel advertising. I just wanted you to see them the way I see them, so that maybe you can understand why they are my OTP.
Fact is that both of them are strong, independent men (yes, even Daniel ;-) ), who have learned to live alone. But I don't think the have learned to live with loneliness.
And because of what they are, they need an equal partner. A match, so to speak.
I don't think that Paul could ever be enough for Daniel. Not intellectually, but especially not emotionally. He does not have the same strength. And I really like Paul, but compared to Jack and Daniel he is nothing special. I don't think he could satisfy Daniel on any level.
Saying that Jack could satisfy Daniel intellectually may be a risky statement, but I think he could. (Who says I can't take risks?)
Jack isn't stupid. He may not be the genius that Daniel is, but he is definitely more intelligent than the average "flyboy". What counts is that he could understand Daniel if he had to. I don't think Daniel needs Jack to discuss theories about ancient egyptian harvesting rituals, but if he ever did, Jack is capable of understanding and discussing these things. And that is all that counts.
Personally, I think Daniel needs Jack to show him that there is absolutely no need to discuss harvesting rituals of any culture, when you can practise their mating behaviour, but that's just me....

I think it will be hard for Daniel and Jack to find an equal partner anywhere on earth.
Teal'C is definitely a very strong man, in every sense of the word. But by leaving Apophis, his "God", he has done somehing that we can only understand intellectually. I don't hink anyone can imagine what it means emotionally to do something like that, because none of us ever served a living god. (If you ever did, you might have a slight Goa'uld problem.)
Jack and Daniel are connected in a way they won't ever be connnected with someone else.
I am not sure if sex is the only outlet for this connection, but it seems to be the most obvious one. Sex can bring you very close on every level, not just the physical one. But I admit that there is a possibility that there connection won't lead to sex, just to an extraordinary friendship. Even without sex, they will be my OTP.
But with sex, it is a lot more fun!

I think that's it for today. Enough about Jack and Daniel. I am not sure if I got my point across, but it felt like something I wanted to say.
Tell me if you agree.
Convince me that Jack/Jonas is a much better pairing.
Argue that all Stargate Slash from now on should be Thor/Simmons.
Just talk to me.

(You can also do so by using AIM, which I downloaded today, and where you can reach me under the name Oceana2602. Be warned, I never used such a program before, and I never chatted in my life. But it sounds like fun!)
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( Jun. 28th, 2003 09:21 am)
Evil plot bunnies! I see Snape captured by the USAF, where he meets, well, guesss who. You know, wometime, when Jack was still in Special Ops.
On the other hand I see Remus and Daniel. They could meet late one night in the library, some dusty old part where only the really old books are stored. I mean, Remus must have done something when he left Hogwarts, right? So who says he didn't go to the US? Or maybe they meet when Daniel is on a dig in Egypt? Oh, the possibilities! Good thing I am not a writer, but if anyone feels inspired, I'd love to see the results.

By the way, [ profile] nevskaya, this is your fault. You asked why we friended you, and [ profile] deannie wrote Stargate and Harry Potter in the same sentence. See! That's what happens! So I guess I can safely say I friended you because you are so inspiring!
"The question is, how will he come back? As human, flesh and blood? He's now sort of an energy form, you know. Do energy-forms wear clothes?" He grins mischievously. "Since the first season we haven't had any nudity per se on film, but I'm
not bursting to get naked in front of the crew or anything."
Read the interview here.


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