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( Nov. 27th, 2008 12:12 am)

(it's the one night I'm getting almost 6 hours sleep, but will I be able to sleep after this? I don't think so.)


P.S.: If any of you are not yet watching NCIS, please leave a comment. I will immediately (note: immediately in terms of Oceana_ after she started her new life the OMG!Horse!!! means somewhere between 1 and 2 weeks) list not only the ten best reasons why you should watch NCIS, but also the ten reasons why your life completely sucks if you don't. Fellow NCIS fen, you've seen my definition of immediately, feel free to help me out.)
NCIS, typing as I watch. )

- Ookay, my copy is pixelated. Grrr. And the voices are off!! That's what I've been waiting for the whole day???
*throws fit*

now I have to download it again, and I won't be patient enough not to watch the bad copy, so I won't get my full, flawless NCIS treat this week.

Life is just not fair.
Dear NCIS,

I love you very very much. )

I really really love my show. )

BTW, my Miami Vice DVDs arrived yesterday, and Icannot quite understand how Crockett and Tubbs did not become slash popstars. If you think there was a lot of touching between Jim and Blair, you have probably never watched Miami Vice. They practically confess their love to each other at the end of every ep. I don't know, maybe it get's less after a while, but for the moment, the amount of slashiness onscreen is mind-boggling.
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( May. 12th, 2005 01:12 am)
I love my show. I am SO in LOVE with my show. LOVE.

I want to watch it again right now, but I have to sleep. Btw, this was not the season finale, there'll be another new ep in two weeks.
Did I mention that I love my show?
Random thoughts on last night's NCIS )

I love my show. I really really love my show.
This wasn't the best ep, many scenes felt a bit cut off, but I still loved it.
It's so wonderful to watch a show where there's no danger that the new ep will disappoint you.
Okay, when Tony asks Gibbs if he can stay with him, we do not only get to know that he has stayed with Gibbs before.
Tony asks:
"Since you are always up all night working on your boat..."

So, does that mean Gibbs only has one bedroom? Why else would Tony need to point out that Gibbs is up all night? If Gibbs had a guest romm, it wouldn't matter.
So gay. So GAY.

Also, has anyone ever noticed that in the Pilot ep, in the scene where Ducky and Tony takes pics of each other in the President's office on Air Force One, we hear Gibbs pee?
This series has a weird love for details.
My love for this show knows no end.
Neither does my love for the characters, every single one of them. At the moment I seem to be obsessed with Abby. Abby/McGee make up fic would be fantastic, Abby/Gibbs even better (as an AU, of course, because the more I watch NCIS, the gayer it gets, and there is just no way that Tony and Gibbs aren't doing it by now. NO way.)
But really, I'd take anything Abby/Kate, Abby/Ducky, Abby/Tony, Abby/Abby, hell if someone could rec me good Abby gen fic I'd be happy.
There really needs to be more NCIS fic.
Do I need to remind you that my birthday's coming up? (Shameless begging, I know, I learned from the best. *eyes at flist* You know who I'm looking at)

I'll, uhm, watch some more NCIS now, if you don't mind. We are up to "Left for dead". So gay. So GAY.
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( Feb. 14th, 2005 02:06 pm)
I wrote fic.
No, seriously. I blame my boring work, and the crackheads at NCIS slash.
Yes, it's a parody, what did you think, that I was going to write serious fic? NO, I leave that to the good writers.

I'm not even sure that it is funny, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. )

I'm really sorry about that, but I needed something to amuse myself with. *g*
The more I watch this show, the more I am convinced that they are all doing each other, in various combinations and twice on Sundays.

I don't have much to say about this ep. I could talk about the characters all night long and then some, but not about the actual episode.
But it did inspire me to shamelessly (in the truest sense of the word) speculate about the NCIS characters sexual preferences , so if you are interested, click here. (tiny little spoilers for this week's ep, nothing about the plot, just some things that were said. And I talk about sex a lot. Not that this would bother anyone on my flist, right? *g* )

I know I left out Ducky. There is one very good Abby/Ducky fic, which made total sense to me. But apart from that, I have a little problem thinking about Ducky and sex. I can't really explain it, but it seems disrespectful.
I know, comvincing, isn't it, after I just spent the last 30 minutes writing in length about the sexual preferences of the other characters? I'll get there eventually, just not today.
But I love Ducky. A lot.


P.S.: I found a cute little Gibbs/DiNozzo ficlet set after "Forced Entry". Keep in mind that there isn't much readable NCIS fiction, so read what you get.
It's here.
NCIS 1x16 Bete Noir

I love this show so much! Notice how I said "my" show in the subject?
Well, that's how i feel about it. I'm so in love with NCSI and with Tony and Gibbs, and all the others. Tony/Gibbs is the new Jack/Daniel, that much is sure. Their love is a lot more complicated, while they themselves aren't, but it is so obvious. SO obvious.
I just wish Gibbs wasn't such an asshole most of the time. But the smiles he gives Tony sometimes! And the touching! There is an insane amount of inappropriate touching. The devil is in the details, details like this:

Tiny Spoiler for the ep under the cut )

Oh, they are so pretty and gay!
*dances the dance of the pretty and gay special agents*

When I said tat Gibbs and Tony aren't as complicated as Jack and Daniel, I didn't mean that in a bad way. They are just a lot more straight forward.
Daniel and Jack have so many issues, on their own and together, I don't even know where to start. Of course, with them being strong men (*rolls eyes*) and everything, they deal. They got over it. But they'll always be there, they'll always be part of them. They just chose to ignore them and move on.

Gibbs and Tonay are different. I'M not sure if Tony even has issues, but if he has, we'll sure get to know about them soon. He talks about everything, like his nightmares. Not with Gibbs, of course, but he does with Kate (Cait, whatever), which leads me to believe that if theirt relationship is really more a brother/sister relationship. You wouldn't want to tell these things to a woman you ar etrying to impress, would you.
Of course, that doesn't mean that there isn't any dark secret in Tony's past, but it suggests that he has a different way of dealing with things.

Gibbs on the other hand... We know he got beat over the head with a bat by one of his wives. We know that he doesn't answer calls from another wife. We know that he builds a boat that he will never get OUT of the basement, and that sounds pretty neurotic to me.
And how do we know all these things? Because he told us.
He can try to play the strong, silent type all he wants, he just can't pull it off. In that one ep, where Tony tells Kate that Gibbs wife hit him with a basevall bat, Gibbs gets this strange expression in his face when he looks for Kate's reaction. He isn't hiding his feelings about the incident, those are clear in his face. He is just daring Kate to say something, or not to say something, I don't know which, and I don't think he does either.
Fact is, he acknowledges his feelings. He comes back to them. More than once. But he lives WITH them. Unlike Jack and Daniel, who try to forget things unsuccessfully, which is why they are so damn complicated.

The Gibbs/Di Nozzo love on the other hand is a lot more complicated than the Jack/Daniel love.
Jack loves Daniel. Daniel needs to be kicked in the head and reminded sometimes, but he loves Jack as well.
It's very easy.

Tony loves Gibbs. Or maybe he doesn't, he just desperately wants attention from the person who is his boss. Gibbs doesn't love Tony, because he is an asshole and the most self-absorbed man I've ever seen on TV. Or maybe he does, and that's why he makes Tony follow him around like a puppy, giving him these looks, teasing him all the time.
I just don't know. Really, at the moment I could buy any version of their love. There is only one way to find out:
watch all the episodes again.
But I'll do that later, when I have actually seen them all.

I love the show.
I want the DVDs.
There are going to be DVDs, right?
Damn, but there won't be region 2 ones. And with Germany's current opinion of the US, I doubt we'll ever get to see the show over here. So the hope for region 2 DVDs is rather slim. Unless there is a UK version?
NCIS 1x08 "Minimum Security"
Gibbs to Abby: "That's probably why I don't date... many women."
and then he bumps into DiNozzo.

Oh, and Tony sleeps naked. I love it when canon gives us useful little informations like this. *dg*


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