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( Mar. 30th, 2010 11:32 pm)
I am still unable to commit to rewatching another tv show, and so I'm watching yet more movies. Here's what I've been watching in the last two weeks (one week of which I spent in a wonderful, spring-filled Paris. Oh Europe, I love you so.)

Four more unspeakable movie with Michael Dudikoff (Stranded, Cyberjack, Fugitive Mind, Bounty Hunters II) )

Taking Chance )

The Princess Bride )

Black Hawk Down )

Jarhead )

Tears of the Sun )

A Knight's Tale )

Young Guns )

Next up: The Hurt Locker, Fly Away Home, Dogma, Mystic River and Snow Cake.

(and there are more unopened and unwatched movies in my collection. Damn, when did I buy all of those?)

I've also been rereading a lot of Jack/Daniel fiction and am strongly leaning towards rewatching all of Stargate, but I don't think I'm quite ready yet. Sometime this year, though.
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( Jan. 9th, 2010 08:32 am)
Trailer of the movie, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mareen.

I'm getting terribly excited about this despite everything I said. I love the original real team so much that nothing can possibly replace them. I think Liam Neeson is the worst choice for Hannibal EVER. I think that no one could possibly replace Dirk Benedict, or Dwight Schultz, or Mr.T. Especially not Dirk Benedict. And Dwight Schultz. And Mr. T.

But, the thing is, I love the show so much, and when I watched all episodes this year (I've done this before), I was really really sad that there weren't MORE episodes. I just didn't want to let go of my team, and no repeated watching would help with this. So the movie? That's like, more A-Team. New A-Team. In other words, it's all I ever wanted when I finished watching the show. Just hearing the beginning of the trailer, the almost identical introduction makes me all giddy with squeee....

*bounces up and down in A-Team love*

And OMG is that the rear of a Geiger-tuned Corvette ZR1 that I see there?
No, I'm not sure, maybe not, but it could be. I can't stop the frame to get a better picture.
*is really really excited now*
Can someone find out what car Face drives in the new movie? Cause, if it is a ZR1, OMG I'd watch the movie just to get a cargasm. (so what, other people watch porn, I watch corvette vids on youtube. It's a hobby.)
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( Jun. 27th, 2009 12:56 pm)
Jared made me cry.


I know he makes me smile whenever he smiles, but now he makes me cry every time he spills a couple of tears.

Stop it, Jared. This isn't funny anymore.

I mean, here I am, middle of June end of June (whatever happened to the last two weeks?), 30 degrees outside, crying over an otherwise completely irrelevant christmas movie.

Which, btw, featured an unexpected, though highly appreciated appearance of Richard Burgi. And which I completely loved, because christmas! and Jared! and Richard Burgi! and really, Jared was really good in this. Also, he made me cry.
(which doesn't mean I recommend the movie, because it is, as I said, rather irrelevant. Though I guess it doesn't harm you. I only watched it for Jared. Who made me cry.)

(Jensen also made me cry, btw. But only because he was on Dawson's Creek, which seems to be the WORST TV show ever, and I honestly don't think I can stand watching a whole season of it, so I fastforwarded through all but Jensen's scenes and I BROKE MY FUCKING REMOTE CONTROL in the process. I hate you, Jensen.)
I just ordered Ten Inch Hero. Yes, I know, I said I wouldn't spend that kind of money on him after he made me suffer through My Bloody Valentines.
So I lied.

But it wasn't actually all that expensive, because I ordered it in the Netherlands. Needless to say, I don't speak one word of dutch. And it's not as similar to german as you might think (wischen? winkelmand? wtf?). I basically just clicked on buttons and then entered my credit card information and well, we'll see how that goes. Interesting. I should probably have ordered more than one, seeing how they sell for
more than 20 Euros on ebay. I bet they are like 1-cent-DVDs in the US, right?

Life of being a tv series actor fan is so unfair.

I also started watching Cry_Wolf yesterday, but fell asleep after about 45 minutes. What I saw was surprisingly good, though. I may have to go home for lunch and watch the rest. ;-)
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( Jun. 13th, 2009 11:49 pm)
I've finished watching Accidental Husband, and, well, cute, yes. Disgustingly so. I forgot how much I hate happy endings.
But Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

Very very attractive.

So, to get the sweet taste out of my mouth, I could watch one of the other movies I bought in that fit of fannish insanity I had last week, or maybe the week before? can't remember, I seem to have fits of fannish insanity a whole lot these days: yes, ladies, I'm embarrassed to admit that I am the proud owner of Devour, Cry_Wolf, My Bloody Valentine (complete with 3d glasses), and, hold your breath, House of Wax.

I'm also hiding in a cave for the rest of my life.
(where I can't watch any of them, because I'll get scared).

Things fandom made me do this year that I never thought I'd do (and some of them of probably shouldn't have done)
- bought a poster of pretty boys
- and put it on the wall of my appartment
- watched Smallville
- bought a movie starring Paris Hilton
- stayed awake all night watching Carrie Underwood videos on youtube (okay, this may not actually be fandom's fault. But it should have been.)
- read Dean/OFC for a complete week (and then some)
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( Mar. 12th, 2009 07:20 am)
SUPPOSEDLY if you've seen over 85 films, you have no life. Mark the ones you've seen. There are 239 films on this list. Copy this list, post to your LJ and paste this as a note. Then, put x's next to the films you've seen, add them up, and use your number as the header.

List )

Of course, with this kind of movies it's easy not to have seen more than 85. Or, maybe that's why you don't have a life if you've seen so many of them. It's not like I haven't seen more than 85 movies in my life, I have no idea how many I've seen, but I'm pretty sure that 30 or more featured Kevin Costner, so me, having a life?
(but then, you could probably tell from the fact that I'm taking this poll during breakfast that life and me have been strangers for a while)
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( Jan. 12th, 2009 04:26 pm)
Dear Flist,

does anyone know where I can find a transcript of the movie "The
Bodyguard"? Or if there is maybe a book acoompanying the movie, you
know, one of those cheap mass market paperbacks?

I'm at work, so I can't really google these things myself, but maybe
one of you is bored and would like to help?

And no, don't worry, I'm not actually going to do what some of you
might fear I'm going to do. Doesn't hurt to look at the possibilities,
*is cryptic*
Watching the end of "And never let her go" didn't make my attraction to Mark Harmon go away at all. It's sad, I know, but what can a girl do.

Too distract myself, I am asking you for help. Please tell me your favorite Protective!Gibbs scene from NCIS, any Mark Harmon movie or fanfic.

To give you a bit of an incentive, here's one of my favorite WestWing scenes. (this one has the whole ending, so prepare yourself to cry. Or just stop after the kiss when he smiles and looks adorable and *bursts into tears* And no, it's not the shooting range scene, which is my favorite WW scene, but if you are anything like me, you've already watched that a couple of hundred times (okay, maybe not quite as much, but am I really the only one who does not repeat that scene at least twice whenever they watch it?)

Now, what should I do until you all recommend me your best Protective!Gibbs!?

[Poll #1329258]

Secret message to [livejournal.com profile] enigel and [livejournal.com profile] margueritem: You do know you weren't actually supposed to pick that option, right?
In celebration of me finally updating [livejournal.com profile] oceanas_recs (after almost six months, hides in shame) (don't get too excited, only four new recs so far), you can request recommendations over here.

Meanwhile, in real life (*laughs herself silly*), I am watching Mark Harmon's 'And Never Let Her Go'. God, he is such a creep in that movie (and OMG so good at it). I think I need therapy, because he still turns me on like crazy. I hope this will end by the end of the movie. Otherwise I will just have to watch Prince of Bel Air again, because he couldn't get more harmless and still hot than that. Okay, he is a bit of a bastard in that movie as well, but it's not Gibbs if he is nice. (raise your hand if that made sense to you)
After I finished watching (or rewatching) all of NCIS, which I highly recommend, btw, I continue to feed my Mark Harmon addiction by watching his older movies and interviews.

So far, I've made it through Freaky Friday (with a lot of fastforwarding) and Summer School (where I wished I could have fastforwarded more, but he was in almost every scene. So I'm not really complaining.) Last night it was going to be Worth Winning, but I got distracted by the amount of interview footage that is available on youtube.

Which brings me to my questions to you, dear flist:

1) Does anyone know a good youtube downloader? I know there are plugins or widgets for opera, but I haven't found one that worked, yet. Same with websites and external programs. I'm sure there must be something, so if you've ever successfully downloaded a video from youtube, could you tell me how you did it, please?

2) Chicago Hope
Now, I don't get turned on by doctor/hospital shows. Not at all. I followed ER through its first seasons when I was younger, I watched House for the snarkiness and the clever dialogues, but more often than not, the genre bores me. Still, I hear the character Mark Harmon plays has issues, and I like issues, plus he is pretty and I love him and I'm totally willing to fight my way through a medical drama (is that
what they call these things?) for him.

But not without the help of my flist. So, dear flist, tell me: is Mark Harmon's role big enough to watch the full three seasons he was in or should I just watch a couple of episodes? Which ones? Are there any scenes that could make me more interested and which might be on youtube somewhere?

If you tell me to watch Chicago Hope, where would I get the episodes? I don't think they are available on DVD, so, any secret sources?

3) Other Mark Harmon movies
Yes, I own movies with Mark Harmon. Not all of them are good (but some are wonderful, and I intend to watch them this weekend). What I'd really like to watch but haven't found anywhere yet is "Ted Bundy - The Deliberate Stranger". Any ideas where I could get that movie?

4) Even more other movies with Mark Harmon
I'll basically take anything at this point - TV shows, movies, whatever. So if you have anything that you'd be willing to share, I would love you very much.

This fangirl thing is hard. Where do people find the time to be a good fangirl these days? I mean, when I was fourteen and a Guns N'Roses fan, I had nothing else to do but skim the latest teen magazines for the smallest picture of them (and it only took five years of therapy to be able to admit that in the semipublic that is my lj), but now that I'm thirty and am working a 60hour/week job? It's hard. I don't think I can by a very good fangirl what with the horse and the job and the real life. But I'll at least try to treat myself to some movies.
Yes, I'm still here. I'm still fannish. Oh, I've been so fannish it
wasn't even funny anymore, especially not for my bed, which didn't get
to see me more than four hours per day for the last two weeks. Damn
those pretty gay guys from QAF which kept me awake at night. It's not
like I haven't been through this before, you'd think I'd be able to
resist, wouldn't you?Well, I've been wrong before...

Anyway, what's up with fannish me? (besides rewatching all of QAF,
which I will talk about at a later point in time. Maybe.)

Yesterday (it was Sunday, for those of you who don't remember these
things), I had a free evening and I watched a movie! Crossfire Trail, to be

Crossfire Trail )

In other news:
I haven't had the chance to watch Doctor Who yet, so - in order to keep myself from reading all the spoilers available, because I have no self-control - I give you a list. Yay, list! Everyone likes lists!

This is Entertainment Weekly's Top 100 movies of the last 25 years list. (this isn't the correct list, btw, because Out of Africa didn't make #1. And Die Hard, for some unexplainable reason, made #9. I mean, I like Die Hard, but it has no right to be on that list at all! A Fish called Wanda should be on it, but hey, that's a British movie, maybe Entertainment Weekly didn't know it exists. And Dances with Wolves!I know, not everyone can every movie Kevin Costner movie (me? noooo, not me!), but you cannot deny that Dances with Wolves is one of the greatest movies ever made. And did you know how much self-restraint it took not to put Bodyguard somewhere in there? Like you'd have noticed if I had cheated.
See how much fun lists can be?

Bold the ones you've seen. (32)
Put an asterisk after the movie title* if you really liked it. (13)
Cross it out if you saw a film and really didn't like it. (1)
Underline the ones you own. (3)

List )

So that distracted me for maybe seven minutes.
*goes back to DW spoilers*
I'm back in Europe and instead of watching Cowboy movies (more about
that later), I just watched An Officer and a Gentleman. I've seen that
movie before and I never really understood the 'love' part. But damn,
am I ever in love with young Richard Gere. I'm just irrationally
attracted to him and his uniform and just everything about him.
"Daniel, you do know that I could get Court Marshaled for this, don't you?"

Who the hell is Court Marshaled? And what can he do that Daniel can't?

*searches Aspirin against early morning badfic experience*

In other news, I watched Danielle Steel's Family Album yesterday. I know, I have the worst DVD collection ever. But it's not really a bad movie... *pauses* But it's despite everything a quite enjoyable movie, and it has an adorable young Joe Flanigan (who, sadly, looks exactly like my brother. Thank god he looks different in SGA). It felt like the right thing to do on a Sunday evening, and it was. I swear, there is not one scenario in this movie that hasn't been explored in fanfic.
Lessons in Vision (Heroes)
Isaak painting. And losing his mind in visions and drugs. Reads like a drug trip (I suppose), reality and visions mix nicely.

Vera (The Hunt for Red October Movie)
Given that it's been years since I've watched the movie and more years since I read the book, the story worked amazingly well for me. It's a story about the two russian offficer Ramius and Vasily. There's a wonderful desire woven through the story, desire for freedom, Johnny Cash and Montana. Slash, but neither pre nor UST. Just a man wanting what he always wanted, so used to hiding it that you almost can't tell, but it's there all the time. And for me that's exactly the right amount of slash, everything else would have been too much.

Real Life (Heroes)
Claire, after their existence is revealed to the world. I've stopped watching Heroes, so I don't know how much of this is canon, but Claire was pretty much the only one I was still interested in at the end, and I think she is very well written in this littl fic, that I enjoyed a lot.

Into the Black (Heroes)
Nathan can't fly. But Nathan is the other character in Heroes that I'm interested in, so I really don't care if he can fly or not. Short with an interesting point that the show, at least as long as I watched it, never cared about.

Five, er, Six Reports Nathan Stark Wishes Never Crossed His Desk (Eureka)
Six events that I'd all liked to read more about, in the same light and warm tone that makes Eureka so much fun to watch.

Protest Song (Miami Vice)
OMG it's MIAMI VICE fic! I LOVE Miami Vice. And not only is it MV fic, it's good MV fic. Sonny fic, Sonny and Miami and Rico. I don't really have anything intelligent to say about this fic, only that I really really liked this look at Sonny, and OMG MIAMI VICE fic!

Of Mice and Myth (Douglas Adams - Long Dark Teatime of the Soul)
The mice decide that the Gods have to go. It's not like they were ever a part of the program,and not even the Vogons have a form for applying to exist on a plane of belief. True Adams absurdity.

Deep With the First Dead Lies London's Daughter (Torchwood)
Interesting story about the first time Ianto meets Jack in the aftermath of the Battle of Canary Wharf. Excellent Ianto characterization, always correct and looking for order in the chaos.

The Night if Darker Now (Torchwood)
Another Ianto fic, this one Ianto/Jack. Ianto, who has nothing left to lose and nowhere to go, is a wonderful and sad contrast to Jack, who is trying to do the best he can with what he has left.

Rose and Thistle (BSG 2003 RPF)
Yes, I read BSG RPF. Quite a lot of it,actually, so I know a good one when I see it. This one is quite good. It's Jamie, who can't stop sleeping around with his co-stars, and it has exactly the angsty, sexy, fucked up, never going to happen but so much fun to read feeling that good RPF should have in my opinion.

Now I'm off to watch Torchwood, and then more Yuletide! You know, you can tell people are not in fandom when they complain about christmas coming sooner every year... ;-)
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( Nov. 30th, 2006 11:41 pm)
James Bond (Spoilers) )

In reaction to something Spiegel Online said about the new James Bond and sexism, I wrote two long essays here that I both deleted. They both lead to the same conclusion (and trust me, it wasn't the one I wanted):

I'm a sexist.

Or a chauvinist, or whatever you want to call it.

But I also like giving blowjobs, I guess that makes up for my sexism a little bit.

(Was that sexist again? *g*)
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( Apr. 23rd, 2006 10:09 pm)
I just watched a most charming little british movie called "Kinky Boots".

It's about a man who tries to save his shoe factory by producing kinky boots for men with the help of a drag queen, and it was entertaining, funny, well-produced and full of talented, motivated actors, good music and sexy shoes. Yep, the only word I can find for it is charming. If you don't know what to watch, I can only recommend this movie. I found it very entertaining.

One of the main parts was played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, and yes, I only give you this information so I can write his name. I mean, when does one get the chance to say Chiwetel Ejiofor.
Okay, so I don't actually know how to say it, but I'm sure it would be fun.

Please ignore the rant under the cut. It has nothing to do with the rest of this entry. Thank you. )
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( Apr. 7th, 2006 11:27 pm)
After showing a remarkable lack of self-restraint in the bookstore today, there was no money left to buy a DVD. So now I'm looking for a french copy of Amelie Poulain ("The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain"), or "Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain" in french. Does anyone know of any good french torrent sites (or happens to have a french copy of that movie lying around? The guy in the videostore just looked at me funny when I asked.
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( Jan. 1st, 2006 06:19 pm)
I trust it you've all seen Wallace and Gromit & The Curse of the Were-Rabbit?

This is what my brain looks like at the moment: )

My brain, obviously, is the glass cylinder, and it is full of plot-bunnies. Plot-bunnies flying around, munchin carrots, waving at me in all their innocent bunnyness. Just when I really don't need them.

"There are strippers." Tony argued, still trying to block the door.
"Good." Gibbs said and went inside.

*glares at bunnies*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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( Dec. 17th, 2005 12:00 am)
I finally managed to get my hands on a copy of Pandora's Clock. After having seen RDA in "In the Eyes of a Stranger", I feared for the worst, but Pandora's Clock isn't actually bad.

Then again, how could it be? It has Richard Dean Anderson, wearing a Captain's uniform and shades (at least outside), flying a huge plane, giving orders (*melts*), saving lives and saying "This is the Captain speaking" and "Roger that" a lot. Needless to say, I loved it.

Plot? Oh, who cares. Take a look at the pretty pictures instead. )


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