I hate AUs where a canon male character is a woman.

I don't mean temporary sex changes, in fact, I love temporary sex changes. So much fun. Such easy slash plot devices. So very good if done correctly, with all the angst and fear that would be involved (though sadly hardly ever written like that.) No, I mean whole universes where Daniel is a woman, or most recently, Cameron is a woman. I think the last one is the most disappointing for me, because I worship [livejournal.com profile] synecdochic as an author, and it's even worse when there's a new story of one of your favourite authors appearing on your flist, a story you really want to read, and then you can't because it contains one of your biggest squicks.

I just don't understand the need for this kind of AU. What's the idea, what are people trying to explore? Is it the question what would have been if Cameron/Jack/Daniel whever had been a woman? What wouls have been different? As far as we know, not a damn thing, except that it would have been easier for them to have sex with each other. Unless there's some social criticism in there saying that they wouldn't have been able to have the career they had as a woman, in that case (though I've never read that), in which case I'd just point and laugh and and then gone off to have sex with Sam, who is way sexier than those mutated turned-into-female-thing versions of my favourite men. Oh, you mean they would have been different if they were women?

I agree. They wouldn't have had a penis. Other than that, I don't think we can grasp how they would have been different, because the whole question of why we became who we are is complicated enough without adding the sex issue into it. Especially if the character you are working with has already become who they are. I've never seen it done convincingly. Actually, most people don't even try, they just write a twisted female version of the male characters I love, a woman who swears and is a bit macho and likes to wear leather. All the stereotypes that go into this kind of writing are too much to handle for my brain. It hates it.

And then there is the thing where I like men. I really really like men. I like them for being male. I like to look at them, to touch them, to see them move and be silly little show-offs when they point their guns at things. I like them losing their confidence a little when they see a beautiful woman. All those stereotypes that I can't handle when they are turned into a woman? I like them when they are men. I've nailed the problem, haven't I? I'm a sexist. I don't like the same things in men and women.

Which is not true for several reasons: 1) I would like the same characteristics in men and women, if they were the same. But they aren't. If someone is a woman, their characteristics, they stereotypes they fulfill, will be female. You cannot change that. You may associate some of them with men, but they are not, because that person is a woman. If Jack likes to point his gun at things, that a male thing. If Sam likes to point her gun at things, that's a female thing.
See what I did there? Men and women aren't all that different. Except that they are male and female. And that's what my brain can't handle (and sees not point in ding so): if a character is a man (like Daniel, or Cameron), and is turned into a woman, is put into an AU where he has always been a woman, the things he does should be female things. Except they are not, because DANIEL IS A MAN. Even if he is not.
*brain explodes*
I don't have the feeling I'm making this very clear, but it isn't. (it's a female thing... *g*)

2) The characteristic treats most often given to a man as a woman are the worst male stereotypes. Swearing. Reluctance to clean things. General bad behaviour. Promiscous sexual behaviour. All the things we do NOT like (at least I don't) in the real men we like. And then, at the same time, "typical" female characteristics are introduced, clothes are often emphasized, like someone wearing a skirt, while at the same time, care is taken to show that the turned character is not a "typical" woman (yes, I'm trying to imply that there is no "typical" woman, you don't have to remind me.) This leads to these characters being strange, hybrid creatures, creatures that I would not ever find attractive if I were to meet them in real life, for the simple reason that they are too contructed. Too unreal. I like men. I like women,. I don't think I like mixtures. And that's maybe the worst thing for me personally, that these writers take away my chance to be attractedl, to fall in love a with my characters a little bit more, as it should be after reading a good fanfic.

Before any of those crazy, purple wearing feminists jump me, let me get into the whole sexual equality issue. Well, not the whole one, obviously, just a part of it. Yes, I'm sure by cutting off Daniel/Cameron/Jack's penis you are making a big statement about gender equality, but what about Sam? Why doesn't she ever get turned into a man? (if she does, please sent links). Or, come to think of it, since there are a couple of (bad) slash fics in a number of fandoms where everyone is a man, why aren't there any where everyone is a woman? Oh, right, because then we'd ahve to write femslash, and we aren't too big on the femslash here in happy slasher's land. Femslash, in our subculture ruled by women (sorry guys, but you really are the minority here), is almost rare. Not that I'm unhappy that Sam doesn't get turned into a man more often, I like her just the way she is.

One more thing where I feel as if I have to defend myself before I unleash this Wednesday morning rant into the public: I said that men and women aren't that different. I did NOT however say that they are the same. I'm a woman. I like being a woman. No, I don't think there should be anything I can't do because I'm a woman, and I'm lucky to live in a society where being a woman is actually an advantage. But when I here a feminist say that women should have the same rights as men because there are "the same", I want to scream and yell and hit things.

I am NOT the same as a man. I am a WOMAN. I LIKE being a woman. I can have children, I have breasts, my skin is soft like silk, and when I get down on my knees for a man, it's a whole different dynamic then if I were a man. I thank you very much for not taking this away from me by pretending that I'm the same as a man. I am NOT A MAN.

Yes, all those things I used to show how I am different are sexual things. Breasts, skin, let's not forget the good old vagina (here, finally, I have managed to scare off the last of my few, male readers). Some of you will think that this, in itself, is a discrimination. That I'm reducing women to sexual beings by pointing out there those are the only differences. But isn't that the wole point? That the only thing in which we are, or should be, truly different, are the things that come right from our sex, that I have breast and you, man, don't? In everything else, we are not that different. Except, Sam likes to point her gun at things, she is a woman, if Jack does it, he is a man. And I thank you not to change that.

Caveat commentor: This is a spontaneous, Wednesday morning rant that most likely made me late for work. Even more likely, some of the things in here are exaggerated and simplified for the sake of the argument. I went from not liking Cameron as a woman to gender equality issues in about fifteen minutes, you gotta love fandom, but yeah, it's fifteen minutes. If it had been Thursday, I would probably have seen things a bit differently, and on Sundays I never like men much and I would have never started this rant. Please keep this in mind before you startyelling at me.
Moody, you say?
Hell, sure. I'm allowed to. I'm a woman after all. ;-)
[livejournal.com profile] thefourthvine asked us to post run this poll, and I'm happy that I finally found the time to do so.

Tell me what kind of fannish archetype you think I am. What I think myself doesn't matter, it's your opinion that counts. You'd make me very happy if you took this poll. I will of course, do the same for you, so if you posted the poll and I haven't filled it out yet, let me know.

[Poll #832841]

I'm rather excited about this poll, since I'm unsure what I am myself. Plus, these definitions are rather close o my love life, which either says a lot about fandom or about the sorry state of said love life. Haven't figured that one out yet.

Please feel free to comment on your choice. For example, if you'd classify me as a lone wolf, tell me what the teeny true fandom that gave you this impression is.
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( Aug. 22nd, 2006 12:55 am)
SGA, the surviving show (Bitter? Who? Me?) is tearing each other apart over a flashfic challenge. I find this highly amusing, because the whole debate is essentially one we just had - plagiarism.

If you "remix" a story without giving the original author credit, it's plagiarism. And don't come with the all fanfic is plagiarism argument, because it's not, at least not in the real legal systems in this world. (and I'm not going to debate this, unless you pay me 600$/hour or have studied law in the same legal system that I did). When you give credit, it could be anything. Asking, which - believe it or not - can sometimes be required BY LAW - is common courtesy. But the throwing around of legal terms and definitions by what cannot possibly be all lawyers, is something I find highly annoying anyway, so let's stop it. It's not like we are going to sue each other over a remixed fanfic, so who cares if it's allowed or not.

What I do care about is courtesy. And since common courtesy is so rare these days, it is my personal opinion that it should have been made mandatory in a flashfic challenge in such a large fandom. Not doing so it just asking for the wank (which could have been the whole point, for all I know).

But not only out of common courtesy was the opt-out option clearly the wrong solution. The reactions to the people who complain about having to opt out, show, that opting out for many people is equal with not being a team player. If you are a good fan and want others to have fun, you don't opt out from the remix. At least that's how I understood most of what was being written in the (now closed) comments.

Clearly, these people would think differently if they weren't writing SGA fic, but, say, NCIS fic. Because just the thought of one of the crazy NCIS writers* laying their dirty little fingers on the precious few stories I wrote in that fandom and turning my Tony and Gibbs, that I carefully, and I hope with success, kept male and mostly sane, into the "MINE! MINE!" screaming, bondage wearing, crying, at-best androgyn idiots with cats that this fandom seems to be so find of, makes me want to scream.

Maybe remixes in SGA fandom are fun. In NCIS, they'd definitely end in tears. Though, at least we wouldn't wank before that, because we are a nice, wank-free, if totally insane, fandom.

*except exceptions, and you know who you are.

Disclaimer: I would be less bitchy if my favourite show hadn't been cancelled just a few minutes ago. Sue me.
In another futile attempt to make the world a better place, I'd like request the prohibition of what I call explanatory dialogue. Yep, it's one of these days...


Numb3rs, episode 2x09 "Toxin":
David (completely out of context): "So we need to find out why a poisoner is trying to find a federal fugitive."
Colby: "The better question is how he intends to find him."
David: "And the best people to answer this question are the ones who've been looking for him the past seven months."

Supernatural, Pilot: (notice how I totally don't watch this show, because I will not succumb to peer pressure and Jensen Ackles alone cannot be reason enough to watch even more TV than I already do and OMG who am I kidding?)
Brothers talking about missing Dad.
Sam: "I swore I was done hunting for good."
Dean: "Come on, it wasn't easy, but it wasn't that bad."
Sam: "Yeah, when I told Dad I was scared of the thing in my closet, he gave me a 45."
Dean: "So what was he supposed to do?"
Sam: "I was nine years old. He was supposed to say 'Don't be afraid of the dark."
Dean: "Don't be afraid of the dark, are you kidding me? Of course you should be afraid of the dark, you know what's out there."
Sam: "I know what's out there, but still, the way we grew up after mom was killed and dad's obsession to find the thing that killed her."
(it goes on and on, with a memorable "We were raised by warriors" somewhere in between.)

Almost everything, especially everything that Grissom or Horatio say, with or without sunglasses.

All these conversations have one thing in common: The characters tell each other things that they already know, but that are new or maybe unclear to the viewer. A normal conversation between Sam and Dean could have gone like this, for example:

"Remember the 45?"
"Yeah, so what. Was he supposed to tell 'Don't be afraid of the dark?'"
"No, of course not, but still, after mom died, dad became obsessed."

This conversation would give the brothers all the clues they need to understand each other. The gun, the scary things, the death of their mother. Problem is, the viewer won't have any idea what's going on (this takes place about ten minutes into the show). Same with Numb3rs. David and Colby are FBI agents hunting for a man who tried to poison food. They know what they are doing. They know why they are going to wherever they are going (and it's not just so Colby can hero-worship Edgerton.) But the viewer could have been a bit confused by the events, unable to make the connection between the poisoner and the federal fugitive, and so it's up to David and Colby to have this useless conversation in the car. CSI, as the self-declared Forensics 101, is pretty much all about explaining to the viewer who is doing what and why, so I shouldn't even complain about all the bad dialogue in these shows.

Explanatory dialogue is annoying for many reasons:

1) It is unnatural. We know these people wouldn't usually have the conversation they are having. In TV and even more in fiction, it throws me right out of the story and makes me realize that I sit in front of the TV, wondering why the writers wrote this the way they did. It seriously lessens my TV watching pleasure, and you know how I get if you touch my TV.

2) It can be derogatory, like the Numb3rs example, because it obviously says "I think that you, viewer, are too slow to understand this show, so let me explain it to you again."

3) It is lazy. Supernatural is a good example for this. I would have loved to learn all these things about the brothers, but the writers were too lazy to show them to me, to explain them with the medium the yare using, which is a movie, albeit a 43:20 minute one on TV. So they put all this information, that would have made a good story, into a few sentences. Things I would have liked to have found out by myself, like the information that they were raised like "warriors". Which, btw, is a rather stranger thing to say about oneself. Apart from that, it wasn't that hard to figure out, with the burning woman and the baby and everything, which leads me back to point 2): how stupid do they think I am?

On TV, 2) is the more common mistake, but it sometimes mixes with 3). If you think your reader/viewer can't follow the actions, then maybe you have done something wrong before. 3) is very common in fanfic. It's okay to have SG-1 talk about their mission if you start your fic already off-world, but it isn't okay if Jack and Daniel tell each other that they have been lovers for only a month, because they wouldn't usually talk about that. Usually, I say, because you can always find a reason, and explaining things in dialogue doesn't have to be all bad. But then you need to give me a reason why these people are having that kind of conversation at that moment. If Sam and Dean had explained this to the stupid looking blond girl with the smurfs, it would have made sense, because she, like the viewer, would need the information to understand what they are talking about. As long as it's just the two of them, it's just annoying.

The Numb3rs writers, as much as I appreciate them in other ways, had no excuse at all to make David and Colby have their conversation and it annoyed me even more when I think they they could have been having sex instead.

Now I'll go back to watching Supernatural, which I don't watch, but won't judge by its first ten minutes either.
[livejournal.com profile] leadensky has a post over here about why she disagrees with RPF/RPS.

I know, it's old, it's all been said before, but then, what in fandom hasn't been said before? But I still found it interesting, because unlike most people, she actually has arguments for her opinion. Arguments with which I disagree.
Which is funny, because I can totally understand why people have issues with RPS or find it wrong. I just couldn't understand her argument.

Under the cut, you will find what my comment in her lj. I don't usually do that sort of thing, but
a) I don't know the first thing about [livejournal.com profile] leadensky and have no idea if she is interested in discussing this (yes, I heard that some people do not like it when you disagree with them. I still have trouble understanding that.)
b) some of the discussions over there have already turned into the usual "Chill out", "She can say what she wants, it's her LJ!" kindergarten plays that we all know and love,
c) no one but me seems to have disagreed with her so far, and everyone just says "this is such a great argument, yay you", so I'm fully expecting to be attacked by someone over there any time soon
d) the words fandom_wank were already mentioned, in which case all hope is lost.

So I thought I'd post what I wrote here, because I fully trust my flist to hit me vigorously but politely on the head if they disagree with me. Also, seeing how this is my lj, coming here to tell me that I'm not allowed to disagree, because "That is her lj, she can write whatever she wants!" is kind of a moot point.
*mocks kindergarden*
(I'm not mocking [livejournal.com profile] leadensky, it's not her fault that the discussion over there turned ugly)

Also, my comment isn't merely a reply. It stands on it's own, I just use some of the other arguments to show mine. And I was to lazy type it all again, so it's in the form of a comment. I don't mean to discuss [livejournal.com profile] leadensky's opinion here, if you want to argue with her, do it over there. I'd like to hear what you guys think about my POV.

Come on, tell me why I'm wrong and why I suck and why I should never ever mention RPS again. You know you want to. )
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( Jul. 23rd, 2005 11:23 am)
One thing I don't like about John/Rodney slash is the cluelessness. Both Rodney and John are "fairly" intelligent people. If they would suddenly have the hots for another man, one would think that they'd figure it out. But no, in fiction, it is often Rodney suddenly kissing Sheppard, and Sheppard going all "What? Oh? OH! I like that! I never knew!" and then they all come in their pants. )

Thank you for listening, this was your friendly Saturday morning fanfic rant, brought to you be Oceana.
I've been thinking a lot about incest since I started watching Numb3rs. So far, I have read one Numb3rs fic, Dale Edmonds incredible "Parallel Connections over Symmetric Spaces".

It's Don/Charlie. I loved it.

Why? How can I enjoy to read about an incestous relationship? Shouldn't I be disgusted by it?

This got rather long, so - in order not to break anymore taboos - I put it behind a cut-tag. Click here, where I talk about incest. A lot. )
I completely missed the whole Pegasus B kerfuffle, and I'm not sad about it.

The only thing I got out of it is that somebody screamed that there wasn't enough het, and then the whole "slash neglects women" thing came up. Which inevitably leads to "TV neglects women" and "Why aren't there more interesting females lead roles" up to evil male network owners who discriminate poor women.
And like so many things fandom get all hot and bothered about, this is one of the arguments you can't win.
Because no matter what you say to the people who bring this up, they'll argue against it.
Explain that in your opinion women play an important part in whatever show they are watching?
It won't be "important enough".

Point out female lead roles to them?
They'll say that the female character is too male.

Ask what makes a woman "too male"?
They'll probably shoot you dead and scream "traitor!" at them.

I am so sick of that.
You know what? Get over it. Get over whatever issues you have with being a woman, and accept that some of us are quite happy in our bodies and with our sexuality.
And accept that some of us like men.
Take me for example:
I like men. I really like men. I like their muscles and their smell and the way they hold doors open for you just because you are female, and how they start talking a bit louder about their new motorbike with their friends in a bar, hoping you'll notice them. I like their bodies. Hell, I even like chest hair, and I never thought that would ever happen when I was fifteen.
I like to have sex with them.
And I really like nothing more than two watch them doing manly things on TV, read about them doing manly things in fic, having manly sex with other manly men. Read about them as MEN.
Because I like MEN.

Don't get me wrong, I like women too. But I chose to read and fantasize about MEN. My choice.

And if you can't accept that, that's your bad luck. But please leave me alone with your frustrated little cries for equal opportunity fic. I want to enjoy my fantasy men without interruption.

I don't think going down on my knees to give a blowjob is degrading.

That will give you enough material to talk about with your therapist for years.

*wipes sweat from forehead*
I sure feel better now.

Edited: I meant what I said about not having followed the Pegasus B kerfuffle, so please, let's not bring it in here. I just needed to blow off some steam because I suddenly felt like I had to apologize for liking men. Isn't that discriminating? No one ever asked me to apologize for liking women. *g*
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( Feb. 2nd, 2005 10:03 pm)
The way too detailed discussion about gay sex in my last entry has got me thinking. Not about sex, but about fic and characterization.

What my fascination with people has to do with kinky gay sex and characterization in slash fiction (I found out that people are more likely to read under the cut when you use the word SEX and GAY a lot. *g*) )

Fortunately that doesn't work for every out of character fic. If Jack starts calling Daniel "Danny-baby" in public, I will still hold up my canon-signs with a big, fat "No Way!".
But I'll have to rethink my definition about in or out of character a little bit, because some things that I see as out of character could be the result of the writer having a totally different view of the world and its inhabitants than I have.

Hmm. I guess I'm just fascinated by people, their backgrounds, what made them who they are now.
I, for example, have a thing for Alpha-males, in real life as well as on TV. I have a fairly good explanation as to why my taste runs in this direction.
Just as I can explain why I hardly ever fall for the geeks, and never at first sight.

So, if there is a Pepe fan out there, who thinks that her version of Jack and Daniel is in character and can explain why she or he thinks so, I'd be very happy to hear your thoughts. Anon comments are allowed, and I'll give my word that you won't get flamed for liking Pepe in my LJ.
Or else I'll start kicking people in the head!


(oh, and please tell me if I'm not making any sense. I'm not sure if I managed to say what I wanted to say.)
For the longest time I was startled by the term "angst" in fanfic. I'm not a native speaker, and I hadn't come across the word before.
I looked it up, compared it to the angst-fics I read, and came to the conclusion that it is used to describe what Oxford's Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English calls "a feeling of anxiety (eg caused by considering the state of world affairs)"
That is how I used it: angst fics recced by me will have an overall feeling of uneasiness, a feeling as if the world is suddenly wrong and will never be right again.

Today I read that this new addition to my vocabulary wasn't that new after all: it is supposed to be the german word "Angst", a word that is very familiar to me, with me being german and everything.
Now, the german word "Angst" (and if it really is german, can people please spell it with a capital A), can be used to describe a feeling of anxiety. But it usually means fear of a situation.
If you are afraid of the dark, you have "Angst" of the dark, for example.
Personally, I'd use it to describe true horror stories, stories with monsters and little pink killer bunnies. Possibly Daniel in footy pyjamas.

So, which is it? Is it the german word (in which case I'd need to rethink my definition of fannish angst), or the english one. Or did I misunderstand the fannish definition I read, and it is the english word for angst, which comes from the german one originally. Or am I the only one who sees a difference between "fear" and a "feeling of anxiety".

I am confused.
Maybe I just need some breakfast.
Sometimes, and it really doesn't happen very often, I find it sexy when Jack calls Daniel "babe" or "baby". Only when they are in bed, or doing things that are usually done in bed.

I will, however, never understand why people write stories where Jack calls Daniel "sweetheart" or "Darling", and Daniel answers with "yes, my love".
Not even when they are joking.

I equally hate it when Methos suddenly starts calling Duncan "Donchaid" or something like that. I couldn't even be bothered to remember the exact word, but you find it quite often in HL fiction. Urgh. "Old Man" and "Highlander" are tolerable once or twice in a story. I Methos never says "Highlander" as an endearment, so if you are looking for a term that Methos can whisper into Duncan's ear in the throes fo passion, this is not it.

Jim and Blair are more prone to use terms of endearment. I can easily see them falling into the habit of calling each other "babe" or "baby" on a regular basis, in day to day life. Actually, I always wondered that they were still calling each other by their names at the end of the show. *g*
They may get a bit experimental with pet names in bet, but never as experimental as "my love", or " honey-booboo". Okay, I made the last one up. I hope.

Krycek could call Mulder russian pet names in theory. There are language help groups on yahoo if you are searching for a term, and remember to be careful that what you say in english may not necessarily have the same meaning in russian. Ask a native speaker. Mulder and Krycek however do not use the word "babe" or "baby", because that's for the vanilla couples, and M/K is not one of them. They probably call each other Fox and Alex of they are in love, and "Fuck Mulder, stop!" and "You little asshole" when they are just fucking.

Ben and Ray call each other Ben and Ray, and "Fraser", "Frase" and, well, Ray. Because Fraser does not call Ray "Vecchio" or "Kowalski", no matter which Ray he is talking to. I don't see how Fraser could call Ray "Stanley", but I may accept that Ray calls him Benton from time to time. Just to hear how it sounds. Ray K. will use all sorts of silly endearments, because he was married, so he is used to using them, and he likes it too. He will lie in bed with Fraser calling him "Darling", "Honey", "Sweetheart" and"Sugar", just because he can, and he likes saying those things. But when he comes he says"Fraser", or, when they are making love "Ben", and you will not hear a "my love" after any of them.

If you want to use pet names, write McKay slash. He uses them all, just to annoy people.
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( Aug. 28th, 2004 12:42 pm)
I was going to post about the mpreg post at [livejournal.com profile] fanfic_hate, when Andromeda distracted me.
Mpreg, right.
When i first heard about mpreg, and - thanks to the BtVs fandoms tendency to do all sorts of bad things to Xander - it didn't take long, I was...confused.
Pregnant men? What had I gotten myself into? Were these so called fanfic writers crazy?
I read it, of course. Never judge anything if you don't know what it is about.
It was bad. I think Xander had twins by both Angel and Spike. Don't really need to say more, do I?

I read more mpreg. I am fascinated with mpreg. The idea itself isn't new, so the existence of mpreg shouldn't surprise anyone.
I like to see the characters deal with new situations, see how they react to the unexpected. It is one of the things that attracts me to slash - apart from the yummy, naked boys. *g* And what situation could be stranger, more unexpected than a pregnancy? What would a man do were he to become pregnant? There is no protocoll for this, there isn't even a "what if"-scenario in his head: it is simply something that he would never think possible.
And the reaction to this is what drives me to mpreg.

Of course I have never found a mpreg story like this. What I found were happy family stories that gave no explanation why and how the men could become pregnant at all. Yes, surprisingly, very few mpreg stories explain how the pregnancy is possible. And there are even fewer that give a good explanation.

Harry Potter has a good mpreg potential. Magic can explain many things. Stargate would also be alright: aliens could make it possible. Highlander on the other hand? Even forgetting the whole infertility issue, I just can't see it. Immortals are humans that can't die. Their physiology isn't different.
On the other hand, immortality? Demon? Duncan's body?
All things that shouldn't be able to exist. So why not add pregnant men?

I would love to read an mpreg fic with a good explanation, that tries to "realistically" show how a man would deal with a pregnancy. I don't really care about the physical side of things. (though that HL story where Methos had a child coming out of his ASS is something I can very well live without.)
How would he decide to keep the child? A male pregnancy would have to be dangerous, unless we are talking about Harry Potter. How would he react to the changes in his body? How would other people react?

I haven't found that story yet, but I'll keep searching.

I had hoped that there were "rec" in the [livejournal.com profile] fanfic_hate post, but so far there aren't any. Instead we get gems like this:L
but the general premise is the immaculate conception. I.E Blair is carrying the new baby jesus.

Why yes, there is a reason for the amount of posts on this Saturday morning: could it be that I'm supposed to work in my essay? Nah, I'd never post about fannísh things if I had work to do...
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( Jul. 4th, 2004 09:00 am)
I don't know how many of you noticed, but there was an issue somewhere about a manipulated image of Jack in an erotic pose, because someone had a problem with it looking like RDA. Wow, Jack looks like RDA , I said- I never noticed. ;-)
Anyway, I got into a little discussion about the ethics of photo manipulations over at [livejournal.com profile] frahulettaes with a nice girl who seems to like manips just like me, but has a different opinion about manips. She actually made me wonder a bit about my opinion. So, I have no odea if this is one of those "dead" themes that everyone has talked about twenty times already, but I'd be interested to hear what others think about it.
Here's what I wrote:

The Ethics of Fannish Photo Manipulations )

I cut it a little, because I don't want to continue my discussion with [livejournal.com profile] gategrrl here. Unless she wants to. :-)
The whole discussion can be found here. Don't let it be said that I quote people out of context. If you comment there, could you let me know please, so I can read what you said? Because I don't get comment notifications for Fra's lj. Yet. ;-)
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( Jun. 1st, 2004 10:26 pm)
I think I may have OD'd on J/D slash from the fantastic Jack/Daniel ficathon.
I didn't think it was possible to read too much J/D slash, but the stories begin to all bleed into one, and they are too good to read them with my tired brain that can't fully appreciate them at the moment.

I'll try to give feedback to all the wonderful writers tomorrow, and though I try to give "real" feedback as often as I can, I am grateful that people are publishing in their LJs, where it is easy for busy people like me just leave a comment when there's no time for an email.

Days like these, I feel bad about not contributing to fandom by writing. All these lovely people, taking the time and stress to write a story for someone else within a time-limit, and here I am, doing nothing, just consuming them all greedily.
If they were all like me, no ficathon could ever exist. Oh, I know that they are writing for their own joy, and not just for others: but still, I wish there was a way to express my gratitude to all the fanfic writers whose works make my daily life so much more enjoyable.
So here I am, innocently checking out Area52 for the xth time today, knowing that they can't possibly have updated again because it was updated 4 days ago, only to find that there are new stories. Which always gets me a little excited, even if I should know better by now.
Now, I can't read every story that gets published on Area 52. Not only do I not have that kind of time, but I would also like my tender brain to stay intact a little longer.
So I have this strange system about the stories that I read:

There are authors I never read because I deeply hate what they do to the characters, and I get very angry when I stumble across one of their stories.

There are authors that I read when I'm very desperate, and then only for the smut. (I wasn't that desperate today)

There are authors that I have never read and will probably never read, because they have already published a number of stories, but no one ever recced them to me, and their names are boring, and I just can't be bothered. (Sometimes, when I'm starving for SG-1 fic, I look up these authors and read their stories. They often end up under category 1 or 2)

There are, of course, authors that I worship and whose shopping lists would give me greater pleasure than most fics these days, but I usually read their fics on the mailing list, so I already know them when they are up on Area52.

And then there are the new authors: Authors who have published only one or two stories at Area52. I give them a chance, every time. I made some nice discoveries that way (like The Grrrl), and they gave me some good laughs, and they made me bang my head against the wall and cry.

This time there were only three stories by "new" authors.
One is harmless (to put it nicely), one is deeply disturbing and makes me want to scream "Pro Censorship!No more badfic on public slash archives!" and one was... I don't know, I guess boring is the best word. The fic wasn't bad itself, the writing was okay (at least what I noticed, but I didn't read it till the end), I counted only two "Dannys" (though those two were Dannys of the worst kind). But the whole fic was kind of pointless. No one needs another of these fics. It's the kind of fic that exists in every fandom, and that everyone has read a thousand times, and it isn't even a good example of that kind of fic. It felt like a fic that was written without love, for the fic or for the characters, written just to write something. Mass production, and it shows in lovely details like
I sit down beside him and he jumps up like a zat gun just shot him in the ass.
Excuse me, but being zatted usually isn't known to make people jump.

This is, at least for me, the difference between porn and slash: one is about two men having sex, the other is about two characters that you know and love having sex.

I always feel bad ranting about fic, because I have the highest respect for everyone who goes out there and publishes something and takes the risk to have it taken apart. But I feel cheated by stories like that. I don't want people who don't really care about them touching "my" characters.

Good news is that ELG has published "Into the labyrinth" on Area52. The story is quite old, and was published as gen, but now I have hope for a slash sequel.
I can't categorize ELG as an author. I'm inclined to say that I would happily read her shopping list, but I'm afraid that a 500kb+ shopping list will fail to hold my interest, no matter how well written it is.


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