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( Mar. 14th, 2008 11:51 pm)
So LJ abolished basic accounts, and I, too, have an opinion about this! (who'd have thought? *g*)

Here's it:

Livejournal is a business. It has employees. It wants to make money.
In other words: somebody has to pay.

There used to be a statistic on the site showing how many people have paid accounts. I can't find that statistic anymore, but I remember that it wasn't much, maybe 2% of total accounts? I could be wrong, but I was surprised about how few people had paid accounts, when practically everyone I know has one. I doubt, however, that paid accounts pay for livejournal to work. Maybe they did once, but not anymore. And even if they did pay for the costs, they sure don't pay for the profit. Remember what I said above? Business. Profits. Money.
Somebody has to pay.

So who does? Well, advertising does. That's how the internet work, you either ask for money for the service you provide (ask the NY Times how that went) or you can provide interesting services for free, increase your traffic and charge (more) for ads that other people place on your site.

Personally, I can't see anything wrong with that.
Business. Money. Somebody has to pay.

Oh wait, but it's our dear livejournal! The place we hang out and meet aaaallll our friends every day! We don't want stupid ads in our favourite hang-out!

Newsflash: you don't need to see ads. If you have a paid account, you will never see an ad on lj (at least that's what they are saying right now, and it's still almost true, except for stupid sponsored virtual gifts - that you can opt out from, btw). I don't see any ads anywhere and have never seen them.

Yes, I know, it's so unfair that they make you pay. It's the InTErnetz! It should be free!

As it is, most of the time. That's why you see so many ads everywhere you go.

Now, I don't want to advertise for paid accounts here, but currently, you pay $ 19.95 for year of paid time. That's less than $2 a month. I think that's a fair price to pay for a place to hang out with aaalll your friends - without ads. (plus we all know that the dollar isn't actually worth anything any more. Now, if they asked to be paid in gold! Or gasoline! *g*)

Further advantage: Paying makes you a paying customer. Paying customers always have a better negotiating position than others.

Was the way they announced it stupid?
You bet it was. What else is new.

But I can understand them. If you were to come to lj today, would voluntarily choose the basic account or the sponsored plus account with more ads? None of us would ever choose more ads if they had a choice. But most of the accounts created on lj get abandoned right away or very soon. As a business decision, it's much more profitable to have these accounts created as plus accounts than to have them created as basic accounts that are never upgraded.

More plus accounts, more money. We will have to wait and see if more money turns into something good for us. Who knows, maybe they will finally hire a publicity person?

Conclusion: Good old LJ brings us yet another publicity disaster, somebody in a Russian subterrestran power center (think Absolute!Power) is leaning back with satisfaction at the additional traffic the wank brings his company, and anyone who isn't naive enough to think that lj is kept in existence only so that we have a place to hang out and talk about gay porn, cannot really blame them for it.

At least that's my opinion. Yours may differ. But only if you paid for it. ;-)
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( Dec. 3rd, 2007 04:18 pm)
No time to write a real opinion on the sale (but hey, Russia! Now we
can whatever we want, because they don't have reasonable laws! Or a
democracy! - *blinks* - Wait, that would have been true for the US as
well, so, no change there)
// end of sarcasm

Anyway, here's a link to a German article about censorship of
blogging in Russia

Link: http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/web/0,1518,514472,00.html

I'm at work, so I don't have time to read the whole article, but it
seems that blogs are censored in Russia for political reasons (no
surprise there), that Anton Nossik, according to the article the
"Chief Blogging Officer" of SUP, the Russian company which has worked
with Six Apart since 2006 in Russia and has now founded the Company
that acquired LJ, is one of the most famous Russian bloggers and has
adviced that (this was after the Russian licensing) the server stay in
the US, so that Russian authorities would have to go through US courts
to get to them.

Now, what I would like to know is: where will these servers be from
now on? (will have to ask that question in one of those official
communities), what law will be applicable (on first sight and without
getting deeper into this, for Germans that should be German law, since
the offer is in German language directed to us, but I could be wrong
about this).

The article also states that lj seems to be THE Russian blogging
platform and that ljing is a lot more political in Russia than in the
US. Apparently, bloggers are anti-Putin (oh, I wonder if these words
will get me suspended), but not radically anti. Since anti-evil
overlords with dubious ties to former German evil overlords (I'm so
ashamed of my country for ever having elected Mr. Cigar-Smoking
LookAtMYSuit Schröder) is always good, this makes me feel a bit better
about the sale. Also, that one of the main guys is a famous Russian
blogger could be a good sign. I wish I had some sort of insight,
knowing what famous in this context means. And I will have to find
out, if that guy is still responsible.

This just as a short info, because I stumbled upon it by accident.
There will probably more opinions on Evil Overlords and such in here
shortly: let's carry democracy where it is needed, I say.
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( Nov. 27th, 2007 11:51 pm)
My layout has diappeared.
*glares at lj*

You better be back in the morning or there will be one cranky Oceana...
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( Aug. 5th, 2007 03:24 pm)
I'm this close to unfriending people. And not the ones that have a different opinion from mine, but the ones that keep being insanely unreasonable about this whole thing drive me crazy. Can people please behave like adults again?

[livejournal.com profile] metafandom "mysteriously" links only to posts that are in favor of THE BIG MOVE that's not going to happen unless you are twelve years old and throwing a fit or you like twelve-years olds, without or without fits, way too much. What annoys me most is that these are the same people who will cry blue murder when someone writes fiction which goes against their rules. I'm thinking of one remarkable Supernatural wank here.

I already stated my opinion on the strikethrough (two! TWO! journals. With GRAPHIC content that raised hairs on my neck, and trust me, nothing but incest usually does. Yes, let's call it a strikethrough. Right.)

But I'm getting so annoyed when I read my flist that I feel I need to say something else.

We all know that all the sites that everyone is so excited about moving to will have and implement the same policies LJ is implementing now. There is no sign that they will be any clearer on what exactly is against their policy.

Has repeatedly given us more icons when we cried fro them.
Is continuously improving its features, even if the result isn't always 100%.
Has brought us features like scrapbook, photobucket support, youtube embedding and phone posts. Can also be used via email and SMS.
Has accepted and yes, I dare say supported, fandom for all these years, and still accepts lots of content that is WAY off mainstream even for fandom.
Has a support team that answers questions within a very reasonable amount of time.
Has a DIVERSE and active community of people, who do not always agree, but at least you can be outspoken for anything without getting shunned (try that on journalfen...)
Is remarkably reliable and has next to no downtime for such a big community, and if they do, the compensate paid users.
Tries. Real hard. Okay, so sometimes they fail, and yes, they should start hiring professionals, but they try.

Other places:
I can't generally say much about them, because I haven't spent much time there, but here's a few facts:
Journalfen, run by fen who like to wank, apparently refused to delete someone's real identity from a comment. Not knowing details about this I don't want to discuss if it was right or wrong, just stating that it makes me feel a queasy about the service. I also remember the total unreasonable behavior of the people who (claimed to ) run the site when some Narnia archive got a C&D. LJ's management was nothing against that.
Conveniently doesn't allow invite codes or the creation of new free accounts anymore when fandom threatens to migrate. I'm sure they made quite a lot of money on fen these last days.
No change in the navigation in the last years, tons of dead links, yep, someone really seems to care about its users.

Hasn't once changed the layout, which is not very user friendly, in the four years I've had my account there.
Has promised 1000 icons, then deleted more than 300 that I had saved over there because apparently I wasn't active enough. Not that I know why they deleted them, it's not as if they had given me a warning or a reason. Not even when I asked.
From the one time I tried to contact them (see above), I got the feeling that they have no customer support whatsoever.

Is too new for me to say anything good or bad about them, but it doesn't support Opera. You firefox people could probably care less, but even if I were willing to leave LJ, which I'm not, I sure as hell won't change my browser.

In the unlikely case (I hope) that you are as annoyed by me speaking up for lj as I am by people running around like screaming squirrels crying "Migrate me! Migrate me!", feel free to unfriend.

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] metafandom? Please don't link. It would ruin your censorship.
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( Aug. 3rd, 2007 03:06 pm)

For the next LJ Power Outage of Doom. Of whatever else may happen.

P.S.: The best reason I have for staying is that the same thing will happen to other journals, too. I don't think anyone is targeting fandom, but there are parts of fandom that are really close to the people that are being targeted, and those are the ones that have to suffer. But every social network site will have to implement a policy against pedophiles one day, and targeting child pornography will be a part of that. Which means that no matter where we are, chan and underage will be a reason for suspension, at least if it is represented visually.

And don't think this would be different if fandom had its own place. The only difference would be that if the maintainers of such a place wouldn't act against child pornography (again, not going into definitions here), the whole site would be a target.
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( Dec. 23rd, 2006 11:57 pm)
Okay, this is really strange. Can anyone see my last post on their flist? I can't see it on mine (I have my lj friended for exactly this purpose) and what's even stranger, there are 12 comments on this post and all of them are from 2003. Do I have to understand this?

*is puzzled*
I'm surprised I haven' seen more reaction to this post on [livejournal.com profile] lj_biz, which has so far produced more than 1800 comments, on my flist. (If you didn't know about this, you obviously failed to read the smallprint)

My reaction is pretty much "Fuck you, LJ.", but I'm not so naive that I believe there could be anything done about this. The contracts are already signed. I found the edit of the post hilarious (--Free Stuff!--), but other than that I'm no amused.

But now it gets interesting:
[livejournal.com profile] bradfitz personally (or a sockkpuppet using his account, who cares), posts an apology to the community.
I'm sorry that I haven't been paying more attention (or really that lots of us haven't been paying more attention).

Then he clarifies, forced by the realization that we are not quite as stupid as they'd like us to be. ("It's a duck!" "No, it's not, look, free"Stuff!" "It walks like a duck, talks like a duck..." "But... Free!Stuff!")
paid users won't see sponsored stuff -- ignore the previous post. paid users won't ever see ads. that's why you paid, and we're not in the business of pissing off paid users. (just in the business of writing misleading posts to paid users, apparently... *sigh*)

It's nice to hear, Mr. Fitz, but excuse me for not trusting you. Do you even have any influence left after you sold out your company? And even if we don't get ads, it won't change that we are closer tohaving our journals censored and being sued by big companies for journal names or because we use an icon with Harry Potter on it.

For now, I'll just wait and see what happens. I don't plan to move anytime soon, wouldn't know where to go if I wanted to. My paid account doesn't run out for a while, so not renewing it isn't an option either. My biggest fear is privacy: yes, I could friends-lock my lj, but now that LJ will have big, corporate members who pay a lot of money, who says that they won't give them the information in my journal anyway? After all, the US hasn't been big on protecting privacy for a while.

But as I said, let's calm down and wait what happens. I've pondered this enough during the day and am tired of talking and thinking about it. Just wanted to give you the information.

Remember to back up your journal just in case. Two services to do so that I have used in the past are LJ Book (creates a pdf. file from your lj) and LJ Archive (program that generates a searchable - useful!- copy of your lj with comments on your HD).
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( Sep. 30th, 2006 10:08 am)
Good morning, and welcome to this fabulous new chance to run my life for me!

Today's problem is the following:

I own a computer with a 40 GB HD (all full, except for the space I need to download my weekly shows) and an external harddrvie with 300 GB. Sadly, that one is now full, too (backups of photos and everything on my HD, my screencaps, music, movies and many TV shows.) The TV shows currently on my HD are not burned on CDs. In fact, I haven't bought CDs since I bought the HD. But if I want to continue watching TV, something needs to go.

Which leaves me with the following options:
- Buy a new harddrive. Only, when I get a new computer, I will have more HD space anyway. Okay, you can never have enough, but still, two external harddrives? Isn't that overkill?
- Burn everything on CD. That would be cheap, but it would leave me with yet more CDs cluttering my room, and with 50 CDs I could only clear 35 GB, which isn't all that much.
- Buy original DVDs of the things that are on my harddrive. I rather like this option, except that it is expensive and not everything is available on DVD.
- Buy an external DVD burner. That would allow me to clear up more space on my HD than with CDs, and I wouldn't quite as many disks lying around in my room.

Lucky for you, I've been thinking about this for, hmm, at least two hours, and I'm not able to decide. Which gives you the wonderful opportunity to RUN MY LIFE! Now with a nifty poll, available at only 3$/month, plus the guarantuee to never again be bothered by ads or pesky companies! Only here in Oceana's LJ!

Take the poll!

[Poll #833699]

While you are here, why don't you judge me in addition to running my life? Take the other poll, too!

Additional customer information:
The tone of this entry was brought to you exclusively by [livejournal.com profile] oceana_ and these lj news. This is a practise run for what the content of this and many other nifty journals on your friends list will look like in the future. By taking the poll you agree to take complete responsibility for the consequences your decision will have on [livejournal.com profile] oceana_'s life now and in the future. You also agree that [livejournal.com profile] oceana_ may contact you with further information about the decision she made, spam you with fandom and slash ramblings and ask you for more help on running her life. The contents of this journal, including your decision in the poll, are owned by [livejournal.com profile] oceana_ and may not be used by others without permission, until the US government decides to take these rights away.
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( Jul. 4th, 2006 03:20 pm)
It seems as if it was one of the "not around at all" phases after all. I apologize for my absence during the last week, I had to...digest---my exams before I was able to speak to anyone. But today I was productive and did lots of real life stuff, some of it even in the garden with my trusted old laptop, so I feel confident that I am able to post. And maybe even answer comments. Because it's not that I didn't try posting, oh no. You missed the great HP rant, and the "LJ has lost its purpose for me" whining, and the fabulous Mosquito Mystery Matter. All posts that were typed and then deleted, because they didn't seem worth posting at the end.

But now I'm back, productive, rejuvenated (I was trying to find a reason to use that mood for years) and I have, uhm, nothing much to say. Go figure.

What did I do during the last week?
Well, I lay in the sun a lot. I walked the dog. I spend the entire Saturday in silence, because I had lost my voice during a party on Thursday (Friday killed it dead.) I read a lot of SG1 fic and am writing up recs, which I can't post before I have posted the vid recs I have been working on for ages. Those I can't post because they are not done yet and apparently I can't get myself to finish them. But! Productiveness! I shall finish the vid recs tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow.

What else is there?
Well, there are the LJ statistics. You might remember that LJ-dom was in a bit of a flurry a few weeks ago, because our LJ-masters had told us that we were all teenagers who should want a more teenage-friendly lj. When LJ-dom protested, they asked us to fill in our user info so the age statistics would be more accurate. I, having nothing better to do in my exam preparation, wrote down the numbers for you, and now I can announce that the ljers who were 18 and 19 have only slightly increased, with the 19 year old now being the biggest group of ljers. Years 20 to 26 however seem to have grown an average of tenthousand. Still considerably less than the 18 and 19ers, but they are there. 27+ didn't grow as much, and I only wrote down the numbers until 30.

This can lead us to the following conclusions:
- many many people had their 19th birthday during the last few weeks, that's why there are more 19ers now.
- people between 18 and 19 don't care about lj politics, so they didn't fill out there user info when lj asked
- people between 18 and 19 are not the largest group represented on lj, but they are the largest group with filled out user info. That's why those groups didn't grow as much as the other ones.
- Unless you find 400000 people who are willing to claim that they are 40+ in their user info, lj won't care anyway.

That's it from me, more exciting news here on this LJ, if and when my productiveness lasts and something happens that I can write about. Which will surely not be last Sunday's boring Dead Zone episode.
The interesting thing about about the new profile page is that is made me notice my "lj user number" for the first time. Mine is 952647. I assume that equals the number of how many lj users there were when I signed up in 2003?

Does that mean that when I signed up, lj was just short of a million users, and now there are more than 10 million?
The mind boggles.
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( Jun. 19th, 2006 10:13 pm)
Lj may not consist of only teenage users, but it's hard to believe that it isn't maintained by teenagers. Especially when reading sentences like this from the user pic update page:

"Increase to when you for free, or for userpics and the option to earn or buy even more."

Now, I'm not a native speaker, but is this english? And if so, what does it say?
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( Jun. 19th, 2006 09:30 pm)
From the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] docmichelle

Concerned about Lj?

And it's apparent move to 'youngify' the look/feel of the whole thing? Well, it seems that the lj PTB have got it in their heads that the user population is so young (18 and female) because they're going off of the stats from the DOB on the profile page.

Which, if you're like me, you didn't bother/actively avoided filling in the year info because you figure that's nobody's business.

Go, fill it in. Uncheck the box that says 'share info with other users' if you don't feel comfortable having everyone know your age. You can always include your month/day in your bio so people know when to celebrate.

And please, pass this on. Maybe something will sway these people.

Now let's see if we can't raise the average age around these parts a bit.
So for the last couple of days I didn't get any comment notifications, and this time it is hotmail, not lj. Which makes me think that I should finally get rid of my evil hotmail address and move everything over to gmail, which reliably starred and labeled my comment notifications and gave them to me within seconds.

The only reason I haven't done this yet is this: gmail, when I used it for lj before, put comments together into threads. This did not only annoy me, it was also impractical, because I wouldn't be allowed to delete a single comment from the thread. It was either the whole thread or nothing at all. I delete comments when I answer them, so this didn't work for me at all.

So, does anyone use gmail for their lj account, and if so, does it still do the awful thread thing? Would you recommend gmail for lj-notifications? I need to find a solution if I ever want to get another comment notification.
Pretending I'm doing well
my need is such I pretend that I'm keeping up with my flist,
I'm not, but no one can tell
oh yes, I'm the great defriender
adrift in a real life of my own
I play the game, but to my real shame I had to defriend some of you

Too real is the feeling of too many post
too real when I feel that I can't keep up

Oh yes, I'm the great defriender, just laughing and gay like a clown
I seem to be what I'm not, you see, I'm wearing my heart like a crown
pretending that you're still around.

Oooh oooh.
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( Jan. 27th, 2006 11:35 pm)
today I saw kids iceskating on the sidewalk. Although I have watched Due South, I did not think this was actually possible. I am considering delaying my secret plan to take over the world and instead take my skates to the park tomorrow to do some sidewalk skating. I also had a most wonderful horse riding lesson.

Now that I've told you about my day, let's talk about yours. So, this morning you had a little comment hick-up. I know, it happens, and I'm not blaming you. It could have been hotmail, which has been acting up all day, but try not to let yourself go like that. Just because others are failing, it doesn't mean you can get away with late comment deliveries. You could do a lot better if you would just give it a try.

Then there is your newest trick. See, it's simple: when people link to their entries, like this http://users.livejournal.com/oceana_/286733.html/ , they want others to be able to click on the link and then go to the linked site. They do not want to have to manually remove the added / at the end of the link in order for the link to work. That's not how the internet works. So, why don't you do all these nice people a favor and fix your links? Also, when you sendcomment notifications (and you did good on that tonight. bravo!), you'll want to use functioning links in these notifications. Again with the having to remove the slash at the end: not good. We here at livejournal like our slash.

I will leave you to think about this now. As I said, I know you could do it if you'd just try. Remember, we are all here for you to offer encouragement. And money. Don't forget the money.
See you tomorrow!


P.S.: Please do send those extra user pics I asked about next time you write, will you?
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( Jan. 24th, 2006 07:24 pm)
Dear LJ,

enough with the logging me out already. This is the fourth or fifth time I had log in today. What have I done to you?

I changed my password when you told me to, I didn't complain about having to log in twice yesterday. I didn't complain (much) when you changed my layout and then made said layout disappear. I would even change my username if you would delete the account of the [livejournal.com profile] oceana, who wasn't updated in 250 weeks.

I get it, it's all about security, but you know what? Those security issues are your problem in the first place, and as a paying customer, one who has been a paying customer for almost three years now, I'd really like for you to either solve them quietly, i.e. without logging me out every five minutes, or to at least give me real information about what you are doing. Yes, I read that you'd do something the cookies that would log me out. I didn't read that you'd do it five times.

So get your act together, and if you are looking for a way to apologize, more user pics are always appreciated. I was thinking about raising the limit to 150 icons. What do you think? 200? Why yes, that would work, too.


Oceana, slightly pissed
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( Jan. 22nd, 2006 11:40 pm)
When I said I was getting tired of my layout, I didn't mean for LJ to just change it on its own.
I'm too tired to do anything about this now, but I guess it's time for something new anyway. Maybe something canadian... ;-)
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( Jan. 12th, 2006 06:09 pm)
Dear LJ,

you just send me some comments from before christmas. This is was more than three weeks ago. Surely you can understand that getting comments three weeks late does put a strain on communication between ljers? I also remember that we had the whole comment talk already and that you promised you had sent all the "lost" comments. Not that I will ever understand how you manage to lose them in the first place. From now on, please try to send comments in time, will ya? And if you have any old ones hidden in the depth of your servers, give them to me now, before it really is too late.

Thank you,

your paying customer Oceana

P.S.: I assume the "PeePeeGrowth Now!" email I got today was from you as well?
Let's say I have managed to create a layer (type theme), that could maybe be what I want for my journal. How do I actually use this layer? It's based on flexible squares, but when I chose Flexible Squares on the Edit Layout page, just plain old FSq appears, but not my potentially shiny new layer? Help?

Don't worry, I got it. But it isn't shiny.
*is sad*
LJ is giving us gifts for christmas. Paid users get 1GB storage at scrapbook instead of 100 MB, which frankly doesn't interest me much, because I hardly ever use scrapbook.

I am however thrilled about the 6 user pics for free accounts, since [livejournal.com profile] oceanas_recs is a free account and I alwasy wanted more pics there. Only I don't use it enough to justify making it a paid account. Besides, I don't need 15 user pics for my recs. (I really don't. I know how posts like this often seem like a "Please gimme a user pics!" plea, but I really don't need a paid account at [livejournal.com profile] oceanas_recs, so thank you very much if you were thinking about giving me one, but no thanks. Unless it comes with a fitting multifandom banner and layout.
+Just kidding.)

And then there is this:

Starting today, when you buy someone a gift of paid time, you'll automatically give them the userpic add-on for free! That means when you buy a gift of 12 months paid time, the recipient also gets upgraded to 100 userpics for those 12 months. If you buy them a 2 month paid account, they get 100 userpics for 2 months, and so on.

The Give More offer only runs for a limited time -- from today until Wednesday December 21st at 12noon PST (-0800 GMT). So head to the Gift Shop and Give More!

This is of course a shameless way to make us buy more paid accounts, but I think still think it's great, because it's christmas and I'm not sending out cards this year, and paid lj time is always a great x-mas gift. This will make the yearly lj gift giving even more fun.

So, many reasons to love LJ this months, and yet, I still wish they'd figure out the comments issue. And I haven't forgotten about the great LJ blackout at the beginning of the year. I still have nightmares...

*smooches lj, just because*

Can't live without it, can we?


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