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( May. 6th, 2009 03:26 pm)
Since there are no decent investment opportunities at the moment and
the economy really needs more buyers, I've decided to simply spend my
money! (nothing new there)

And for once, I would like to spend it on things that I really need,
like china/dishes/things to put food on and in. Problem is, I don't
know what to buy.

I want something simple and timeless, but not too simple, and well,
timeless as in really good design (which is never "out"). I'm tending
towards Dibbern's " Solid
Color Line
" (yellow, for breakfast and/or coffee table), and
Ittala's classic Teema"
for dinner. But I haven't had time to really look around at what
kinds there are, and I'm afraid to buy something now and then walk
into the prefect piece a week later.

Anyone else got inspiration/ideas?
I just bought a Supernatural poster with the intention to frame it and
put it on my wall.

What am I, fourteen?

(but it's such a pretty show!)
If, say, I was doing some shopping at CafePress, what
should I get?
I've watched about two episodes of Smallville. It was very...bright.

I don't mean to offend any Smallville fans, but personally, I find
nothing about Smallville interesting, nothing about either of the male
characters attractive and all the shiny colors hurt my eyes. That's of
course just a question of personal taste (and I know my taste isn't
always good), so me not liking Smallville certainly says nothing about
the quality of the show. (I mean, I've watched all of The Sentinel, at
least twice, and that certainly said nothing about the quality of the

However, I am also deeply shallow, and therefore totally willing to
watch a tv show or movie I otherwise don't like much just because a
certain actor is in it. In this case, the certain actor is Jensen
Ackles, who is really very very pretty, and well, I can see that one
day I will be done rewatching Supernatural, and what will I do then?

I'm thinking Smallville might not be such a bad choice.

So, Smallville fans (if you are still willing to talk to me) and
Jensen Ackles fans (if you aren't too distracted by the idea of seeing
Jensen's lips even brighter and more colorful): should I watch the
Jensen Ackles episodes of Smallville or will they scar me for life?
And, if I do watch them: which ones are they? Does he have enough
screentime to actually by the DVDs?

Does anyone have screencaps, maybe?
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( Mar. 17th, 2009 05:50 pm)
I own too many TV shows on DVD.

At least that's what I thought, until I had an epiphany while browsing Amazon today. Here's my epiphany:

I do NOT own too many TV shows on DVD! (amazing how these things can be so simple, isn't it?)

Yes, I own more shows than I can ever watch unless I quit my job and stop sleeping altogether. But I don't buy them to watch them. I collect them. Being able to watch is just an added bonus. So it's perfectly alright that I nought, for example, MacGyver Season 3 more than a year ago and it is still unwrapped. It does not mean that I cannot buy the rest of MacGyver, knowing that the chances that I will ever rewatch all of MacGyver are very very slim.

I feel so much better since I had this little epiphany, and not just because of MacGyver. So many shows to collect!

Here's what I currently want:

Simon & Simon Season 2 - this one I actually want for watching, because I LOVE Simon & Simon, and I haven't watched it since I was, oh, about twelve

Riptide Season 2 and 3 - same as above. It is very likely that I will watch this ocne I buy it.

MacGyver Season 4-7 - I've already watched all of MacGyver once, and frankly, well, I LOVE RDA, but there's a reason why I never watched MacGyver when it was shown on TV. He's way too good for me. So it's rather unlikely that I will ever rewatch all of these eps. But I might enjoy one inbetween other shows.

Bones - Season 1 and 3 (I already own season 2) - now, I hesitated for a long time before I bought any Bones DVDs, because I have all the eps on my HD and I have never once rewatched them. Still, I'm so much in love with the show this season that my wish to rewatch gets stronger. And a girl's gotta be prepared (plus, season 1? really cheap on ebay)

Battlestar Galactica Season 3 and 4 - I haven't made up my mind about this. I loved season 1, then stopped watching somewhere in the middle of season 3 because I just didn't have the time anymore - and wasn't that interested anymore. Now I'd really like to see how the show ends, plus, there' CKR to be drooled at, which is always a good thing. Hmm. I might buy them and spent a few weekends watching, but there's a high probability that I will resell them in the future.

Remington Steele Season 1-5 - I LOVE Remington Steele. Just like I love Simon&Simon Riptide. It's called nostalgia, and I intend to have tons of fun and happiness with it.

Oz - Complete Series - I'm not sure about this. Truth is that I almost inhaled Oz when I first watched it. Truth is also that it sometimes almost choked me with its violence and sex and drugs and not enough rock'n'roll. Oz may be a bit too brutal for me, but I was also fascinated with it - and I haven't dared to rewatch since I first saw it. this would be my chance to watch the eps in order. Unfortunately, there do not seem to be too many good deals for the complete series yet.

So, tell me, what's on your DVD wish list? Do you own "too many" DVDs", or do you just sell the things you don't watch?
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( Jan. 24th, 2009 02:22 pm)
*wears HUGE silly grin on her face*
Bones and Booth are making me so happy it's killing me.

*goes off to check DVD prices*
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( Mar. 27th, 2008 02:40 pm)
Should I buy the X-Files Complete Collector's Edition with all nine
seasons plus the movie on DVD?

x NO! You already own all seasons on VHS!
x NO! You just bought an iPod shuffle that you don't need just because
it's pretty!
x NO! You own too many DVDs already plus you already own all seasons
of the x-files!

Oh, why bother.

Did I just buy the X-Files Complete Collector's Edition?

You betcha.

Life can be soooo good.

(plus, all that money-spending is good for the economy. Or so I've heard.)
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( Feb. 11th, 2008 07:27 pm)
Instead of doing the reasonable thing and giving up on a show of which the basic premise bores me to death (now, that would be an interesting case...), I continued to watch House over the weekend. I've been through 8 seasons of CSI (wait, is it really 8? Or are we already in season 9. It sure feels like 9 years). A bit of medspeak cannot discourage me. Neither can silly hospital rooms. Plus, I have this friend who is a doctor, and he's hot, so there.

I must admit that this worked amazingly well and I can now announce that I just bought House Season 1,2 and 3 on DVD. This is either a sign that I really like the show or that it has driven me insane. I'm not sure what the medical diagnosis would be, but when I hit "PLACE YOUR ORDER" on the amazon website, it felt like a really good idea. (It's also a good deal for 23 Euro per season including shipping. Not even ebay is that cheap.)

Now that I've committed to watching the show, tell me where the slash is. No, wait, tell me where the fic is. I don't really care if it's slash, I'll take everything with good characterisations and lots of House snarkiness. Though I prefer slash, since House and Wilson are clearly married and I don't know how they could avoid having sex, since I'm sure House would trip and fall onto Wilson eventually, and Wilson seems to have no free will when it comes to
people falling on him. Or for him. Or something.

Please don't tell me that this scenario is as popular as I'm suddenly and fearfully imagining it to be.

I will now finish this dreadful contract (*cries*), then go home and watch one or two more eps. If in between I could read a fic or two, I'd be very happy. I'm looking either for good quality recs sites or for fics that I can read and understand with my limited knowledge of the show (I've watched about 12 eps in the middle of season 3). Pimping fic, so to speak. If you could find me vids, that would make me happy, too.
Last year, motivated by my first real job, I went on a mad dvd-shopping spree. This would have been no problem, except for the fact that said job left me no time to watch even half of them. So now I'm stuck with a shelf full of DVDs I haven't watched yet and have to decide what to watch next.

Like, The Unit, both season currently out sit on my shelf and tempt me with visions of sweaty men with big guns. And look, there's NCIS season 3, which I have only watched twice since it originally aired, but not since I bought the dvds. Or Supernatural season 2! The Pretty!
Or how about Magnificent 7, it's been ages since I watched that, and considering that back then I got inspired enough to write M7 fic, maybe it's time to watch it again. Or MacGyver season 2.

This is very difficult. You can tell how difficult this is by my attempt to delay it by posting about it instead of just making it. Maybe I should NOT watch anything!



*puts in MacGyver DVD*

Voiceovers! Speaking computers with red and green blinking lights and black screens with green writing! And RDA is all cure and lickable!
*is happy*
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( Nov. 30th, 2007 05:03 pm)
I'm at work and so bored. It's not that I don't have work (I wish), I
just don't want to do it. I want the weekend to be here now.

Yes, the longer I procrastinate the longer I will have to stay today,
but I don't want to work!

On the other hand, boredom let to online shopping and online shopping
let to me finally buying a new ipod, now that the old one has died and
won't revive. I think. Well, if it does I'll have two, nothing wrong
with that.

Question: Can I use my ipod with two computers which do not hold the
same files? I always use the manual sync, but since the default is
automatic sync, I'm afraid that it'll sync itself once I connect it to
the second computer, which doesn't have my music files on it and
everything will be gone. I'm quite sure that this is a stupid
question, but I never tried before and it's Apple, so you never know.
I never trusted Apples inclination to decide everything for me .

And before you start, yes, I know there are other mp3 players, some
of them maybe better, for sure cheaper, but the ipod is pretty, and I
like pretty things. I think I shall call it Dean. Or MetalliPod. yep,
MetalliPod it is.

OH, look, applestore says they already sent it. Maybe it'll be here on Monday!
*is excited*

And another ten minutes over.
I will need to work now. Otherwise I won't even be able to pay for MetalliPod.
*is still bored*
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( Sep. 30th, 2007 12:40 am)
It's Saturday night, I'm at my parents' place, very much not going out. Instead I interneted all evening, reading lj, reading [ profile] astolat's fabulous "Old Country" (, a Supernatural/Harry Potter crossover, which you people totally failed to inform me about.
Okay, so I wasn't around.
And I don't usually do Wincest.
You are forgiven.

I saw "my" horse (love of my life) again today for the first time on what feels like forever, but was really only six week. It made me happy and sad, because I want him so much, but work just doesn't allow it. Maybe in a year or so. We'll see how things develop.

I read through some magazines and now have plans for room number three. I have moved into the apartment almost six months ago and I still have not finished any of the rooms of hung up any pictures. And here I'm wondering why I'm not in a relationship when I cannot even commit to a dinner table.
Unsurprisingly, my plans do not involve a dinner table, but they do include a desk, a guest bed and more bookshelves. For I have way too many books and dvds, so I need a new book shelf. Now I just need guests.

Wait, I have guests! Two more weeks and [ profile] margueritem will be there, squeeee!
I'm contemplating buying this coat (in case the link doesn't work, it's Jacken+Mäntel on the left, then the coat "Drive"). Problem is, it's made out of wool, cashmere and nylon, and it seems to be a gathering place for lint of all kinds. I never had a wool coat before, but I've seen people picking lint off their clothes all the time, and I can think of better things to do with my time.

On the other hand, I like the coat, so maybe the lint picking would be acceptable? Any experiences with this kind of material? Is the de-linting doable or will the coat drive me insane after a few days?
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( Jun. 11th, 2006 04:44 pm)
If you don't own BSG season 1 on DVD yet, you'll want to check out, where you can get it for 16 Pounds. Or you could get The L Word for 13, but that would be 13 Pounds wasted.

Other ridiculously cheap DVD box sets are a couple of Stargate season for about 22 Pounds and most of the X-Files for 13 Pounds each. There is also Spooks, a series I have heard some of you talking about but couldn't get into myself, 12, various CSIs for 66% less and Xena (I didn't even know they had Xean DVDs).

Plus, they have a new (to me) shopping system, where you see 50 or so reduced box sets on one page and just need to click the ticky box (TickyBox!) and can add all of them to your basket with one easy click. This is dangerous, oh so dangerous. I am so tempted to spent a LOT of money on DVD sets right now.

But nothing I really want is reduced, so I'll show some self-restraint and save my money for later. In case you are wondering (or you want to send me gifts *g*), I am currently plannign to buy the following DVD box sets:
- NCIS Season 1 (waiting for the UK release)
- Stargate Season 8 (still too expensive, considering that I have it all on VCD, so I'm waiting for a good ebay offer)
- Doctor Who 2005 Season 1 (45 pounds? I don't think so...)
- West Wing Season 6 (got all the others for 20, and once season 7 is out this will be reduced by 65% as well)
- A-Team Season 3 (it's only a matter of time until I can get it for 20)
- Life on Mars Season 1 (will have to watch the price on this one, for a short series 32 Pounds is quite a lot)
- Miami Vice Season 2 (OMG I need season 2 so badly why isn't it released yet? I will have to watch season 1 AGAIN! and season 2 is going to me lime green! LIME GREEN! *loves*)
and of course, once they are released, BSG and SGA Season 2 and Stargate Season 9.

Okay, looking at that list even I admit that it's not a good idea to buy DVDs that I didn't plan to buy just because they are cheap. On the other hand, have a season of X-Files or two ever hurt anyone?

Sorry for not being around, I'll try to answer comments today.

I'm going to be rare the next few months. At least I'll try not to be around, because I really need to study.

Here's my new and improved schedule:

6.30: get up, walk dog, eat, but not much, make take. Do NOT check flist, because you tell yourself that it'll just take five minutes, and then it's lunch time.
7.30: STUDY. drink tea. do not use bathroom breaks to check flist or read fun books.
12.30: walk dog, cook, watch one ep of something for lunch.
14.00: STUDY. Try not to sleep.
16.00: walk dog, have real life, check flist, have fun.

That would give me 7 hours of studying every day. I know that I could do an extra hour in the afternoon, but it's getting dark early now, so I can't take the dog for a walk at 17.00 (five p.m., for those of you not paying attention in SG). And if I take the dog for a walk at 4, I know I won't go backk to my desk again. I'm the tpye of person who can't study in the evening.

This is what I'll try this month. I figure that on Saturdays, I'll study until 13.00, and on Sundays I'll sleep in and do fun things. Of course, in December, I'm going to have to revise this schedule and put in some extra hours. I just hope I'm used to it by then. Exams in two month.
*feels sick*

So, if you see me around here between 7.30 and 12.30 or between 14.00 and 16.00, feel free to kick my lazy ass back to my desk where it belongs.
Thank you for your attention, I'll see you at lunch time.

*grabs books and runs off*

[Poll #602580]
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( Oct. 22nd, 2005 01:42 pm)
I'm thinking about buying Yami No Matsuei DVDs, since I can't find the eps anywhere online. I don't know anything about anime, but I've seen a wonderful YNM vid and have gotten curious.

The only DVDs I can find on ebay are two DVDs called Descendants of Darkness for 18 Euro/21 USD, with episode 1-13.
Is that something I would want/worth the money?
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( Oct. 7th, 2005 10:57 am)
Bought a new handbag: )

Yes, I really am 12 years old.
*tries out new handbag*

(to my defense, I bought it for walking the dog. But it is so cute...! *g*)
I always order my CDs at amazon (the empty ones, to burn things on). I need new ones, soon, but if I only order the CDs, I'll have to pay shipping costs.
I don't like paying shipping costs.

That means, I have to order something else.

Of course I have a wishlist, but I can't decide what to buy. The only things I really want right now are an external hard drive (200 Euro) and a photo ipod (400 Euro). To save 3 bucky on shipping costs, this seems a bit much.
And I don't have any money anyway, so I really shouldn't buy these things. I mean, I probably have money, but I'm afraid to check my account, in case there I don't.
Yes, this is the same logic that makes me put many official looking letters unopened into a box. If I don't look at them, they'll eventually go away, and if I don't look at my account, I'll always have money.

Sometimes I wonder how I even made it this far in life.

Now, do I want a 200 or a 300 GB harddrive? And look, they have the Complete Calvin and Hobbes! *g*
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( Aug. 1st, 2005 10:07 pm)
I'm at home, I found room for all the books I bought, I'm sleeping in my old bed, and everything is fine.


No, one flaw darkens the joy of my homecoming, and prevents me from being online the way I'd like to be:

My computer.
*Darth Vader music starts*

So I just bought a new one.

*music comes to a sudden stop*

Via ebay.

*audience gasps*

And I'm terribly afraid that it won't work or something will go wrong. But the old one was, still is actually, driving me crazy.

So, here's what I bought:
HD 40 GB (I have a 20 GB that I can hopefully put into the new computer, so that's threetimes as much as I had)
Processor 2,6 GHz
760 MB RAM
Windows XP
other things

Here's what I had:
HD 25 GB
Processor: who knows, but the thing is seven years old Edited: 450 MHz. No, I'm not kidding.
Windows 98
No other things (well, I added a CD-burner, of course,but that's it)

Uh oh. Let's hope this works out.

*is afraid*

*chilly, thrilly music blends in*


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