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( Aug. 16th, 2009 10:38 pm)
No word from IFLI.

Clearly I'm awesome, so it's his loss for not wanting me.

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( May. 11th, 2008 02:07 am)
Margueritem is here, and we went out and talked to strange maleness,
no wait, male strangers! We so have a life!

Oh, and she also told me that I was on a date when I was in Paris
three years ago, only I didn't know it was a date until now. With that
much social life, it's no wonder I don' t find enough time to lj
anymore... ;-)

*smooches margueritem for being awesome and the rest of the flist, too*
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( Dec. 21st, 2005 11:58 pm)
It's Robert Patrick. Do I really need an excuse for spamming you with pics of his sexiness? )

And there is more:
Robert Patrick in Meatloaf's "Objects in the rearview mirror" (you can turn the sound off if you want *g*)

s64.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3Q79XUS60HLHY3DRO124EJPCCY (76 MB, copy paste, it's a YSI link)

and on some radio interview (pie & Anthony show on December 1, 2005, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] niki4jm at [livejournal.com profile] robertpatrick:

http://www.filefactory.com/get/f.php?f=019f2d7c67ad93d20e04dfca (6,85 MB)

Not all that interesting really, but the voice!
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( Mar. 5th, 2005 01:18 pm)
I watched Pure Country today, and I absolutely loved it. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me find it.

Now I really want to watch more movies, so I decided to make my own little "Rec a movie" meme. And to make it a bit easier for you, I won't ask for just any old movie rec.
Instead I'll give you a list of actors I like and recommend one movie for each of the actors.
Then you rec me a movie for one (or all of the actors).
Uhm, I'm afraid my list got a little long...

Mark Harmon -The Last Supper
He only has a small part in this, but the movie was refreshingly absurd and not at all what I expected.

Richard Dean Anderson - Past The Bleachers
The movie is about Jack after he lost Charlie. Only his name isn't Jack. But he still looks pretty.

Christian Kane - Crossfire Trail
Okay, I haven't actually seen this movie, but it's with Christian Kane and Mark Harmon and it's a western, so it's got to be good, right?

Joe Flanigan - Thought Crimes
I liked the movie, though it sure isn't flawless. But Joe Flanigan in a suit, shooting people? What's not to like?

Paul Gross - Men with Brooms
I love this movie. It's a perfect mix of humour, drama, love and sport. And it has this special canadian touch that makes canadian movies so good.

Callum Keith Rennie - Suspicious River
Scary and weird and definitely uncomfortable. I'm not sure if I ever want to watch it again, but I wouldn't want to have missed it either. Michael Shanks has a small part too, as does Gen. Hammon. Uhm, Don S, Davis, I mean.

I would also appreciate movie recs with any of these actors:
Michael Shanks
Luke Perry
Peter Wingfield
Ben Browder
Michael Weatherly
David Hewlett

Movies, not TV shows. (though if they have a startingly good guest appearance in a show I don't usually watch, feel free to tell me about that too.)
Top Ten Shag Meme: The list of people you would shag *now*. Not dead, not fictional, not fifty years ago when they were hot. now. And post it with pictures, if possible. Because that makes it so much more fun to read.
Please note that I'm not entirely comfortable with the term "shag". I'd call it the "Top Ten Men who make my knees tremble so much that I wouldn't really have a choice but to tumble into bed with them Meme", but that seemed a bit long.

What? Only ten? )

Ah, fun! The last time I took a meme like this? I think I was fourteen. Fifteen tops.
And no, Axl Rose did not feature prominently on top of my list back then.
*is in denial*

Btw, it took me ages to find most of these pics. I have tons of screencaps and promo shots, but pictures of the actors? Hardly any. I'm a bad fan.

*looks outside*

No, still raining.
Hmm, what to do, what to do? Fic recs anyone?
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( Jan. 16th, 2005 11:32 am)

(Where else could I share the joy?)
*pets LJ*

(Not work-safe, obviously)
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( Dec. 2nd, 2004 09:37 pm)
I'm still making my way through Dark Angel season 2, and I really like the show. My only complaint?
Not enough sex.

But could Michael Weatherly be any more attractive? I'm so in love.

When I was thirteen, I had a new crush every week or two. Actors (Kevin Costner. Mel Gibson. Strangely enough Jeff Bridges, whom I still can't resist most of the time.) Musicians (no, not going to name those, that would be really too embarassing. Let's just say that one of the was Axl Rose and leave it at that.)
Then I got older, decided that ther "real" boys are far more exciting (boy, was I wrong), and forgot about the whole actor thing.
I really thought I was over it. Not so much, as you can see.

This year?
Ben Browder, Mark Harmon, Michael Shanks (he is so fucking beautiful in some eps), Gigi Edgley, the ever popular Richard Dean Anderson, Peter Wingfield, Emily Procter (I find her terribly cute and could listen to her all day long), and now Michael Weatherly.
To name but a few...
This is either a sign of my amazing youth, or a sign that I'm getting old FAST, and am pretending to be young by developing teenage crushes on TV characters.
I'll quickly watch the rest of the Dark Angel eps, before I get too old for this kind of thing. ;-)
I didn't start watching NCIS because of Mark Harmon, but the fact that he had a lead role convinced me to give it a try.
Then I fell in love with Tony, Abby, Kate, Ducky, and even McGee.
I love everythign about Kate, I'd share Abby's coffin anytime. I want to do all sorts of things to McGee, just to see him blush, and Tony is one of the most attractive men I have ever seen.
Just one of many.

Or so you'd think.
Because I find myself rewatching NCIS episodes not for the Gibbs/Tony interaction, not for the story, the jokes, the wonderful acting, but because of Mark Harmon.
I see him smile and I can't help but smile myself.

That's not what is worrying me though.
I first saw Mark Harmon on The West Wing. So, after I my little epiphany, I decided to rewatch the few WW episodes he appears in. Especially the scene on the shooting range.
And there is was.
Thirty years of feminism blown to hell.
This blatant show of male masochism and violence, the obvious "I'm a man and I will protect you, the women." The whole thing is so made to be turn-on, to show how male and sexy and strong Agent Donovan is, they didn't even try to hide it, because it is so obvious.
And what do I do?

Right, I get totally turned on.
Here I am, a self-confident, independent woman, and yet, put a gun in the hand of an attractive man and give him the role of the protector, and can hardly keep myself from dropping down to my knees to worship him.

That scene is one of the sexiest scenes on TV ever.

Yes, I can admit that to myself and to the rest of the world, but I still feel a little ashamed for feeling that way.

But it is so damn sexy.
So sexy.

This was the best screencap I could find, though I do mean the actual shooting scene )

Anyway, this has got me thinking.
Daniel doesn't turn me on when he uses his P-90.
Jack does.

Okay, with Jack I could tell myself that it's RDA, which excuses everything. But I find Mark Harmon, not in general, but in the two roles I've seen him in a lot sexier than Jack. No, let me rephrase that: I find it impossible not to find him exy despite my best attempts not to do so.

Because he carries off his AlphaMaleness in a very different way.
With RDA, there's always the little element of making fun of himself. He doesn't take himself seriously. His best moments are the ones where he is being funny, and then you can see how he decides that the joke is over and he gets back to business. That's when I get weak knees.

Gibbs just is alpha. As if he doesn't know how to be different, as if insecurity is a foreign word to him. And I fall for it. I don't want to, I tell myself that it is ridiculous to fall for that kind of thing, that as a strong and independent woman I really don't need a man who'd not let me have my way, who'd not let me want to have my way. But he doesn't care.
If you'd laugh about Jack's Alphamaleness, he'd look at you a bit offended, and then he'd try a different approach. Not that he'd admit it.

Gibbs? He wouldn't care.
It's driving me crazy. And the whole gun thing is worrying me even more, but at least with that I'm sure that I'd escape if it happened in real life, since I'm generally suspicious of people who carry guns.
But the whole Macho/Alpha/Men-in-charge thing?

Not so sure if I could escape from that one in real life.

To think that this is what I do with the freedom that feminism has fought for all this years...
My mom would be ashamed of me.

*goes off to watch the shooting scene again*

P.S.: Amazon.co.uk has West Wing DVDs on sale.
I figure I'm going to have to buy my own christmas presents anyway, so I might just as well buy myself something nice.
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( Nov. 29th, 2004 04:32 pm)
From an interview with Michael Weatherly about dating:

But somebody who's a chemist or a lawyer or some other walk of life, it's always, to me, more interesting.

He is talking about me, isn't he?


The good thing about flying is that there are always free magazines on board.
I finally read the Men's Health that I got on my flight to London. Well, "read" is not the best word, since there wasn't much to read.

I learned:
Men are a lot more vain than women. A lot.

Men are obsessed about fashion. Not so much about wearing the right stuff, but about not wearing the wring stuff.

Men seem to be health freaks (*looks at the title of the magazine and isn't surprised*) Fitness exercises, low calory snacks, how to cook without fat... I just wonder why I never see the results of this lifestyle walking around in the city where I live. But basically the same contents as in women magazines.

Men are also obsessed about sex. This is nothing new, I know. The sex content however is exactly the same as in women's magazines: "How does the women have more fun in bed."
Seeing that articles like that seem to be a regular occurence makes me wonder if men can read.

Men and women aren't that different. The contents of the Men's Health issues I read were basically the same as the contents of glamour. Only where Glamour has pretty fashion, Men's Health presents the best outdoor jackets.
And there is no women who doesn't already know that chips contain fat and that incorrect sit-ups can ruin your spine.
Where have these men been all those years that they need to be told that kind of stuff?

The only really interesting piece of information I found was about sex in zero gravity. (I'm not kidding)
According to the doctor who was interviewed about this oh so important issue, the biggest problem for men to have sex in zero gravity is to get an erection. Apparently, it takes the body 5 to 6 days to get used to the lack of gravity, so there won't any quickies under the ceiling before.
The next problem, after the desired erection has finally appeared is that the bodies will always drift apart. A thrust will result in a backthrust, wil result inaother backthrust and so on.
The good doctor recommends that the willing couple should use a sex hose - something to keep the bodies together.

Suddenly all the J/D quickies in zero gravity don't sound so sexy anymore. Though I'd love to see there faces if they tried to get it on in the cargo bay of the Pel'tac and discovered that their "little friends" don't work.
In case anyone's wondering where I am, my Dark Angel DVDs arrived yesterday.
I'm so a Max/Logan shipper.
But don't worry, I don't plan to become fannish about this, so you wont hear me talk about the prettiness of het UST any time soon. Still, I feel reminded of the good old XF days, when we were waiting for Mulder and Scully to fucking do something SOON, because it just hurt to see them want each other so much and not do anything about it,

I still can't believe there is not a single Michael Weatherly community on LJ. There are more than 20 Orlando Bloom communities, and he looks like someone I wouldn't even have dated when I was twelve and had a crush on Axl Rose, which was pretty much the lowest my imaginary love life ever got.
Plus, he bites his nails.
Why do people worship him when there are really good-looking men like MW around?
You know who's got him listed in their interests?
[livejournal.com profile] geekyboys.
Geek? Excuse me?
There is something seriously wrong with people.
Or with me.
But I thinks it's the others. It's always the others. *g*
I woke up this morning with a Sting song that I haven't heard for ages stuck in my ear, and the realization that I'm eternally grateful to be a woman.

No beard.

Oh, I like men. I can't say that I like beards in particular, but I don't mind waking up next to a man with a bit of stubble. It is manly. I am weak.
But imagine having a beard yourself! Wouldn't it be horrible? Having to shave everyday, or - if you don't - have this weird hair growing in your face?
See, that's the beauty of being a woman. Sure, we don't lack body parts that can be shaved. But we don't have to. And, say, if we don't shave our legs for a few days, there'll be hair, but it is soft and harmless. Unlike a beard. It doesn't get annoying.
Women are all soft and smooth when they wake up in the morning.
Women are beautiful.

(and while I'm declaring my love for women, I'd like to shortly mention how much I love LJ as well. I am in such a shitty mood because of work, and I was going to write a long, whiny entry, possibly crying, when I read my friendslist and it made me smile, and it reminded me that there are other things than work, and that I will eventually get over that stupid file. I love you. *smooches*)
I used to be this strong, independent woman. When I saw a man that I liked, I'd go talk to him and ask him out. Always in control, never waiting for them to make the first move (unless you count making them thinkthat theirs was the first move), never overwhelmed by my feelings or my desires.

I have developed a thing for men with iron phallic symbols swords and get weak knees seeing lips on water bottles.
When did that happen?


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