Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, and thank you [ profile] goodbyemyfancy and [ profile] thenightsfall for the balloons!
*ties balloons to pretty new shoes*

(and look at me, being online again! *loves Eee PC*)
Important service announcement!

Here's some things you should know about the current status of Oceana:

*Oceana is not dead!

*Oceana is way waylaid by real life (life? Hah! what life?)

*Oceana has not watched every Don Johnson movie she could get her hands on during the past few weeks. (OMG the icon it sparkles!)

One of the above statements is a lie.

Also, here's a link:

Somewhere in there, there's a deep metaphore for my current real life situation. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.

*hugs neglected flist*

*rushes off*
So Dawson's Creek didn't really break my remote control.

Uhmm... the batteries were empty.

I feel a bit embarassed now after going to the store all panicked and sad about what with Jared making me cry and my remote control being broken by Dawson's Creek, and the friendly guy asked "did you switch the batteries?" in a very friendly way, a little bit as if he were talking to a sweet, yet not very smart child, I imagine.

I gave him my patented deer in the headlights look, and then he changed the batteries for me, and then I ran back to my cave to hide.

[And let me tell you, those turquoise wedge highheels may be the most fashionable summer shoes I have, but they aren't made for running, in caves or otherwise.)
I've been neglecting my fannish duties, because life these days is mostly, well, not life. It's work, and work, and work, and sometimes sleep. though I prefer to see the horse instead of sleeping.

Work really has been crazy, and not in a good way. But, despite what I said above, I do sleep. Remember the "Improve Oceana!" plan that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago? Well, sleep is part of the improvement, and I'm trying, mostly successfull, to get six hours per night these days (this is a vast improvement about my previous sleep
schedule which was anywhere between 3 and 5). So, yay me.

I'm also slowly dropping weight. Very slowly. With lots of setbacks, but I'm weirdly enough incredibly motivated, so I'll keep on trying.

Improve me!, that's the motto.

But enough with the boring real life already! Fandom it is!

Here's what my fannish self is doing these days:

- rewatching Season 2 of Dark Angel

I'm FINALLY rewatching the rest of Dark Angel season 2. I really really like the show. This is the third time I'm watching it, I think. I remember buying and watching it for the first time and then watching it again just a few weeks later, because it was so good, and I though I had missed so much the first time around (like, drooling over Jensen, when I was all fixating on Logan). However, I always get stuck
in the middle of season 2. The whole oh-so-dramatic-why-can't-we-touch-Max and Logan thing keeps getting a bit much in that time, even (shamefully underused) Alec can't make up for that.

So, even though I had started rewatching DA weeks ago, I took a little break in the middle of season 2 and went through a whole season of Smallville (yikes!) and some horrible horror flics. It happens. But now I'm back with DA and enjoying the hell out of it. I'm really going to miss it (again.) I wonder if there had been another season if it had been givena less stupid title. Dark Angel? Seriously? For the longest time I thought it was a really melodramatic vampire drama, and so I never watched it!

- watching more J2 movies
Yeah well, what can I say. It's the internet's fault! Everything is available everywhere, and I have three credit cards, I just can't stop myself! ;-) (currently that Christmas movie Jared did, Ten Inch Hero and the unspeakable movie with the Olsen twins are waiting to be watched. After Dark Angel, of course. I expect Friday 13th to be delivered soon, but i won't watch it, because I get scared. On the other hand, the Olsen twin movie is probably scarier. Decision, decisions...)

-reading J2 fic
There's so much! And so many recs! And so many other fics that those people whose fics I like wrote that I have to read as well! OMG it'll never end and I'll have to spent the rest of my life reading J2 fic and still won't be able to catch up!


No, just kidding. I have about 25 tabs open in my browser, most of them fics, some fo them recs, and when i'm done with those, I'll get organized. Meaning, I'll file all those fics that I randomly saved into folder titled "new", "newer", "more new fic", "even more new fic and it's still all J2" and the like, and I'll post recs and leave
feedback. Probably, because I suck at leavin feedback, and yes, I totally blame it on my sleep schedule (see above). I've been told that sleep is more important thatn feedback, so there. (in case you write J2 and I've friended you in the last couple of weeks, I probably read and completely loved your fic. Just in case you were wondering.)

LISTEN to J2 fic
Oh, isn't podfic like, the best invention, like, ever? *g*
I downloaded TONS of it, and now I can listen to J2 when I do boring, but necessary things, like cleaning, or doing the dishes, or blowdrying my hair. Life is so good. :-) This also means that I'm consummating about three or four different media every day, reading fic, watching TV, listening to different fic, plus the real books I
read (yes, I read real books as well. You can see which ones in my lj profile or at goodreads ( where I spend quite a lot of times cataloguing my books). I'm sure if I continue this way, i'll break my brain in no time at all, and then the real fun will start!

So, that's basically what i've been up to. How's everyone else? I' d ask you all to tell me about something you loved in fandom recently, but I tried that before and no one ever responded. Oh well. Maybe your fandom isn't very loveable these days?
If it isn't, come and watch DA with me. And read J2. It'll make you heart smile (at least that's what it does to me).

*hugs everyone*
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( Mar. 8th, 2008 01:34 pm)
1) Meet Gus the Mini Dachshund
(What? Surely I don't need a reason to post links to puppy pictures?)

2) I got carded today. Just to remind you, I turned thirty not even two weeks ago, but they still think I shouldn't be allowed to play the lottery. They may be right, but it still totally made my day.

3) I bought the apple component av cable for my beloved MetalliPod. Now I'm thinking that I may have been better of with the analog cable, because it will be comptaible with more tvs. Anyone got any experience with this?

4) I've been mainlining HP slash these last days, so much so that I've even forgot to watch House until 3 in the morning every night. (do you know how long it takes to watch three entire seasons of a show when you never come home before 9.30 p.m.? and while we are at it, do you think I could successfully sue amazon for offering three-season-dvd packs, since they are clearly meant to steal my life, and how many DVDs could I buy with the compensation I got if I won the claim?) Anyway, Harry Potter. I have learned that I cannot stay in front of the computer forever, since I sometimes have to get up and eat, or go to the bathroom, and other stupid things. I'm trying my best though.

My current dealer in all things HP/SS is [ profile] regan_v, but if any of you got Harry/Snape recs for me, I'd be grateful. I already fear the day when I have read through all of Regan_v's recs.
At least I have House to fall back to, if my HP sources dry out.

5) Off to see the wizard now, in other words, I'm trying out a new horseriding place. Wish me luck!
Please don't tell anyone.

For those of you who live in Starbucks-free cities, or *gasp!* -countries, you'll be incredibly jealous to hear that I live within two minutes walking distance from Starbucks and that I would have to go out of my way on purpose to go to work without walking by a Starbucks (and I'm talking four different routes here with four different Starbucks', not including the one within two minutes walking distance.

There. Jealous yet?

Well, don't be.

I'm not much of a coffee drinker. If I drink coffee, I prefer my coffee strong and black with none of the fancy milk and sweet stuff that Starbucks insists on throwing in to ruin the caffeine kick. I am, however, a Frappuccino addict. I usually prefer the less caloric Rasperry Tea Frappuccino, but sometimes, like today, a sunny, uneventful Sunday afternoon in one of Germany's busier cities, I treat myself to a Grande Java Chip Frappuccino (without cream, obviously).

"My" barista can smell this. Baristas, Starbucks baristas in particular, don't like non-coffee drinkers. Ordering a non-coffee-based drink on a good, uneventful Sunday evening, is blasphemy. Ordering a cold drink, which requires them to go near the ice machine, is out-right revolution. It is simply not done. Shouting out "I did not go to church this morning, or, EVER." in the middle of Starbucks would in their eyes, be less lunatic (though they look at me as if they expect me to do just that any moment.)

After five minutes, we have established that I will get my Frappuccino, without cream, not with no.fat milk, cause such a thing does not exist in good old German Starbucks land.

Then we get into the name thing. As if to punish me for my sins and show everyone what a heathen I am, they insist on writing my name on the takeaway cup. Because I really want "my" barista to shout my name through the most popular Starbucks in this city, which is, as I have mentioned, one of the busier cities, on this otherwise uneventful sunny Sunday. And then run through the whole city (well, the two minutes it takes to walk home) with my name for the world to see on my Starbucks take away cup. Next thing you know google satellites will have zoomed in on me and some website will tell the world that [insert real life name] is drinking Frappuccino on Sunday in the middle of the city and DID NOT GO TO CHURCH either. (this they would know from the weird barista code on the cup, you know, those signs that look like they tell the Frappuccino-making barista which sort of Frappuccino to make, when in reality they tell him all the sordid details about my blasphemic Sunday, which was otherwise uneventful. (if you have made it this far, you realize how important it is to mention the last part).

Have you ever refused to give your Starbucks barista your name?

It is a scary experience. Especially after having ordered a Frappuccino. First they pretend not to understand. Then they argue ("But it's policy!"). Then they try to guilt-trip you ("But how will we know whose Frappuccino it is?")- Right like anyone else would dare order one. This is usually when I give them a name. And I use " a" name loosely. Me and my Starbucks baristas have gone through all sorts of names - Sam, Jack, John, Daniel. This makes them happy. Even Teal'c made them happy, though I insisted on the apostrophe.

Not giving them a name makes them very unhappy.

And you do not want to make a Starbucks barista who has just agreed to give you a Grande Java Chip Frappuccino despite this being an otherwise uneventful sunny Sunday in one of Germany's busier cities, even unhappier than he already is. As it was an otherwise uneventful sunny Sunday afternoon (boy, was it ever uneventful), this merely lead to soggy Frappuccinos with not enough ice. I shudder to think what would have happened if the Sunday hadn't been so uneventful.

Oh, right, I would have had something else to post about while I drink my soggy, but still delicious Java Chip Frappuccino. *g*

Hope you all had nice Sunday!
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( Jan. 1st, 2008 10:55 pm)
I have many many new year's resolutions, none of which I'm going to reveal, which will make it easier to pretend that I didn't fail when I eventually will, because there will be no proof I ever had them! Like, I'd never tell you that I resolve to be less sarcastic!

I will however, tell you what I did on this fine first day of 2008. I woke up, got dressed, did laundry, read Harry Potter slash, then overdosed on Veronica Mars. In between I ate (*fails*), put up some things on ebay (*wins*!), rope-skipped (don't even ask) and ironed about twenty shirts (*totally wins*). All together, this was not a bad day. Maybe next year I will even manage to leave the house! ;-)

To make this very interesting entry a little bit more fannish, I am, once more, asking for help from my trusted flist. Watching Veronica Mars today, I realized what I really wanted for christmas: that poster that hangs in the Mars apartment, the one with the dog, which says "Unleashed". Googling has failed me, but maybe my flist knows where to find such a thing? Or something similar? I know, I have a whole year to get my apartment done, but I'd rather start today, in case 2008 only last four weeks, like 2007 did.

In other fannish news: is there going to be new Torchwood tonight? Is anyone else as ridiculously excited about this as I am? Has it really been two years since the last Torchwood or does it only feel that long? And why are the DVDs, Torchwood and Doctor Who, still so expensive?
These questions and more might be answered here, on lj, somewhere, in the course of the new year. So stick around.
*smooches you all*
So the iPod is dead.
Dead dead dead.
For real this time, at least that's what I think the weird folder on its screen is trying to tell me.

Was I smart enough to write down my playlists and my music the last ten times it died?
No, I wasn't.

At least I think I have everything on there on my harddrive somewhere, since despite appearances, most of my music is perfectly legal and available on CDs right here in my home. Still, I'll miss my playlists. They were souvenirs, because I for lack of creativiy I kept naming them things like "January 2005" or "Nice 2007" so I always knew where I was living when I listened to that patricular playlist. Which I why the Paris Metro at seven in the morning will always be connected to Tori Amos' "Jackie's Strength" to me, for example.

Anyway, I think I need a new iPod: anyone got experience with the new models? I'm tempted by the 160GB black classic, though I am kind of pissed by how much accessories you don't get. At least on the apple website it says that you get a dock adapter, but in the store they told me that there were no accessories at all, not even a USB cable. God, I hate apple.But I love the iPod, so what can I do? If you have one of the new ones, I'd love to hear how you like it.

Also, does anyone have "Different Kind of Knight" by Kane as an mp3? I cannot stop listening to it on their myspace page, but it's not available on CD yet, so I can't buy it. Unless it is available for buying online somewhere, but if it is, they better get new P&R people, because it sure isn't advertised very well. Thank you!
Things still not learned
It's not a good idea to watch Supernatural all by myself on a cold, dark, slightly rainy Friday night, because it's a scary show, and having to crawl under the blanket because of the cold and the slight rainyness doesn't help at all. I knew this before, but I still haven't learned.

I mean, can I be sure that there are no ghosts waiting to jump me when I open the door to the hallway later? IF I open the door to the hallway?

Things learned
In Led Zeppelin's "Going to California", they sing
"Seems that the wrath of the Gods
Got a punch on the nose"

It's NOT: "Seems that those gods got a pawn shop in Oz".
Though it did make more sense to me.

OMG the phone is ringing. The phone that is IN THE HALLWAY. Should I answer? Can I risk going out there? Where is Dean when I need him?
*hides under blanket*
[ profile] margueritem is here and we decided that we are going to meet you.
*Margueritem and Oceana make resolve faces*
So, we thought, we'd let you know.

Let us know where (D or K?)
And when.

Now we are going back to watch more Supernatural. We are already 15 minutes into the Pilot and it only took us, oh, 35 minutes or so.

Dean is pretty.
He wasn't even shown in daylight yet and he's so pretty. Oh, look, daylight.
Dean's so pretty.
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( Jul. 23rd, 2007 11:28 pm)
I'm such a bad fan. You know what I've been doing for fu these last months?

I'm staring at horses.
Pretty pretty horses.
Instead of sneaking a fobidden look at new slash fics at work, I've been daydreaming aout horses.

Like these one, the Northrhine-Westphalian State Stud (I wonder if they know how wrong this sounds). Click on "Zuchtbereich", then on "Die Neuen". Notice Paramo. Notice Grasco. Noice how even with horses I seem to fall for the older men.

Then there is this side: German Sires in Motion.
The videos aren't too great, but they load fast and oh, the pretty! The Pretty!

And then there is this guy.
Isn't he just the prettiest thing you have ever seen? I want him badly. BADLY. The head! The color! The movement!
He is for sale.
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( Jul. 1st, 2007 08:20 pm)
...being reborn.

So you'd think I'd be all over the place now that I'm back online, but I'm not. I have yet to comment on an entry and I haven't had the slightest clue what to post about all weekend long. I've been catching up on Bones (*love*) and The Unit (*LOVE*) and am trying to catch up Dr. Who (*excited squee*). I've also been reading my flist from -1000 to -325 and counting and I think this is helping making me feel more at home. It's just so... I can't even describe it. I feel like I used to be at home here and I still feel like this is where I belong, only I forgot where the plates are and if the lights outside are supposed to be on or off during the night. It's like I've been in the wilderness for five months and now cannot quite remember the rules of civilization. Or, the other way around. ;-)

And so I fall back to what I always do when I come into a new place with new people: sit back and watch for a while. It's a bit like a family christmas, when you need a time out from the noise and the people and the warm, happy christmasness and you sit outside to have a cigarette (did I mention that I may have possibly stopped smoking without even meaning to?) enjoy the silence, but you can still hear the noises from the kitchen and the voices from the living room. Home.
(until the fighting starts, but hey, I haven't seen a single wank in those 700 entries I read today. It's a miracle!)
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( Jun. 30th, 2007 01:14 pm)
AT HOME! In my living room, in front of my tv. THERE IS INTERNET!

Helloooo Internetpeople! Are you all still there?

This is... *is speechless*
I feel reborn.
Create a playlist with all your music, set it on shuffle and then let it predict your year...

My 2007 will be... )
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( Jan. 1st, 2007 10:50 pm)
Hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve party and will have an even more wonderful new year!

So, it's 2007: please welcome [ profile] enigel to the European Union!
Everyone: Welcome Enigel!

I was going to do memes, you know, the whole "This was 2006 for me" thing that you all love so much. But I have the old from hell, so I opted for drinking tons of herbal tea and watching music vids instead. But before I return to that, let me quickly post my

New Year's Resolutions )

Seriously, though, I don't really do New Year's resolutions. But I do plans, and I have plans for this year.
1) find appartment (this is unavoidable, so it will be done. Soon. I hope)
2) Don't let work drive me crazy (and isn't it great how I already worry about this, when I haven't even started working yet?)
3) Don't get fat. Which means that I will have to take up yoga again. I hope I can find a nice place in F.
4) Travel! This should be easy to do, because I will earn money that I can spend. I'm planning to go horseriding somewhere in Europe, maybe a trail or so. Anyone want to come along?(seriously, wouldn't it be fun?)
5) Convince S. that she wants to be my girlfriend. Okay, this won't work, but I can dream.
6) Start new life in F.
7) Maybe give up smoking. I'm not sure if I want to, yet, since it is so easy for me not to smoke for a few days that I kind of don't want to miss it when I go out. Then again, why smoke at all if it is so easy to give up? Will have to think about this and have resolved not to smoke in February to see how it goes.
8) Wait and see what happens.

And while we are at it, let's take a look at last year's plans and how they worked out, shall we? )

*runs away to watch more music vids*
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( Dec. 23rd, 2006 11:57 pm)
Okay, this is really strange. Can anyone see my last post on their flist? I can't see it on mine (I have my lj friended for exactly this purpose) and what's even stranger, there are 12 comments on this post and all of them are from 2003. Do I have to understand this?

*is puzzled*
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( Oct. 9th, 2006 11:32 am)
So, I have a MySpace account. I'm not as ashamed of this as I probably should be, since i got it only to read Kane's and Steve Carlson's music blogs. Of course, whenever I tried to do that, I had to go their blog site and then read everthing there, so I don't really need an account for that. Not any longer!

Today I figured out that you have to subscribe to someone's blog in order to read it on the MySpace equivalent to the friendspage. It's not enough to add them as a friend. Of course, subscribing means that you only get the links to the entries on your flist, so it doesn't do you much good. Now I wonder, what is the friends-thing for, if not to read the blog? I feel as if I have made an inappopriate offer with my request to, well, I don't really know what I requested, since I just wanted to read the blog when I clicked the "add me" button. I didn't know there would be a request.

It is all very weird and makes my head ache.

I also received an invitation from a very nice girl (brunette, large breasts) to join AmazingCams! Since I assume that this is not a community dedicated to the admiration of Cameron Mitchell, I politely declined.
Sometime during the last year I slipped into a parallel universe where the soundtrack of Lord of the Rings does not sound as I remember it. I can't prove it, because all of you are probably from around here originally and won't remember what it sounded like before, but I'm telling you, it's different now.

I shudder to think what else has changed. What if the cast David Hasselhoff as Daniel Jackson over here?

WARNING! Not work-safe picture in comments. Actually, it's not safe at all. Keep the brain-bleach at hand and consider yourselves warned.
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( Sep. 30th, 2006 10:08 am)
Good morning, and welcome to this fabulous new chance to run my life for me!

Today's problem is the following:

I own a computer with a 40 GB HD (all full, except for the space I need to download my weekly shows) and an external harddrvie with 300 GB. Sadly, that one is now full, too (backups of photos and everything on my HD, my screencaps, music, movies and many TV shows.) The TV shows currently on my HD are not burned on CDs. In fact, I haven't bought CDs since I bought the HD. But if I want to continue watching TV, something needs to go.

Which leaves me with the following options:
- Buy a new harddrive. Only, when I get a new computer, I will have more HD space anyway. Okay, you can never have enough, but still, two external harddrives? Isn't that overkill?
- Burn everything on CD. That would be cheap, but it would leave me with yet more CDs cluttering my room, and with 50 CDs I could only clear 35 GB, which isn't all that much.
- Buy original DVDs of the things that are on my harddrive. I rather like this option, except that it is expensive and not everything is available on DVD.
- Buy an external DVD burner. That would allow me to clear up more space on my HD than with CDs, and I wouldn't quite as many disks lying around in my room.

Lucky for you, I've been thinking about this for, hmm, at least two hours, and I'm not able to decide. Which gives you the wonderful opportunity to RUN MY LIFE! Now with a nifty poll, available at only 3$/month, plus the guarantuee to never again be bothered by ads or pesky companies! Only here in Oceana's LJ!

Take the poll!

[Poll #833699]

While you are here, why don't you judge me in addition to running my life? Take the other poll, too!

Additional customer information:
The tone of this entry was brought to you exclusively by [ profile] oceana_ and these lj news. This is a practise run for what the content of this and many other nifty journals on your friends list will look like in the future. By taking the poll you agree to take complete responsibility for the consequences your decision will have on [ profile] oceana_'s life now and in the future. You also agree that [ profile] oceana_ may contact you with further information about the decision she made, spam you with fandom and slash ramblings and ask you for more help on running her life. The contents of this journal, including your decision in the poll, are owned by [ profile] oceana_ and may not be used by others without permission, until the US government decides to take these rights away.
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( Aug. 20th, 2006 11:36 am)
I smoke. I started a long time ago, longer than I care to think about. And now I'm thinking about stopping.

See, I never smoked much. I'd smoke when I went out, when I had coffee, when I went to the stables. There were days when I didn't smoke at all, months, even, when I was abroad and couldn't afford it. I never had a problem "quitting" for a few days or weeks. I can't remember how much I smoked in school, probably a lot at the end. Same goes for the beginning of university, when I would go outside and smoke a cigarette during the day. Smoking gives you a reason to talk to people. "Wanna smoke?" is something you can say to someone you don't know too well. "Want to go for a coffee?" not only takes more time, but is also way more personal. You can actually join a group of strangers, just because they stand outside a building and join them for a smoke, and you'll probably end up talking to them. And I'm going to miss that.

Physically, I was never addicted, otherwise it wouldn't be so easy for me to quit for a few days. At the moment, I smoke about 1 pack per week, depending on how often I go out. And that's exactly why I never stopped. When the people around me would attempt to stop smoking (none of them successful, I might add), I could say, oh, it's just 4 Euro a week, that's not much, I can afford that. Besides, I can always stop, I'm not addicted.

So why do I keep doing it?

Well, to be honest, I like smoking. Coffee without a cigarette is just boring for me. Sitting down at the end of a long day, having a cigarette in the garden, those precious few minutes of quiet, of being there just for me. Yes, I like smoking.

Only lately, I have found that more often than not I didn't like the actual cigarette part of the smoking. So I'm thinking it's time to quit. I sort of tried quitting before, but only for a few weeks. The main reason for that is that I didn't tell anyone that I wanted to quit, not even myself. I'd tell myself, I'm quitting for a few weeks. No idea why I was that stupid.

But I think now I'm serious about it, and I have an idea to motivate myself: I will keep track of the cigarettes I don't smoke. Then I will count how much money I saved and buy myself DVDs. I didn't bring my cigarettes to the stables on Friday (four cigarettes unsmoked) and managed not to ask anyone for a cigarette. But the hard part will be when I go out next time, when everyone around me is smoking, and when the cigarette just feels so right in my hand.


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