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( Jun. 16th, 2009 11:08 am)
Just spamming you a little from work today. Here's a vid of Jared's scenes on "ER", which I haven't actually seen yet, seeing how I am at work and it's not a good idea to youtube at work. Okay, I've seen, but not listened. I still have to share, because Jared?

OMG the cuteness. He's like... twelve in that episode. Maybe twelve and a half.

Ok, technically, he isn't twelve, because as far as I know he wasn't acting when he was twelve, but he really is twelve. And adorable. I just wonder when this adorable little twelve-year old turned into that hairy big monster incredible hot MAN?

Not that I'm complaining.

Anyway, here's the vid:


Feel free to spam me with whatever pics/fics/random stories from your life that you want to share. I'm bored.
Dear Jensen,

I can call you Jensen, can't I? I mean, I feel we are kind of intimate, what with all the time we've been spending together lately. First Supernatural, then Smallville, now the movies - and in my free time I'm forced to read about every possible variation of the epic love between you and the most adorable Mr. Padalecki (who should
better stop being so damn attractive if he doesn't want me to jump him next time I see him. Which, I realize, in this fandom is maybe not such a funny thing to say, so pretend I didn't say it.) But enough about Mr. I-can-make-everyone-smile-just-by-the-sheer-awesomeness-of-my-existence-Padalecki. This is about you, Jensen.

Jensen, oh, Jensen. We've got to stop meeting this way. First Smallville, and yes, you looked pretty on Smallville. I know you are pretty, and I believe I've told you so a couple of hundred times before. You don't have to convince me. I'm not complaining. I kinda liked your character on Smallville, too (though I've got four episodes to go, so who knows what you'll do. I mean, you made me cry once already this week.)* But to be honest, I had other plans for my life than watching an entire season of Smallville. Ever.

And now My Bloody Valentine? Seriously? Really?

I mean, you look pretty in that one, too, but as I said, I already know you are pretty. And I'm not saying your acting is bad, although, we both know that running through forests/mines/small towns looking slightly panicked and jumpy gets tired after a while. But you did a good job. Only, it was kind of hard to see, between all the BLOOD flowing around on screen, flowing and splattering and dripping and generally making a mess. Strong and gory violence, I believe is what the official warning sticker said?

Well, at least I can't say they didn't want me.

I'm glad you had fun making this movie. I don't know if it was smart career move, but hey, I don't like sharing anyway, if you want to stay a b-movie actor, that's fine with me. But I still can't believe you made me watch such a violent movie! Hello, I was the one who hid under the chairs in Jurassic Park because I was so scared, remember? Okay, you didn't know me back then, but I'm sure I've mentioned it. And now you have me sitting alone, in my lonely appartment on a Sunday night, when it's dark outside (it was a cold and stormy night..), and yes, there really was a thunderstorm, and you make me watch scary movies that have blood dripping all over! You are a very bad influence on me, Jensen.

Let's not even talk about the whole 3d-glasses thing. Do you know how much "fun" it is to eat tomatoes with mozarella and basil when you are wearing red and green glasses? Not that I was hungry after the first few minutes of the movie anyway.

So, let's not do that again. Maybe we can have a quiet night out next time, you know, dinner and a movie, maybe play some darts afterwards. Or, if that's too boring, get a fast car and hunt criminals in southern France. You wearing a tux, me wearing a bikini... And then play darts (I know that nice Irish pub in Nice). Just, anything that doesn't involve blood and graphic violence would be nice. I'd even let you dress up us a wanna-be-punk with blue hair, because I heard that that movie is supposed to be quite good, but it's also ridiculously expensive over here, and since our Valentine's date went so not well, I'm not really willing to spend that kind of money on you right now. Plus, you are not pretty in that one. You hate me, don't you?

Well, I guess I'm trying Devour next, though I'm not getting my hopes up, seeing how there is blood dripping from someone's hopefully dead toes on the DVD cover. But at least it's without Paris Hilton.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Love (slightly waivering),

*yes, I'm referring to that story where Jared is a spy and you are his handler
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( Jun. 2nd, 2009 04:40 pm)
While we are on the subjct (as if we're ever not): if one were to buy
an issue of the Supernatural magazine, which one would be the

(not that this fangirl is buying anything SPN-related this month,
uhuh, this fangirl has a NO-SHOPPING policy this months, because she
spent more than twice her allowance last month. If she had an
allowance that is. Maybe she should get herself one.)

So, any recs for those SPn magazines? Are they worth their money at all?
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( Jun. 1st, 2009 12:15 pm)
I'm sitting in my sunny living room, drinking tea from my Fangirl!mug, watching season 4 of Smallville, and look, there's Jensen Ackles being all pretty on my tv screen!

*is happy*

And then there's... OMG he is flying! Like in, flying, with the special effects, and the big bright eyes shining against the blue sky, and yes, I'm laughing so hard that there are tears running down my face! I'm watching a TV show about SUPERMAN and he is FLYING and this is really way way worse than staying up until four am to watch Carrie Underwood videos. I'm so screwed.

Plus, it's bright! OMG so bright! Hurt-my-eyes-kinda bright! I didn't even know Paris CAME in those colors, and I lived and worked in the city!

Oh, this is going to be fun. So bright and pretty and with the flying and everything!

*is excited and laughing really really hard at the flying guy on her tv screen*

ETA: BEAMS! (or something) There are BEAMS coming out of his eyes! OMG I'm laughing so hard right now I can hardly breathe!
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( Apr. 18th, 2009 01:31 pm)
I know I shouldn't, but I just cannot stop looking!

I've been reading SPN HET (Christo!) every free minute I had, and, I mean, there's some incredibly, fantastic, must-read SPN het (which I would have recced and feedbacked, if I hadn't gone off hunting for the next het fix like the fic junkie that I am - but I will rec it at some later point in time. Much later.), but then there's also an awful lot where Dean comes to yet another new school, and oh, surprise, falls for the quiet, shy girl, who's not hanging out with the cheerleaders and doesn't have any friends and, oh, I heard if you say Mary-Sue three times at midnight in front of your computer, you actually become one!

And yet, I cannot stop looking! OMG TRAINWRECK! But he's so sexy, and, well, those quiet, shy girls with no friends sure know how to write PORN, and I just cannot resist the power of Dean!Porn, and somebody help me, PLEASE!


Seriously, it's starting to be a problem. Not so much the Mary-Sues, just the het reading in general. Apparently I'm still not corrupted enough to read Sam/Dean (though, the twisted logic that inhabits my brain does have no problem with WRONG WRONG WRONG John/Dean). And now, instead of being a good little slasher and jumping head first into the J2 (which, believe me, I'm doing, just not exclusively), my brain makes me read HET!

All those years of being a 90% slashers, all those years of holding up the "I will go down with this ship"-flag against Jack/Sam in SG fandom, of refusing to get (too) tempted by Mulder/Scully, all those years where I said het, yes, it's nice, just not my cup of tea, you know, I only make exceptions if it's really really good, nothing against het, I'm just more into slash... all those years, and suddenly I'm reading FREAKING SPN MARY-SUE SLASH! HET! (ETA: I swore I wrote slash and only noticed when I had already posted this. I am so screwed.)

*hangs head in shame*
*possibly cries a little*

I'd ask for help, but I don't think I can be helped at this point. I just gotta get it out of my system. And, like I said, there's a lot of really good SPN het. It's just that I'm rather enjoying the Mary-Sues, and, OMG WHAT IF I'M POSSESSED BY SOME EVIL HET-MARY-SUE DEMON?

(now, if anyone wanted to try to help me, maybe they could rec me some John-het-fic. Preferably with someone they boys' age, because that would be (a little) wrong. Wait, has somebody written John/Dean/OFC? Come on, I've read Dean/Impala fic, don't tell me no one has written John/Dean/OFC?)

What is this show doing to me????
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( Apr. 13th, 2009 01:11 am)
I'm very much torn between watching more Supernatural (OMG The Pretty! live! (sort of), and the heartbreak and the sexiness and The Pretty!) and reading more fic (OMG the hotness! and the heartbreak).

Watching seems more real, plus they are, you know, moving pictures of pretty things, and I like moving pictures of pretty things. Plus, I think I never really watched those middle of season 2 eps for a second time, and you wouldn't believe how much one misses the first time. Watching, however, makes me want to read about Sam and Dean having sex doing things* that I haven't seen yet,

because reading is so much more fun with all the unrealized possibilities coming to life, and OMG the hot NC-17 sex which so definitely isn't happening on screen, thank god, because then it would be censored away from our TVs (not that it could get any hotter if it tried), and then I read and it makes me want to watch the real thing,

and I go back to watching, and see more things that surely someone wrote about and that I desperately need to read about right.now. and....

*and trust me, at this point I really don't care much about who is doing what to whom, but if anyone would rec me some J2 they've recently liked, or maybe some Dean/Ellen (don't.even.ask.), I'd be very grateful.

You'll find me in front of the tv. Or the computer. Or the tv. Or the computer. Or...

*brain explodes*
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( Mar. 29th, 2009 10:33 am)
I'm glad to be able to inform you that I spent the whole weekend watching Supernatural and reading Dean/Castiel slash. Now, the idea certainly was there in my mind from the first time Castiel appeared on the show, but for some reason I had failed to indulge in it before. Why am I always late to the party?

Here's some random comments on what I've read so far:

* OMG Wingfic! It should be so obvious, and yet I didn't realize that this would be wingfic! *bangs head against wall* I LOVE wingfic!

* OMG drama and angst and angels are scary and this is OH.SO.HOT.

* OMG he can fall! I really haven't thought this through at ALL. Good thing other people did. And wrote about it.

* What's with the lack of lube? I refuse to believe that angels have some ways to "magically lube themselves". And without the lube, even with an angel? Not so much fun. Seriously, fandom, haven't we been through the "there can never be enough lube" discussion many time before, mainly in Angel and Highlander fics?

* The idea of Dean being in love is very strange to me. Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic and I would love for him to be in love with Castiel, but it seems to be very hard to write him as in love with Castiel and still write him in character, because the Dean we've seen on the show, well, the Dean I see on the show, hasn't been in love. He loves, but he isn't in love. Then again, he loves his brother so much that he'd be willing to die for him, so I guess that kind of love makes up for not being in love. So I'm a bit torn between having a hard time about Dean acting like he is in love, and believing that not even Dean could have a casual relationship with an angel. The only solution to this dilemma is to read more fic, of course.

* OMG angel! I have no words for how much I enjoy Dean corrupting an angel! *is all filled with atheistic joy*

In other news, I referred to people as "humans" this weekend while speaking with someone from the London office. Yep, good one, Oceana. I bet nobody can tell that you spent way too much time in fandom. (at least I didn't call them "mortals", or "tauri".)
...if anyone could recommend some Dean/Castiel slash, I'd appreciate that, too.
I finished watching Sports Night, which I still desperately love. But I'm also mature enough to admit now that the second season was so much weaker than the first one. It has its moments, and it certainly has other qualities which I find important in a show and which may have been missing in season 1, but somehow it never felt "right". It's like they were suddenly trying to turn the 22 minutes comedy format into serious drama, and that didn't work. Actually, it was way more dramatic before they were trying. It got a lot better after Dana and Casey were finally through with the incredibly stupid dating plan, that I had forgotten all about. I wish it had stayed that way. And my love for Jeremy grew even more during season 2, which I truly didn't think possible seeing how much I loved him in season 1 already.

Anyway, now that I'm done watching Sports Night, I have finally, FINALLY started to watch Supernatural again. Oh, I'm so excited! My heart is alredy breaking just thinking about all the pretty boys in pain! (yes, I'm in it for the pain. And the prettiness. it's the prefect combination)

So, my history of watching SPN goes something like this:

- watched first episodes and thought they sucked

- watched more episodes and thought it got better

- suddenly found herself really liking the show but pretending that she was still not a "fan"

- kept on watching - watched first episodes again, but still wasn't too convinced, didn't rewatch season 2 because of sudden and incurable Magnificent Seven obsession (it happens)

- kept on watching (season 2)

- finally admitted to herself that she was hopelessly in love with the show and that she can very well be fan without having the urge to slash the pretty boys

- discovered J2

- kept on watching and loving in the comforting knowledge that she could watch, love AND get her slash-kick without having to compromise her oh-so-high-morals (sigh)

- has not yet had time to rewatch season 2 or 3! Tries to cure this intolerable situation for MONTHS, but gets distracted by Due South, NCIS, Dark Angel and Sports Night!

- NEEDS HELPS! (and possibly therapy, if only to stop her from talking about herself in the third person)

Well, I'm glad to say that I have now managed to start rewatching Supernatural without any outside help, and, even more glad, to announce that the first two episodes did NOT suck! And it only took four years of show to make me see them in a light that does not make them suck! Because now, it's all about them. Who cares that the girl in Wendigo is still the worst b-movie actress ever, it's all about Sam and Dean and OMG Jeffrey Dean Morgan whom I had a completely inappropriate and not-work-safe dream about last night, and I never dream about actors, and he hasn't even been IN the show yet. (not really), so what's up with that?

I still think that the pilot episode would have been better as a flashback later in the show, when we had gotten to know Sam and Dean, because once you know them, you cannot help but enjoy everything they do, if only because they look good while doing it. Without knowing them, the bad writing of the pilot was kind of hard to get through the first time.

Things I noticed while rewatching the Pilot and Wendigo:

- Sam and his girlfriend do not cuddle. I don't know what this says, but I noticed that they were lying with their backs to each other. I'm a manic cuddler, so I don't know if this is normal behaviour for normal people. Just noticing.

- When Dean says "I'm 26!" to Sam in the pilot, I got a sudden urge to slap on some more anti-age cream (Moisturize me! Moisturize me!). If Dean was 26 in the Pilot, that means I was 26 in the Pilot, because I'm thirty now (ok, 31, but only just), and the shows been on for four years. And when I was 26, I was YOUNG. I distinctly remember being YOUNG. I am not young anymore. I don't feel young anymore. However, I'm still watching SPN, and they are still young and pretty, so maybe I am too, or maybe not, and if I'm not, what did I do wrong that I'm not and they are?
Oh, right, I became a lawyer. You'd think that being a lawyer would be better for the teint than demon hunting, but apparently you'd be wrong.

- When the third guy is taken from the tent in Wendigo, I knew that the Wendigo would come and tear the tent. I knew. I still jumped about two feet in the air, screamed and almost got a heart attack. Then I fell asleep on the couch because I wasn't quite sure what was hiding outside the living room door. Remind me again why it was a good idea to rewatch Supernatural, alone, at night, in my lonely appartment?

(ETA: I apologize for the weird format of some of my last entries, including this one. I'm posting via email, and apparently that adds line breaks where there shouldn't be any. I'll try to fix this manually when I come home tonight)
ETA2: Fixed!
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( Aug. 11th, 2007 08:48 pm)
While a part of fandom is having the time of their lives at Vividcon, the rest of LJ seems somehow quiet and there are still aftershocks of the boldthrough drama going around.

So I thought we could all need some cheering up, and present you
Most Magnificent Moose Cuteness (more over here)

And when you are done awweeee-ing, go and read what is still one of the funniest SG-stories ever: Salieri's "Elvis has Left the Building"

And if you still need something to do after that, find the moose in this picture: )

There is one, really. I took the picture myself and I know there was one then. Of course, it could have disappeared. With moose, you never know.
The fictional TV character/fictional film character/celebrity/ I would most like to...

20 Questions meme that [livejournal.com profile] malnpudl posted a long time ago and that I've been planning to steal ever since. But as you know, a good heist takes some preparation. ;-)

Here we go: )

That was fun. :-) I'm just kidding about the Jensen Ackles thing, you know that, don't you? I mean, it's not like I spend all day phantasizing about Jensen Ackles. It could just as well be Michael Weatherly.
Dear writer,

it's bad enough that you are using the term "the elder man" to describe one of the characters in your fic.

It's even worse that you are using it in a scene where someone has fingers in places of said "elder man" that I cannot mention without putting this under a cut-tag (I'm prude, sue me).

But if all this happens when you are writing Jensen/Jared porn, and the "elder man" in question is Jensen Ackles, then that's just wrong. Incredibly, undescribably wrong. WRONG.

Usually it's the pictures in my head that I need to scrub away after reading bad porn, but this has offended my whole sense of language and writing and just everything so much that I'm almost afraid to read any other porn today, for fear this might happen again. Or that I could start thinking about innocent other characters as "the elder man" when I'm reading porn.

You RUINED my Saturday porn reading!

No love
Will I watch another episode of "The Unit"? Or should I read more sad Stargate fics? Or should I steal a meme from [livejournal.com profile] trinityofone and post it?
Meme it is:

Name a fandom and I will tell you what I think I know about it, derived only from my LJ experience.
(this works, of course, best with fandoms I don't really know, but I will try my best to give you an lj version of the fandom I know.)
Lessons in Vision (Heroes)
Isaak painting. And losing his mind in visions and drugs. Reads like a drug trip (I suppose), reality and visions mix nicely.

Vera (The Hunt for Red October Movie)
Given that it's been years since I've watched the movie and more years since I read the book, the story worked amazingly well for me. It's a story about the two russian offficer Ramius and Vasily. There's a wonderful desire woven through the story, desire for freedom, Johnny Cash and Montana. Slash, but neither pre nor UST. Just a man wanting what he always wanted, so used to hiding it that you almost can't tell, but it's there all the time. And for me that's exactly the right amount of slash, everything else would have been too much.

Real Life (Heroes)
Claire, after their existence is revealed to the world. I've stopped watching Heroes, so I don't know how much of this is canon, but Claire was pretty much the only one I was still interested in at the end, and I think she is very well written in this littl fic, that I enjoyed a lot.

Into the Black (Heroes)
Nathan can't fly. But Nathan is the other character in Heroes that I'm interested in, so I really don't care if he can fly or not. Short with an interesting point that the show, at least as long as I watched it, never cared about.

Five, er, Six Reports Nathan Stark Wishes Never Crossed His Desk (Eureka)
Six events that I'd all liked to read more about, in the same light and warm tone that makes Eureka so much fun to watch.

Protest Song (Miami Vice)
OMG it's MIAMI VICE fic! I LOVE Miami Vice. And not only is it MV fic, it's good MV fic. Sonny fic, Sonny and Miami and Rico. I don't really have anything intelligent to say about this fic, only that I really really liked this look at Sonny, and OMG MIAMI VICE fic!

Of Mice and Myth (Douglas Adams - Long Dark Teatime of the Soul)
The mice decide that the Gods have to go. It's not like they were ever a part of the program,and not even the Vogons have a form for applying to exist on a plane of belief. True Adams absurdity.

Deep With the First Dead Lies London's Daughter (Torchwood)
Interesting story about the first time Ianto meets Jack in the aftermath of the Battle of Canary Wharf. Excellent Ianto characterization, always correct and looking for order in the chaos.

The Night if Darker Now (Torchwood)
Another Ianto fic, this one Ianto/Jack. Ianto, who has nothing left to lose and nowhere to go, is a wonderful and sad contrast to Jack, who is trying to do the best he can with what he has left.

Rose and Thistle (BSG 2003 RPF)
Yes, I read BSG RPF. Quite a lot of it,actually, so I know a good one when I see it. This one is quite good. It's Jamie, who can't stop sleeping around with his co-stars, and it has exactly the angsty, sexy, fucked up, never going to happen but so much fun to read feeling that good RPF should have in my opinion.

Now I'm off to watch Torchwood, and then more Yuletide! You know, you can tell people are not in fandom when they complain about christmas coming sooner every year... ;-)
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( Dec. 25th, 2006 12:24 pm)
Merry Yuletide to all of you!

I'm already reading like crazy, and I hope that this year, I will for the first time have recs before the authors are revealed. Wish you all a happy reading day!
(and don't forget that there was new Torchwood yesterday. Isohunt has the torrent.)
[livejournal.com profile] reedfem, thank you for the e-card! Heh, Nutcracker squirrels, so cute!

[livejournal.com profile] mabiana, thank you for the postcard! Finding christmas cards in the mail always makes me smile, so thank you!

Unknown person who is probably [livejournal.com profile] agentotter (if not, who are you?): Thank you for the two (!) cards you sent me (you are spoiling me)! Let's go on a Montana double date!

Jack, Daniel and the bear, who is probably [livejournal.com profile] agentotter too, unless you all live in Montana now: thank you so much! There really isn't anything like Jack and Daniel to make me happy, and Jack and Daniel and the bear are just perfect.

THANK YOU all so much!

I love sending cards, too, but I have this strange thing about commitment, where when I say I'll send a card, I probably won't do it. However, if some time in the near or distant future you'd like to receive a postcard from me (I'm a bit late for christmas, I know), please either email me you address (including your LJ name, so I know who you are), to oceana2602 @ gmail.com or leave it in a comment to this post. All comments are screened and will be deleted after I have written down your address. I give good postcards. At least the people who have gotten psotcards in the past have never complained. ;-)

(if you think that I have your address ([livejournal.com profile] _bettina_, [livejournal.com profile] taelonmahal etc), I probably really have it. Somewhere. It was right there, I swear. No, I'll find it, don't worry. [livejournal.com profile] enigel, I'm not really sure if I have your new address, [livejournal.com profile] ashism, I got your message, thanks. Can I still send stuff to your old address?)
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( Dec. 12th, 2006 10:20 pm)
I feel like I should say something fannish, once in a while, since most of you are probably here for fannish things. Only, none of my shows aired last week (apart from Men in Trees and CSI, which I don't talk about, and BSG, which I don't talk about anymore.) So, uhm, fannishness. What can I say?

Spent yesterday reading about pretty boys having sex, often while drunk and coming from a bar. Have developed unexpected taste for blowjobs given while kneeling on said bar's bathroom floor. Not me personally, I just like it when Jensen is the one on the floor. You all know how much I love Jack and Daniel, or Duncan and Methos or many others, but you have to admit that neither of them lend themselves to bar-bathroom-blowjob-fics. Well, maybe Daniel, but he doesn't really spent much time in bars and if he does, these days he's more likely to be there with Cameron than with Jack. Not that Daniel/Cameron wouldn't be nice, too. And Cameron, he might just be crazy enough to go for it.
*mind wanders off*

Anyway, there wasn't much fannishness this week, but today there will be new NCIS and new The UNIT! Bob! To pass the time until then, I watched "For Love of the Game", one of my favourite baseball/wanna marry a superstar/tragic love movies ever. See how I'm almost not ashamed that I'm a Kevin Costner fan? Come on, who else could have played that role? Hmm?
No one, that's right. The world needs a Kevin Costner for movies like "For Love of the Game" or "Bodyguard" (*happy sigh*), or "Tin Cup", oh "Tin Cup"! Don Johnson and Kevin Costner in the same movie! How my fannish little heart leaps at the memory.

There, that was your fannish content for today. It's what happens when my shows aren't airing. But for the future, I promise not to talk about KC anymore, I can tell I'm alone in my fannishness.The guy doesn't even have a livejournal community dedicated to him. Other than[livejournal.com profile] die_costner_die, I mean. It's sad.
*goes off to watch Tin Cup. Or maybe Open Range. Or Bodyguard, one can always watch Bodyguard*
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( Oct. 15th, 2006 01:47 pm)
This week on (my) TV computer:
(posts containing actual spoilers for any eps of this season are under a cut, the rest is spoilerfree (or at least there are no more spoilers than you'd find in a general show description.)

For the moment, I'm watching Heroes. With Smith cancelled, Eureka on Hiatus and Friday Night Lights not working for me, my TV schedule leaves me enough room for Heroes. Problem is, I don't think it's good TV. I enjoy it (parts of) it, I like the cheerleader girl, the comic book hero and the reasonable brother (yes, the politician. I go for men with power and suits, this shouldn't be a surprise to those of you who follow this journal regularly). The show is well filmed, pretty pictures and great effects. Technically, there is nothing wrong with the show. The dialogues, well, it's called Heroes and the script seems to be a comic book, so complaining about the lack of good dialogue would be silly.

And yet, I cannot help but feel that this is all some cheap trick, the creation of a Hero for everyone, to capture us all. The geek who reads comics, the cheerleader who isn't like the others, the woman who can't handle her life, the black sheep in the family, and finally the scientist without superpowers, who will doubtlessly turn out to be a real life hero sooner or later. Probably later, as I see many many seasons of this coming on, seasons in which we will learn more about the lives of our beloved Heroes, without ever getting closer to The Big Secret.
The whole concept of the show reminds me of Lost, and I hate Lost. But it took the frantic viewing of most of the first season of Lost for me to find out that I hate it, so I'll probably need some more time with Heroes, too.

Actually, I take it back, that I said this isn't good TV. This is excellent TV, this is the optimum use of the medium TV as an episodic and returning movie, with ever knew cliffhangers, the stories of many characters that are slowly woven together, shots and cuts that would never be used on the big screen, one big mystery that keeps everyone glued to the screens, while it is at them same time so easy to understand that you can start watching the show at every moment without being lost, and finally, endless possibilities of marketing. This is the stuff that the dreams of the networks are made of, and as such, it is excellent TV.
But I really doubt the network bosses would watch it themselves.

Studio 60: The West Coast Delay )

Review with thinky thoughts and screencaps is here.

The Unit
Not so thinky thoughts are here.

Veronica Mars: My Big Fat Greek Rush Week
I like it. I really like this show. It's exactly the right mix between mystery, teenage drama, soap opera, crime and action that is necessary to make me a devoted fan. Okay, maybe not os devoted, since I am not really interested in fanfic or meta for Veronica Mars, but I'm a devoted viewer. Consequently, I have nothing intelligent to say about this ep except that I liked it.
I know you are all thrilled to know, that's why I'm telling you.

Haven't watched these two yet. I'm fighting with myself if I will even continue watching Supernatural. I still think it's a bad show, and I won't go near the slash fandom if you paid me a million euro. I've saved some gen fic to my HD, but I can't be bothered to read it. I really am not interested in the fandom at all, slash or no slash, and I don't like the show much, so why, why do i still watch it?
Because it's pretty. Because Jared and Jensen are very pretty and they drive a pretty car, and the lighting and make-up makes them even more pretty, plus, sometimes they are handcuffed and thrown on police cars (not often enough, though). See, I am trying to delete the first season from my HD, but then these images of Jensen and Jared delivering bad lines in dark rooms with weapons in their hands cross my mind, and I just cannot get myself to delete it. I'm ashamed of being so shallow.

CSI, however, which I had already decided not to watch this year, surprises me by being rather good, and I'm looking forward to this week's ep, which should be complete in ten minutes. Yay!

Men in Trees: The Caribou in the Room )

Numb3rs: The Mole )
Leave a list of fictional characters in your journal that you would love to get a message from. It is your friend-list's mission, should they choose to accept it, to write you an in-character "letter" from a character on that list. Then they post their own list in their journal and the process continues!

1. Jack O'Neill
2. Tony DiNozzo
3. MacGyver (I'm so predictable)
4. Rose (Doctor Who)
5. Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace
6. Murdock (The A-Team!)
7. Fox Mulder
8. Jeremiah (Dear Mum...)
9. General Hammond
10. John Sheppard


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