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Since I'm bored yet again, I thought I'd give you a quick update about the shows I'm currently watching, or rather the shows I intend to watch. I'm talking about the ones that are currently airing, not the old ones I'm rewatching on DVD. (otherwise we'd still be here tomorrow).

From what I've read about the new shows coming up this fall, there is really just one show that I'm interested in: Hawaii Five-O (or is it O-Five? Who cares.) and I'm not really interested in that show either, but it starts Alex O'Loughlin, whom I loved in Moonlight, and I'm thinking there's a good chance that he'll end up getting wet and/or (half)naked a lot, which is certainly enough for me to give this show a chance. (and it if they keep their promise, it will be enough to keep me watching).

I'm shallow, what else is new.

As for the "old" shows, i.e. the shows that are coming back this fall or have started to come back already... okay, I don't think I've ever had a tv schedule that I was looking forward to so much as I have this season. Almost all shows I watch I absolutely, completely love. I don't think I could drop a single one of them. (and I really hope I won't have to).

Here's what I will be watching even if the world ends:

- Leverage
- Human Target
- White Collar
- Supernatural
- Bones
- Castle
- Eureka
- The Mentalist

Here's what I'm not watching anymore:
- Desperate Housewives
- Brothers & Sisters

And then there is NCIS: LA, about which I haven't made up my mind yet.

This one doesn't need an introduction, does it? I've loved this show from the very beginning, and I still love it. It may not be my current favourite from the ones mentioned above anymore, but my sense of loyalty towards it is so strong that I'd drop every other show if it meant that I'd get to keep NCIS. Lucky for me, nobody is asking me to do that.

There have been some questionable decisions on NCIS during the last two seasons, but overall, it's still one of the best shows I ever watched, and I trust the writers so much that I just know everything will turn out to be alright in the end, even if it doesn't look like it on the way.

I've also heard that they'll give us more character background next season, so who knows, maybe my muse will come alive again.

OMG the love! And the fun! And the threesome-ness! And Eliot! And Nate! And Nate/Eliot(which no one will write for me, grrr.)! And Parker! And everyone else!

There is nothing I don't love about Leverage. Nothing.

Human Target
I've squeeed about Human Target just a few days ago, so to make it short and for those who missed it: Human Target is my perfect show.

Perfect. No other word for it.

Someone took a look at all my deepest and darkest (well, not that dark. There could be more darkness this season) tv show desires and turned them into the perfect show, and cast Mark Valley as the lead.

I love that someone a lot.


White Collar
White Collar is love! Peter and Neal are the most entertaining and slashlable couple that tv has seen in a long time (and that's despite, or maybe because of Peter being married). Did I mention that I already bought season 1 on DVD? Yep, I didn't even wait for special offers, that's how much i'm dying to watch it again.

I've also read quite a lot of White Collar fanfic, well, a lot compared to the amount of fanfic I usually read these days. If you are looking for a threesome fandom, look no more, you have found it.

Me, I love the threesome. But I'd also really love a fic where Peter has to decide between his wife and Neal, or one where he betrays her with him and it blows up in face. So I like my characters angst, I'm sure you've noticed that before.

OMG The PRETTY! I'm dying for new eps. Dying! Of course I'm also slightly worried, seeing how the original arc ended after season 5. But as long as Jensen Ackles is as pretty as he is, I'll keep watching.

The Bones love started out with a small interest and got bigger with every season. It's so hard not to become attached to the characters. The cases are mostly boring, but the characters never let them get boring. I also liked what they did with Booth and Brennan, because it keeps the relationship interesting and the UST alive, even though, or maybe because, they've talked about it. Sort of.

Bones is my easy-going laid back show that I love to pieces, but that I will never angst about. I've missed it!

Well, Castle. I'll continue to watch Castle for now, because I like Nathan Fillion. But while I loved the "coming out" in Bones, I'm not sure I have the same feelings about Castle. I mean, the first two seasons were mainly me staring at the screen waiting for Castle and Beckett (who was on James Bond, btw. Did you know that?) to get closer to each other. What am I going to do now? Will it be as much fun to watch them trying NOT to get too close to each other? I sure hope so, because I really don't want to have to go without my weekly Nathan Fillion fix.

Still, this is a possible drop, depending on my real life schedule.

I know I don't talk about Eureka a lot, but I absolutely love the show. This, as with Bones, took a bit of time. I was quite ready to drop it from my schedule a couple of times, because I though I didn't care about it all that much, but then I kept watching anyway. I also bought the DVDs of the first two seasons (they were cheap, and helpfully recommended by amazon), and when I took the time to rewatch them before starting season 3 (it's hard to keep up with all the changes in the time line, so a rewatch is highly recommended), I realized just hom much I love it. I really don't think I want to go throughout a tv season without Sheriff Carter. I'm very glad that the show has been renewed, especially since it doesn't seem to have much of an active fan basis. Raise your hand if you watch and like Eureka, please!

(the new season already started out with tons of fun, action, and potential for heartbreak, drama and desaster. Complete win, if you ask me.)

The Mentalist
If The Mentalist was staring anyone else but Simon Baker, I would have dropped it long ago. I mean, it's not a bad show, it's actually quite well-made and pretty. But there's really only so many police procedural a girl can watch and like, and I think I've exceeded this limit a long time ago (I did follow CSI for nine whole seasons, after all, and it isn't like that was the only police procedural I watched/watch.)

But, The Mentalist stars Simon Baker. And I think I would watch almost anything that stars Simon Baker. It's a good thing that in addition to staring Simone Baker, The Mentalist is also one of the better police procedurals around, with lots of angst, plus Amanda Righetti (or something), who is really really really pretty. Yes, I totally have a crush on her.

Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters
I've dropped both of them last season, resp. the season before that. I've never been much of a fan of soap operas, and they are soap operas, in a (better) way. But I still read episode summaries for B&S, just to see how the Walkers are doing. And I'm kinda thinking that maybe I should watch DH again, because the spoilers for the this season sound like a lot of fun, and I always loved the unapologetic humor of the show. I doubt that my other shows will leave me enough time to actually do so, but who knows, maybe I'll catch up with what I missed one boring, long November weekend.

Again with the police procedurals. I would never have started watching the show if it wasn't called NCIS. I know, this shouldn't be a good reason, but I had to watch it! What if it had been as brilliant as NCIS?

As it happened, it wasn't brilliant. It was far from brilliant. It has a completely ridiculous premise (an undercover NCIS unit? Why, pray tell?), some lovely character ideas that are all turned into clich├ęs (Mr. Almighty-Angst Callum should be just my type, for example, but I just cannot live with how exaggerated everything about him is.), tons of slash potential that would be fun to play with if it wasn't shoved down our throats (plus, even though Sam is probably my favourite character on the show (for lack of any real action from the pretty girl), I do have a conceptual problem with the sensitive and yet deadly thing he's got going. I like my men angst. I get scared when
they want to "talk" about things. He should take lessons from Don.) and Hetty. Whom I hate oh. so. much.

If Hetty had had her way, I would have dropped the show after three eps tops.

So, why am I still listing it?

Well, it's an NCIS spin-off. And I think it has potential, if they can get their characters to become more human and less funnily drawn comic book figures. And the torrent always appears at the same time as the NCIS torrent, so it's really easy to get (there's an important life lesson in that statement somewhere.) So I'll probably keep watching it.

Conclusion: TONS of REALLY great shows, some that are just plain fun, and some that will have a hard time getting me to follow them till the end. Overall, I'm really looking forward to the season premieres (OMG NEW HUMAN TARGET EPISODES SQUEEEEEE!!!!)

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