I have no illusions that I could ever manage to post more regularly, let alone daily. But since this posting via email thing seems to be working out alright, and since I even managed to answer a couple of comments via email, I thought I could at least give it a try.

Besides, I've missed you guys, and I seem to be in a more communicative mood these days.

Of course, being communicative doesn't mean that I have anything to communicate about. Nothing happened today. Except for things that I may or may not discuss in a flocked post one of these days, because they are super sekrit could reveal my true identity (yes, boring RealLife!Me, as opposed to Exciting!OnlineSuperHero!Me).
Also, they have to do with work, and I only talk about work in flocked posts.

So, since nothing happened, all I can tell you is that I plan to go see the new A-Team movie this weekend, and I'm rather ridiculously excited about it.

1) I LOVELOVELOVE the A-Team. For those of you who have missed that fact so far, there should be a tag called tv:a-team somewhere to your left. I'd link to it, but, well, still posting via email, so no fancy links. Last time I watched all five seasons (yes, I own all five seasons on DVD, and I've watched them more than once), which was sometime in the beginning of the year, I think, I almost watched them all over again when I was done. (but then I got distracted by other pretty things). My very first fanfic was A-Team (handwritten, when I was about 11, yes, I was a Mary Sue, no, it shall never see the light of day). I even roleplayed the A-Team when I was younger.

That's how much I love the A-team.

2) OMG Corvette C6 which is only like my favourite car EVER Yes, that totally deserved its own number. And please don't tell me that Face doesn't drive a C6 in the new movie, because that would mean that I cannot watch it.

(That also deserved its own number. And the caps-lock.)

I'm also ridiculously afraid that I'll be disappointed. No, I know I'll be disappointed. That's why my strategy is to think of the new movie not as a remake (nobody could remake the A-team), but as a homage. As such, it can either be a good homage or a bad homage, but I will not be tempted to compare it the original. (I hope. Oh, who am I kidding).

Well, if they keep the humour and the ridiculous stunts, and if they manage not to take themselves seriously, I think I'm going to enjoy it. And if they don't, well, at least there are pretty men? (although, I've never been a fan of Liam Neeson. But I did find him not unconvincing in the trailer. Hmm, we'll see. Same goes for Bradley

God, I'm so excited.

(and worried. Which I'm sure you couldn't tell at all from this post.)

Is is the weekend yet?

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